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  1. Hate to say it but.......

    I hate to tell you guys, but i watched the replay a second time and could see why it was ruled incomplete. The ball actually did hit the ground in Cotchery's arms and moved around. 
  2. I hope DG learned something tonight

    I have no doubt we can and will make roster changes. It's an OC change that needs to happen as well to get us over the hump.
  3. Cam pouting at the podium

    Cam's attitude to me suggests he is frustrated from the game being taken out of his hands by the coaches. This was 100% Shula ball and Cam was frustrated by it. 
  4. I truly believe this moron should lose his job because of his performance here. He took it all out of Cam's hands. The offense looked exactly like 2 seasons ago. I didn't see anything that we were doing this season at all in this game. And why no adjustments to help Newton with the blitz? Always calling long developing plays 50 yards downfield. 
  5. Our weaknesses came out tonight. So even if we fix WR, we still have Shula.
  6. Yes wat the fug happened to the slants! We fugign called one on 3rd and long to Cotchery short of the first down. Why wasn't that called on the previous downs? Shula jsut went back to his usual dumbassery tonight.
  7. The question of the day.
  8. he was probably still locating it. Just think about it in the other person's perspective. His arm just gets hit, he has to take his eyes from downfield and now up close trying to locate a bouncing ball. His eyes probably didn't recognize the ball until too late.
  9. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    I think this is a hacked account. Recently this username has went to poo. It wasn't like that before that I can recall. I don't remember hating the username before but ever since the playoffs I do.
  10. How about a fuging play that isn't 50 yards down the field? Why didn't we call short passes to help Cam out? Why is this the third time I'm asking you?
  11. When it was all on the line, Shula took it out of Cams hands and Rivera allowed it. Rivera allowing it is the biggest shock to me after all the change Rivera himself had made this year.
  12. I just blamed them in this very thread. Can you read? The problem is everything starts at the top. And thats coaching. We could have very easily overcome our mistakes. We were still in it in middle of the 4th. Yet Shula was still calling dumbass plays. 
  13. We were in position to score multiple times if we didn't throw away downs. Again, where are the short passing plays to counter the pressure Denver was bringing? Exactly, there was none, except for a 3rd down crossing patter to Cotchery.  We could have overcome our mistakes. Shula was too incompetent to do so.
  14. Exactly. Yes the Receivers had hard time catching and the line wasn't consistent, but good coaching can overcome mistakes. We didn't have good coaching. And the offensive play calls looked like the ones from 2 seasons ago.