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  1. Who doubted Jonathan Stewart potential Production this year?

    people have this impression that williams left carolina and found a new lease on his football career. fact is, williams went into pittsburgh's minicamp in the same condition he left carolina. when minicamp was over, tomlin told him he had to lose weight. williams has a quiet history of having lazy work ethics.
  2. Who doubted Jonathan Stewart potential Production this year?

    williams has holes big enough for a full size chevy to drive thru behind pittsburgh's oline. he would not do as well here.
  3. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    because of Stewart's ability to consistently grind out tough yards, people overlook the suspect run blocking that has plagued the offense all season long. it's the reason why his ypc is average and the reason why you won't see CAP or wegher get more touches.
  4. Sunday night game thread

    i want the patriots to win. having 2 undefeated teams makes the season that much more exciting.
  5. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    tomlin threatened him. he had no choice.
  6. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    it's as if pittsburgh and seattle put in their practice squad defenses.
  7. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    they can contend, but seattle's defense is pathetic.  
  8. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    the steelers look good because seattle's defense is bad.
  9. Who to pull for Sunday

    this thread is five pages of fail.
  10. Resting players vs 16-0

    I refuse to believe this group of players is going to sit on the sidelines and miss the opportunity to go 16-0.
  11. I didn't realize Deadpool was the Dallas QB coach...

    was that article supposed to be about wilson to romo? I couldn't tell.
  12. Time To Give Cameron Artis-Payne More Snaps?

    if i'm not mistaken, CAP was put in on third and short a few weeks ago to convert and when he failed the huddle went ballistic. now there are posts to give him more snaps??? i'm confused.
  13. Tomorrow we are still the worst undefeated team

    and this time it's true.
  14. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    "our goal was to come in here and make the red rifle look like the red bb gun."  jj watt