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  1. Panther Fan Choked Out in Dallas

    Finally, something we can agree on.
  2. Captain America: Civil War

  3. Walking Dead Season 6

    His character is not tiring, I like his character, and the actor who portrays him in particular. Others characters getting killed because of the shtick about not killing anyone regardless of how much they are a direct threat on the other hand is something that will indeed get tiring, especially in a zombie apocalypse after all the things the main characters have been through so far. All this came from Eastman obviously, and his character was very enjoyable. But the thing about Eastman, even he admittedly killed that man who killed his family. Eastman also was living alone at the time he met Morgan. So there was no one else around Eastman who he cared about for his approach to directly affect in the event of a real threat. This however is obviously not the case with Morgan, he is among a group of many, including children, where his new approach directly affects all those around him. So again. While I certainly enjoyed the episode with Morgan, and Eastman, it was great as an origin, but applying this to the show itself with all the other characters moving forward really doesn't work long term. At least in my opinion. I think others here have expressed this as well.
  4. Syrian refugees

    That's quite a few words about nothing from someone who totally isn't worked up about this.
  5. Comments on NOLA article

    After the bounty fiasco, they're really calling someone else "dirty"? Geez.
  6. Syrian refugees

    Repeatedly calling me naive with no basis, saying I can't read, and comparing conversing with me to that of talking to a child is pretty much the exact opposite of polite banter. You took it to that level on your own. So crying foul, and playing the victim now is absolutely laughable.
  7. Syrian refugees

    Unfortunately, "accountability" isn't something very commonly found in American politics. Who specifically are these Liberal fascists if I might ask?
  8. Syrian refugees

    You quoted me dude. Yet all you've done is claim I'm naive, and thrown out insults. It sounds like those biases of your own are creeping out since you apparently are getting so worked up about a post I made which had no involvement with you whatsoever. When you're capable of having a conversation, quote me. Until then, enjoy your afternoon.
  9. Syrian refugees

    Oh geez, I knew the illegal immigrant nonsense would come up. If you could offer some insight outside that and basically saying "you're naive because I said so", I would be happy to hear it.
  10. Syrian refugees

    Why? Explain in depth. You think the government is going to tell us everything about the process so people can learn to exploit it? It's ironic how some of the same people here who have spoken out repeatedly about our government being far too invasive toward the general public are more than willing for our government to use any means necessary to "track" people because they might be a "terrorist". Meanwhile, pretty much the only "terrorists" we have seen in this country killing multiple people the last several years are not scary Muslims from the Middle East, they are deranged individuals born right here in this country who were able to get their hands on numerous firearms without much if any difficulty.
  11. Syrian refugees

    I think in the year 2015 that our government can keep up with them without treating them like a house pet, or cattle. You're really showing your true side here g5.
  12. Jessica Jones

    Yeah I felt the same way. I think it was mainly due to some off the wall actions by the characters that didn't really make any sense. Like the writers got to a certain point, and had to make things up as they went along to finish. Maybe that's partly due to the whole season centering around Kilgrave though. Either way, plenty of potential going forward now.
  13. Jessica Jones

    It started to go off the rails a bit in a few of those later episodes. But it founds it's way back pretty well. I agree it is not as good as Daredevil, but certainly worth the watch, and it will fit nicely within that universe.