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  1. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    @chknwing I am so sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences.  I can't tell you what to do or how to feel. Grief is personal. My mother passed the Monday before Thanksgiving 5 years ago. The next day I woke up surprised that the world could continue on, the sun would rise. As a family we went on with Thanksgiving as usual. It was subdued but we felt we needed to do it. We didn't think about what would she want us to do, we came to the decision based on how we felt as a family. To honor someone is not always about thinking what they would want but about what you need to do. As has been said, your obligations will be there later. What else would you be able to do over the weekend that would help your father or your family?
  2. wtf does this statement have to do with anything that will happen on Sunday? This is not going to happen. Both Newton & Manning will play to the best of their abilities. This statement alone tells us that you apparently have not watched many Panther games over the years or Bronco games for that matter.   Stop. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself at this point. And although I do not care about you at all, it is ugly to watch.
  3. Getting Annoyed

    Charlotte CBS station 3 WBTV have had great station spots. They ask, who wants the Panthers to win Super Bowl 50? then have Panthers players answer with, WBTV and me. Luke, Olsen, Tolbert, TD. They also have a really great spot: show the clip of Cam & everyone on the side line when Cam says, dab on 3 ... 1,2,3,dab; "Dab on 3WBTV" then shows over the picture of the team dabbing. They've gotten the spirit. They have a crew in SF & tonight they said they've seen many more Panthers fans today & not all from NC. They interviewed 1 SF man who named his son Steph, after Steph Curry and therefore, because of Curry, he's a Panther fan. Even had a Panthers hat on. Besides, the Panthers employees JR paid for just arrived tonight.  
  4. This years Clueless Gamer...

    lol Josh didn't cheat ... he used strategy lol
  5. We almost made it through.  It's started ....... a little. No more media after today. That's a good thing.  
  6. Kawaan Short: The Short Path to Stardom

    Funny thing is, I followed your links & found this on the right side of the page. That's where they post some tweets & found this link there as well as the picture. I enjoy reading MMQB.
  7. I love reading these articles. Love everyone on our team. All of them!! And clicking the story links down the side is well worth any time you have for reading. Good stories, all. Here's Star's mom. Didn't want to stat another thread just for the picture. Maybe, story coming?      
  8. Media Fatigue...

    I've only been reading the odd little stories that you find showing up with the Super Bowl like the Scott Simpson story in a NJ paper. Gotta follow the links in those tweets or larger stories to find those. I'm tired of the Broncos defense vs Panthers offense or old vs new or anything else main stream stories. Stephen Colbert on CBS This Morning wouldn't make a pick but said he really likes Cam. Then he said Charlie Rose rocked Versace better than Cam. :D
  9. Best Superbowl commercial?

    Ben Jacobs would approve.
  10. @PhillyB Wonderful write up! Your description of The Hero with a Thousand Faces reminds me of a book I bought at a used book sale in college, Atlantis The Antediluvian World. Originally written in 1882 by Ignatius Donnelly, I had the 1949 edited & updated version lol. It looked at all the myths & legends & religious affirmations of the stories of the Great Flood & Atlantis. All religions have the tale. I should read it again some day to see how viewpoints have changed since 1949. A quick note. I had stopped doing this because I didn't want anyone to think I was a grammar/spelling nazi. They just jump out at me. I can leave most things go but I thought with this, your before Super Bowl (take that NFL!) piece, you may want to correct this.  Only thing that slapped me cold. Well, except "the ability to self-reflect" when I stopped to think that would be a very good thing if more people took the time to do it. :)     @Montsta This should be stickied, please. Too much (duplicates galore) rolling in to keep the good stuff on the front page. Thank you!!
  11. Japanese super bowl!

    So funny! But this one was really weird. 
  12. What a great story. If you did not know who Scott Simonson is, you should now.
  13. I see it coming down to coaching. I think both defenses are very talented & it comes down to coaching & making adjustments. I have seen Phillips have meltdowns a couple of times but not Kubiak. No meltdowns for McDermott or Rivera.
  14. Wednesday...

  15. Bronco S involved in prostituion sting

    Is his brother a pimp?