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  1. Panthers/Astros/Texans on Twitter

    Best thread of the offseason by far.
  2. New option for cord cutters.

    if you atleast have a PlayStation 3 or borrow someone's you can use it to create an account, and then subscribe. Once done you can use all of the tv apps on the roku and use the vue account as a tv provider. Roku app I'm betting isn't far off.
  3. New option for cord cutters.

    Also it looks like it includes cloud dvr support as well. Hmmm
  4. New option for cord cutters.

    Also the option to pick a package of only a couple of channels will make this very popular as well. I'm lucky to use my parents for log ins since they pay for the full directv package but once they downgrade this will be my next option.
  5. New option for cord cutters.

    PlayStation vue. 10 a month more but you get way more channels.
  6. Just moved to Atlanta...

    I'm here bro. Leave now.
  7. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Sam Mills III
  8. Paging Smootsdaddy

    Funny how King T was so right.
  9. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    This Game in two Gifs and an Image.
  10. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    We really need to go into Dallas and shut all of these idiots up. Would make a great ending to my Thanksgiving dinner!! Oh Also...
  11. Garage door experts?

    there are no workarounds right now, it wont even open. Parking my car outside for now, but I am having someone come look at it. I have no more money left.
  12. Garage door experts?

    Speaking of Garage doors the chains on mine completely broke.
  13. What's Everyone Doing For Memorial Day

    Taking the fam to the pool and then cooking out. It's also my dads birthday so need to take a trek over to his place, but I am happy I am off of work and able to be with my family.