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  1. Trump vs. Hillary

    I don't think Trump is as blatantly ignorant as the things he randomly spouts off on a routine basis. But any grown man running for public office, let alone the Presidency of the United States actually willfully encouraging his supporters to physically assault other individuals because they share opposing views isn't exactly the type of person you want front and center in foreign relations.
  2. Freddie Gray

    Police departments, and the unions often operate with almost a mafia like mentality as far as keeping quiet, and standing behind other officers goes. Anyone who speaks out against another officer will quickly be ostracized. Which is why very few do actually speak on these issues with our judicial system.
  3. Freddie Gray

    Did you expect him to publicly berate the judge, and put his reputation as a professional on the line?
  4. Freddie Gray

    Strange how the same posters continually end up hopelessly on the wrong side of so many issues in this country. Bathrooms? Protect our women! Gay marriage? It's a sin! Deny someone something because they are gay? Freedom of religion, stop the war on Christians! Unarmed civilians continually gunned down by police officers? What's the big deal, and what are we going to do about all these "rioters"? Mass shooting after mass shooting, and countless children being killed by firearms? 2nd amendment!!!! It's simply baffling, and if not for how astoundingly sad it is, it would almost be comical.
  5. Freddie Gray

    Yeah, everyone on both sides are definitely "satisfied" with this... Except for all the people who have been, and still are protesting about it.
  6. Freddie Gray

    Yeah...because you are the epitome of rational regarding so many social issues. Right? Fug outta here.
  7. Freddie Gray

    Man, I agree with you. I take the same approach. But do you agree that in this day, and age, we should not have to fear officers to that point? It should not be "comply or die" at all times.
  8. Freddie Gray

    What is there to debate? You don't have a civilian that you placed in your custody end up dead with a severed spine, and expect to walk away without any questions or consequences. This is not something grown adults should have to ponder on. For all the hand wringing we deal with here in the tinderbox about the constitution when it comes to your precious firearms, it's absolutely astounding that those rights suddenly go straight out the window when it comes down to a minority being found dead while in police custody.
  9. Freddie Gray

    How about we skip the twylyghtesque charades, and you just tell us your feeling on all this g5.
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Freddie Gray

    Plenty of innocent people are already in prison, and guess what, they aren't police officers. Let's not kid ourselves or sugar coat matters here. The system is geared toward protecting police officers from the jump. Remember the CMPD officer who killed the unarmed guy who had just been in a car accident in Charlotte merely because he approached him in what the officer perceived as a "threatening manner"? The officer emptied the clip on him, and got acquitted, and that wasn't even murder, it was involuntary manslaughter. We have a very serious problem with this, and it's only getting worse. Those of you in the tinderbox who rant on, and on about "rioters" are missing the issue. The protests are only going to continue, and things are only going to become more tense, and violent.
  12. Freddie Gray

    The statement by the Baltimore FOP speaks immense volumes regarding the level of clear disconnect in our country between the public, and the police officers who are entrusted with protecting civilian lives, even if in police custody. It's both severely disturbing, and disgusting imo.
  13. Freddie Gray

    Not at all surprising. Just another black man dead, and of course the police officer ends up being patted on the back by his peers. Yet police, and the unions wonder why they are losing public trust at an alarming rate.
  14. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    If he was drinking that much the night before to still have it in his system, which most people would that early in the morning, it probably would have been a better option to just get an uber. Glad he is okay, and hope Boone recovers fine. I certainly imagine that moving forward Shaq will get some definite lecturing about this. He's a smart guy so this should be a lesson learned.