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  1. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    I like it he can rebound and plays good defense, but he also has an offensive game and cheaper than biz.....
  2. Any FA Big men left?

    Is there anyone left for us to get, or any one from the d league who blocks shots or anything? just asking...,,,
  3. Biz is a free agent

    I loved BIZ but the problem was never defense we needed scoring punch and we getting ready for next year with all the cap we are going to have no telling what might might happen.
  4. Aaron Harrison Summer League

    get it donee
  5. Summer League First Impressions

  6. Summer League First Impressions

    where was craft?
  7. Anyone else a total sucker for the NBA Summer League?

    the channel is on cable I just record it
  8. The Reason we didnt trade with Boston

    Theirs and Brooklyn
  9. The Reason we didnt trade with Boston

    because they wanted Winslow but also just wanted a top 10 pick....
  10. The Reason we didnt trade with Boston

    no Mike was willing to trade the pick of the deal was good for both celtics played us and changed the deal so we walked happens all the time Danny just salty about.
  11. The Reason we didnt trade with Boston

    I'll take quality over quantity any day.
  12. My friend works at an intern for the hornets, and is close with some of guys that really know what happened. So here it is. Early in the day – Boston and Charlotte had agreed on a trade – Charlotte gets- Jared Sullinger (But we really wanted Smart) 16th 28th And future 1st rounder uprotected Boston gets- 9th pick overall   The Boston reneged and started trying to do other deals and never made this one official. So when everything they tried after reneging on us So then they tried to trade with every other team up until our pick. Then they made last ditch effort and didn’t want to include Sullinger anymore, which was a sticking point for them. The last ditch effort was 16th 28th 1 unprotected 1st 1 protected 1st 2 2nd round picks   But we wanted either Sullinger or smart and Celtics just wanted to get rid of all their picks. So we passed on the trade.  
  13. Aaron Harrison joins summer league

    He can play both spots and SF, him his brother use to alternate at UK
  14. Hornets Acquire Jeremy Lamb

    we gave up a protected 2nd rounder for lamb.....
  15. Lance Is Already Gone Mentally...

    Should have never signed Lance if they wasn't going to play him.... they never gave him a fair shot..... you ever notice how we build a lead with Lance in the game then they take him out and we lose it.... but the coach never puts him back in? lol yall kill me Lance is good but it's he coaching that is killing his production.