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  1. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    How did some Falcon fans get so smart? :/
  2. Haha! 3 to the home team is an even game. We got this!
  3. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    So, which one will Josh be channeling whileplaying for Washington? lol Seriously, I wish him luck & nothing but the best unless playing us.
  4. I still know a couple people...what happened with josh

    Two things. First, wasn't Norman on a non-exclusive tag? Where teams can negotiate & the Panthers would have a chance to match the offer or get 2 1st-round draft picks? Maybe no other team showed interest. Or they did but couldn't discuss any deal because Norman didn't sign the franchise tag offer.Not the most reliable but still could give Gettleman an idea of market value. Also, I'm not saying that Gettleman is gun-shy over the franchise tag (man with a plan!) but he might be affected by Hardy's tag-gone-wrong, getting-nothing-for-something situation. Which could help lead to a quick pulling it off the table without hesitation versus the idea of getting nothing at all.
  5. Cam's response to Von

    And they'll be bestus of friends for life!
  6. Playstation Vue

    I don't game so I can't answer that question for you about uverse. Sorry. My daughter & son-in-law game & stream a lot (pc & Xbox) & have uverse but their speed is also 18. They also have 4 wireless devices. My daughter says gaming works but it's not great.
  7. Playstation Vue

    Well that sucks. We all knew Charter was bad business but I'm surprised at Sony & Vue. Bad way to start a nationwideexpansion.Are you stuck with Charter? I've found at&t uverse very reliable. Costs me about $56/month for 18 mps (as fast as they have in Statesville).
  8. Here's the deleted tweets. Click the pictures to see them in full. Norman may just have to get in line for another shot at OBJ. :D
  9. Playstation Vue

    Not sure if resetting the router worked but I found this article that may help change your geolocation. There's a line in the box that may help: Then you can check out the Related Articles that may offer some help.
  10. Bills sign C Fernando Velasco

    The Bills need some consistency & maturity on their o-line & Velasco just may be the one to bring it for them. Glad he got the break. Now show them what a great locker room is like!!
  11. Kyle Love signed to 1 year deal

    I'm so glad Kyle remains on the team. I was really impressed with his approach to managing type II diabetes & the work he's done to stay in shape for football. I was also diagnosed with it 2 years ago (I knew it was coming, my brother's had it for over10 years).
  12. They get no pity from me. It's not like they chose to hire Quinn or anything.
  13. Nice new feature

    The partial quote has been available for awhile, I've been doing it. Anything else new?
  14. Playstation Vue

    You're welcome! Yes, resetting the router is your option whether by power cycling it or at itsadministrative console.If Charter doesn't have the correct area IP addresses available for your complex, then you'll need to talk (and I'd say bitch actually) to them until you get what you need. You would manually assign the router with a static IP address. But, no, you can't grab an IP address from the database. It's kept by a nonprofit consortium/outfit for use worldwide by everyone & is updated by the ISPs & webmasters. It's what allows your computer's/phone's/tablet's browser to translate from words ( to numbers because computers use "numbers"to connect & move around the internet & 'talk' back to your router.. I'm also surprised that Vue doesn't have any solution when IP addresses don't represent the true area because it isgoing to happen; ISPs, & by extension tech people, are not the best at keeping accurate up-to-date records.
  15. Playstation Vue

    Well, first let me say that I am sorry you're with Charter. I feel your pain, or I use to. Second, I hope that Vue tech is making minimum wage because he's a jerk when it comes to IT support. No, you don't need a static IP; most people don't have one and will be able to use Vue just fine. They'd never make that a requirement. You just need to be able to have yours associated in the database (yes, there's a mega database with all the IP addresses listed) with Charlotte or at least Lincolnton. Go here & it will tell you where your IPis associated. It will also tell you how to change your public IP, probably at the router. When it says to power off the router, pull the power cord which gives you a harder reset than the power off button but will not change any of the router's wifi settings. Hopefully Charter has registered IP addresses to the correct area. Once you get what you want (use that website to check your address), call Vue tech support back & ask them how to change your login foryour new homeIP area.