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  1. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Smoked pork butt, grilled wings, bronco tears, chips n salsa.  And cupcakes.
  2. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    How many crock pots do you own?
  3. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Meh, Schefter just bored it something.
  4. Cam's pregame cleats tomorrow

    Should wear those during the game!
  5. I saw Jared Allen last night on Guy Fieryis Diners, Drive ins, and Dives.  
  6. Not sure if posted or already discussed.  
  7. Dilfer is the only QB to ever win a SB and not be retained the following year.  I guess that would make me a little salty, too.
  8. I get that and do agree that Cam's performance is certainly making Shula look good.  My point is how douche he sounded.  I'm sure Shula held him back some, in his first season as starter he threw 5 touchdowns and 18 ints.  I'd hold his douche azz back, too.
  9. He also bashed Mike Shula a little bit on Mike and Mike, saying Shula held him back as a QB while in TB.  May or may not be true, but the dude sounds like an absolute douche.  Get over it.
  10. I think that's Peyton Manning doing the robot?
  11. Fortunately, Romanowski is closer to diapers than tackling Cam.
  12. Relax, dude is pissed he lives in Buffalo.  We'd all be miserable human beings if we lived in that hole.
  13. Met Tub of Goo Tolbert at a gas station uptown.  Knew it was him when I pulled up and saw a BA Escalade truck with rims, sweet paint, and CA plates.
  14. Pair of Superbowl Tickets for $3,000

    That is a deal.  Know someone who sold 2 uppers for $2700 each this weekend.
  15. Photog Street Cred for Ryan Kalil

    My wife has spoken of those and made mention we'd need to sell off a child to get one.