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  1. Comp Pick for Josh Normal

    never said he would, but i wanted if he did would help our chance of a comp pick
  2. Comp Pick for Josh Normal

    If Josh sign a massive contract and make the probowl etc etc.......will we get a comp pick for him?
  3. BitterSweet SuperBowl

    Hey Panther Fans, The Championship game was kind of bittersweet for me, because my Godmother passed unexpectedly a couple hours before the panthers played She is a huge homer and loved the Panthers. The mood was kind of rough because we wanted so much to enjoy the Panthers making it to the super bowl, but our hearts were heavy because we had lost a loved one. We are trying to gather funds for a memorial. If you are able to or would like to donate anything to help please use the link below, if not, I understand .Keep the Gary Family in your prayers. Thanks for your time. #GO PANTHERS Link >
  4. Any FA Big men left?

    Is there anyone left for us to get, or any one from the d league who blocks shots or anything? just asking...,,,
  5. Biz is a free agent

    I loved BIZ but the problem was never defense we needed scoring punch and we getting ready for next year with all the cap we are going to have no telling what might might happen.
  6. Hornets Acquire Jeremy Lamb

    we gave up a protected 2nd rounder for lamb.....
  7. Anyone hiring IT Guy ( current job ending soon)

    I can do it all.......execept programming
  8. Anyone hiring IT Guy ( current job ending soon)

    Any hiring or know of somewhere.... I have an up to date resume
  9. REPORT: SS Swearinger claimed by Bucs on waivers

    relax some will claim him he is on a cheap deal.
  10. First Look - Devin Funchess

    I am having this issue also....
  11. Anyone hiring IT Guy ( current job ending soon)

    how old is the child I open to anything? lol
  12. Hey Panthers Fans, Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone was hiriing for a buisness or know of anyone hiring. My current role at my job now will be ending soon. I just wanted to know if anyone had anything or knew of anything, I've been applying everywhere, sometimes people know about opening that you can't find just searching the internet. I have a resume if anyone has an leads. Looking in the Charlotte #Keeppounding #PatherNation #JumpBallTwins
  13. The Reason we made the trade for Devin Funchess

    Anyone able to find footage of his proday.
  14. The Reason we made the trade for Devin Funchess

    Marcus Lucas...naw lol