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  1. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    Damn the storm keeps knocking out my frikkin dish! Anyone know of a live stream???
  2. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    HUUUUUUGE goalline stop!!!! Way to go D!
  3. It's funny to read this type of nonsense from nfl and espn writers this time of year(and it does happen every year, Newton and the Panthers just happen to be "on the clock" this time around). Then said team usually exceeds the low expectations the media has put on them and makes fools out of crotch stains like Adam Schein. While I agree that Rivera is running out of time and that if the Panthers fail to make the playoffs this season Gettleman may show him the door, I think it's still way too damn early to gauge how good or bad ANY team is going to be at this point. I know one damn thing, this Schein douche poses the question, "where did the Panthers get noticeably better???" Umm, how bout on the interior of their DLine (hands down the weakest position on our D for the last few years) where we picked up arguably the top DT in the draft (Star Lotulelei) who would have been a top 5 pick if not for his false health scare preventing him from working out at the combine and another big nasty DT in Kawaan Short. Those 2 guys alone are huge upgrades to what the Panthers have had since Cam and Rivera have been here. Obviously this guy fails to realize that a nasty set of DT's will free up Kuechly, Beason, Davis, Johnson, and Hardy to make plays, which in turn should improve our mediiocre secondary by getting even more consistent pressure on opposing QB's.
  4. are you not participating or what?

  5. If you can't find the game, try here around kickoff time, it's a website that streams TV channels and such, (if it's not listed yet don't fret. the broadcaster may not start broadcasting the channel until kickoff). Don't worry, it's safe, secure and most of all, FREE! ENJOY!!!

  6. you're up in the mock draft...