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  1. Hornets vs. Thunder

    Oh, you.
  2. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Why doesn't TD get one of those Walter Payton man of the year pins?
  3. Hornets vs Warriors

    That was horrendous
  4. Hornets vs Warriors

    MCW is terrible right now We need scoring
  5. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    Lol some of you fugers would rather see Monk on the floor for 15 minutes and lose than not see him and win 3 in a row
  6. Hornets vs Wizards Game Day Thread

    Great win Really hope Batum's elbow "contusion" isn't what it seems like
  7. NCST has a new Coach

  8. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    Ok so the downfall of Dwight might've been exaggerated
  9. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Wow KB caught a pass and hurt his knee
  10. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

  11. Something Is Up With Dwight...

    He got irritated in the 1st half when nobody gave it to him on the block so he could throw up a half assed hookshot so instead the next time he touched the ball he shot a jumper from about 2 feet inside the 2 point line He'll be traded before the all-star break