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  1. I do not want this to end.....

    Next season's goal: 19-0
  2. Did they have an XL white Olsen Game jersey without the patch?
  3. Hey can you clear your inbox? it says you can't receive messages.
  4. Stephen A. Smith

    So if we support a black man, it's white guilt but if we go against a black man, we're racist. So we're fuged either way right?
  5. This jersey is sold everywhere. Team store,, anyone else that sells official merch.
  6. You can prolly return it though.
  7. The event jersey was created to trick people into buying what they thought was something else.
  8. KB really does just tower over everyone...

    dammit I wish we could take him off IR
  9. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Sir Purr
  10. A racist white guy wanting to choke a black man. Who knew?
  11. Pro Football Talk

    I seriously wish someone on the team would knock Harrison the fug out
  12. It allows officials to determine the outcome of a game with the rule backing them up. They won't change that.   
  13. That's his FB. Other fans have also posted. I will soon. I used to defend him and cheer him on even up to this year. It all ends tonight.
  14. Ok so after reading this thread and the tweet, I have finally lost all respect I ever had for him. I still own his jersey. I am thoroughly disappointed. I plan on posting a long message on his FB expressing how let down I am. I'm not expecting anything in return, in fact even a delete. Tonight, he is just another player who just so happened to be on the Panthers. I can't believe after all the chances we've given him, he would completely poo on the team that drafted him. This is the type of behavior that warrants career ending injuries.