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  1. Deangelo Williams picks....

  2. Thank goodness it's Sunday. What a week.
  3. Gun show loopholes

    I guess it depends on how you define "fix" in this scenario. We cannot entirely prevent mass shootings, or criminals in general from obtaining firearms. But in the year 2016, we can absolutely make a sizable difference if we stop using silly rhetoric like above while giving the NRA a pass for making money off repeated tragedies.
  4. Dave Mirra dead at 41

    Awful, I remember playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX on Playstation back in the day. Joe Alaskey (voiced Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck) passed today too. Fug.
  5. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Eh. If there's real truth to this trade attempt, we're pretty much going to have to unload Kemba somewhere even if it isn't in this trade. The team is already dealing with inconsistency, trying to trade Walker at this point isn't exactly going help with that moving forward. Kaminsky is someone that Jordan was supposedly really big on, so it makes me wonder about the legitimacy of this trade rumor.
  6. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    While you are processing the drivel that CCS is typing about Hitler, just remember that KT was banned for a lot less than this. Frankly I'm pretty disappointed this chucklefug is still here.
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    You're only about half a decade late with these unpopular takes on Cam Newton.
  8. Cam Defenders

    You would think an MVP season, and playing in a Super Bowl would prevent threads like this after witnessing 5 years of blatant idiotic rhetoric about our QB, but nope.
  9. Cam Newton disappointed me

    It's like he hopped straight out of an NFL comments section.
  10. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Oh, he mad.
  11. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    It's not all that surprising that someone who has nice things to say about Hitler has flat out terrible opinions in general.
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Well I am sorry that your daughters were upset, but not to be rude, perhaps that is a teaching moment for them that you missed out on. Instead of acting as if Newton was obligated so to speak to have picture time with your family, perhaps try to teach them that even individuals such as Cam do appreciate some privacy, particularly out at a restaurant during Super Bowl week where they are obviously trying to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. Also, I'm just shocked that some guy with "tarheels" in his username has a shitty opinion. Take a hike mouth breather.
  13. We finally beat that SOB

    It's about time. Talent is there, but the intensity needs to become consistent, hopefully with MKG back that will help.
  14. Superb Owl Push

    Just wondering, but with all the above circumstances taken into consideration, where exactly would spending countless hours online scouring strangers (and their family members) social media feeds looking for information to gossip, and break news about regarding someone you've never met having a baby fall under in the list of priorities? :P