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  1. This is not a must win by any means, but it is a must show up at least. We have had too many games this season where at least one phase of the team took the day off. We must be competitive at the very least. I know the whole this game is the most important game because it's the next game, but this game is about as close to a playoff type atmosphere as it gets at this point in the season. If we do end up with a loss here, we really have to win out in my opinion. Atlanta is hot right now and right on our heals. Panthers 24 Saints 21
  2. Illustration - Zero Urgency

    Pretty sure that is Funch at full speed.
  3. This team has no heart and no desire to win. We should be winning this game at a minimum of 13-3.
  4. 4 tickets for the game tonight. I am on my way to Charlotte from Columbia now, to tailgate. A friend of mine could not use them. $100ea. Sec 545 row 23. I will let you know where I am when I get there. If you want 2 or all 4 let me know.
  5. You know I just don't get it. Like 6 players did it the other week. Now because Trump says something they all want to do it. Very stupid, I don't agree with it to begin with, but I agree even less when you are only doing it as backlash against Trump. None of this will end well for the NFL. Either way they are going to alienate a group of fans.
  6. Cam doubters sign in here

    I love my Panthers and I have always been a huge Cam supporter, but I can't even begin to understand what has happened to the guy. You cannot deny what is right in front of you. He is a completely different player than he was before the Super Bowl. When you look at the stats or when you look at the games, it's not even the same guy. Never in my life have a seen someone fall so fast. I hope I am wrong but I really believe he may be done. If not for 2015 I believe he would have been benched by now. He is not even an average QB lately. I am talking before his shoulder surgery as well. The sad thing is I remember being at the NFC Championship game and saying we finally have an elite QB. We finally have a good young team, and we will be great for many years to come. I had no idea I was actually watching the end of an era and not the beginning. I really really hope I am wrong though.
  7. What's people's experience with buying tickets from scalpers at the game? I haven't done it in years. My ticket source sold this week's game to someone else. It's the first home opener I will possibly miss in at least 5 years. I really want to go, but I am hearing a lot of horror stories about people buying fake tickets. A good friend of mine went to tailgate for the National Championship game and bought his son a ticket for $1000. It was fake! He lost that money. I also don't want to pay a crazy amount of money for them. If you needed tickets would you just buy of the internet, or go to the game to find some? Also if anyone knows someone selling please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Pulled out my work schedule the other night comparing to Panthers schedule and it's the best it has ever looked. I have 13 of the 16 games off. Have to work during the Vikings game, the Rams game, but I am on night shift, so still be able to watch most of it before work, and the Seahawks game. I seriously only had 2 home games off last season. I had to use up so much vacation, it was ridiculous. Will be out of town on vacation during the TB Monday Nighter though. That sucks, but other than that and trying to work during the Seahawks game I couldn't be happier with where the games fell.
  9. Been a Panthers fan sense Oct 26th 1993. I live breathe and eat Panthers Football.
  10. Post Your Local Craft Breweries Here!

    I do like White Thai and One Claw, they are really good beers. Outside of those 2 i cant think of anything brewed there thst i would drink again, unless it was free. Haha I think Mexican Cake is SO overrated. Its not a good beer. Not a big fan of Evil Twin either. Gose is the worst thing I have ever drank. The only beer I can recall actually spitting out. Not a fan at all of the style, so my judgment doesn't really count on that one. To me it tastes like drinking vomit.
  11. Post Your Local Craft Breweries Here!

    Not a fan of River Rat. They filter their beers. I feel like filtering is stealing and I don't like it when people steal from me. They do have a very nice establishment but I just don't care for their beers. They are a little too plain for me. Their beers are nothing outside the box really. Conquest seems to be a little more creative with their beers. In my opinion anyway.
  12. Post Your Local Craft Breweries Here!

    I have only had a couple beers from Brewery 85. I was not overly impressed with what I had but they were far from bad.
  13. Post Your Local Craft Breweries Here!

    SC is not really known for their breweries but there are a few hidden gems. Holy City in Charleston, SC is by far the best in the state. Its not even close. They brew amazing beers and always have a lot to choose from at the brewery. Coast Brewing also in Charleston is pretty good as well. I enjoy just about everything they put out. They just don't have a lot to choose from usually. Conquest Brewing in Columbia, SC is another that is pretty good. Medusa Stout is their best flagship beer and their Coffee IPA is a sleeper hit in my opinion. My state also has 2 of the most over rated breweries I know as well. Westbrook in Charleston and Thomas Creek in Greenville are both pretty terrible in my opinion. I don't like anything Thomas Creek makes and outside of the flaships that Westbrook has they really don't make good beers.
  14. While I agree with you on that, I just really look forward to someone, anyone making it to the destination that they were trying to get to and actually fight. The sides are always so far apart and can never make it to each other. Other than the fight at kings landing at the end of season 2 no one can seem to reach their destination. And to be honest I really didn't care about that fight. It wasn't built up as a big show down in my opinion. I am still a fan and really enjoy it, I just wish for a little more action.