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  1. Hornets Interested in Bogdanovich

    I'm only confused because I thought this team had enough stretch 4's, Frank, Marvin, and/or Hawes... No?
  2. Oklahoma City at Charlotte 7:00 PM Saturday

    Without Durant, the Hornets match up better defensively (as noted above). I wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte threw some combo of Henderson/MKG at Westbrook with some sort of soft double to force him to shoot jump shots. Further, look for a heavy dose of Al Jefferson as always... It'll be interesting to see if OKC matches up with Kantor or Ibaka defensively. I think Al has the advantage v. Kantor. If they play Ibaka on Al, look for Cody to test Kantor's athleticism. Finally, I hope Mo can have a nice game off the bench, I think we'll definitely need it. Boom Boom Clap!... err I mean, lets go Hornets!
  3. smelled horrible which played into its authenticity
  4. Funny that I stumbled into this thread considering I just picked up this little diddy from Corners framing store today. Signed, game worn, that my brother won at an auction and gave to me for christmas a few years ago...signature is top of the "6" but you can't see it due to the glare.
  5. Official Netflix Thread

    Just finished watching both seasons 4 and 5 of Fox's Bones..which has become a suprising favorite of mine. Also, just watched the movie Wall Street, the 1987 orginal (the prequal to the new wall street movie). It is on instant stream. Def a good watch if you want something somewhat out of the box.
  6. Post a pic, any pic.

    In the spirit of the day... :cheers2: A picture in today's paper here on campus @ LSU
  7. Thanks JR4P, I didn't want to get into the National title game, but Cam was told to take a knee at the goal line and he tried to sneak it in. He was upset after the game because he didn't play that well--they won the national title. It was all supposed to be his show, and when it became a team effort, he got pissed. The camera caught him without a smile (he always smiles) at the end of the game and he snapped at a reporter who put her hand on his shoulder for an interview. He is a big, fake jerk. If we sign him for 4 years, develop him for 2 and then he plays for 2, can you imagine what he will demand for his second contract? Icons are expensive. Thanks for the friend request too.

  8. The last thread about cam newton's comments, I agree with your viewpoint 100%.

  9. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  10. Duke fan also! ("Devil"Cat)