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  1. GRWatcher added a post in a topic With Luke back, do we alter our defensive game plan and who will spy Wilson   

    Like, this ^^^. When Kuechly plays & he's 100%, he rarely comes out of the game. Even with Klein as MLB they were pulling him when we went nickel. Shaq may come out for Bene or Colin Jones at times, but that's not a large dropoff of talent. 
    And, yes, the D game plan will be different. Obviously. I don't think they use a "spy" unless our line can't contain Wilson. And that will largely depend on how the refs call holding.
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  2. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Ron and the Panthers Locker Room   

    Excellent article, for sure. Thank you! Not every coach can do this, it has to fit their personality. That he's a brilliant man & willing to try new things is obvious. & I love it.
    Here's a thought. Maybe he won't have to be "a stern disciplinarian " because of what he's doing in the locker room. I don't recall that Hardy was a problem in the locker room. But I think Rivera can be constructive with discipline if it's needed. And don't even try to say that every coach has to be an asshole at some time because that's not true. 
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  3. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Luke Cleared to Play   

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  4. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    I guess you guys either don't pay attention to all the interviews Norman has done lately or your listening/reading comprehension has gone down the tubes. This is NOT the same Josh Norman as 2 years ago. Stop bringing up that poo. What is past, is past.
    He has stated that this year he has learned how to study & breakdown film and spends a lot of time doing it. He does scan the QB but not by looking at his eyes; he watches the QB's feet & shoulders because those are a better indication of where he will throw the ball. He's also jamming the WR better at the line. And he admitted he does bait the QB at times, he minored in dramatic arts after all. ;)
    And go back & read @ teeray 's A-B-C's. I'm not gonna repeat them here.
    As for Coach Rivera, he just wants to keep that big chip on Josh's shoulder, right where it is.
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  5. GRWatcher added a post in a topic From the Seattle times....   

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  6. GRWatcher added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    I don't know. After the Bengals' win, Dungy had the gall to say that their WIN was more about the Seahawks than about how good the Bengals are. Might be more of the same after we beat them. :)
    To win this game we need to play our game, not react to theirs. That is what we have been good at & so far we've been able to do that. Keep the stupid penalties to a minimum. And, for goodness sake, do not kick or punt to Lockette.
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  7. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Blueprint on stopping Atlanta offense is out.   

    Two additional things to do. Swarm to the ball so those fumbles bounce to us. They had some lucky bounces today. And, we all know this, do not give Ryan any time at the end of the game. He turns into an efficient robot on the no-huddle at the end of the game.
    One last note, lol. I did not pull for Washington. I cheered for the team with the yellow pants. :D
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  8. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Ron Rivera - WFNZ audio - "Is Shula better?"   

    @ KB_fan   The link you posted doesn't work anymore. This one does.
    This one does too. All 6 are listed to the right.
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  9. GRWatcher added a post in a topic New Video Series...1st "Quarter" Review   

    You hit it again! Great video. I especially like the even tone of your narration, like a "we got this, no worries" attitude. Thank you!!
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  10. GRWatcher added a post in a topic A glance at how Kurt Coleman contributes to Carolina's defensive renaissance   

    PhillyB, great breakdown. And sorry (no, not really) to break up your conversations. :) It never is just 1 player that sets a trap, all 11 need to sell it. If an NFL QB reads only 1 player he won't last long in the NFL. For all we know, Winston was thinking that the line judge was going to change into a pink tutu on his left so he absolutely would only look to the right. Just kidding, guys. 
    I have noticed that Coleman has been playing like a man possessed. With Luke out :( I've been watching #20. Very smart man with a good, solid motor.
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  11. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Panthers receiver Devin Funchess   

    Ha! You don't know what stupid is until you sit through those first 10 minutes of The Exorcist in a dark theater with the original subliminal pictures flashing the whole time. I was high as a kite & saw every one of those pictures clearly so that movie never scared me. My friends who were sober, however, never knew what hit them lol. Subliminal messaging became illegal & they were later removed from the film.
    Now, Jaws was a different story. 
    Jeepers Creepers remains the scariest for me because of the ending. I will not watch a torture-of-any-kind movie.
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  12. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Josh Norman gets some love on NFL Youtube channel   

    Per the NFL, under the Embed link: Embedding disabled by request
    It's not your fault, guys.
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  13. GRWatcher added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    Other. Translated to All of the Above. It's all working together for him & I don't think he's had this much fun since his rookie year. It's all working, he fully understands it all, & I don't think his confidence in himself, his line, or his team has ever been higher. There's no quit, you can see it in his eyes. He embodies the Keep Pounding mantra better than anyone.
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  14. GRWatcher added a post in a topic The sweet sweet tears of Bucs fans on losing Delaire...   

    "They always take the good stuff. They don't bother with that crap you're saving." lol
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  15. GRWatcher added a post in a topic Luke still has not passed the concussion protocol, Cotch in full pads and helmet   

    @ 15  I seriously hope there are no guns in your house, for your sake.
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