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  1. Deshaun Foster.

    For me, it was Walter Payton. I played Techno Bowl with my cousin, back then. We was much older and was a Dolphins fan. He always played as the Dolphins and always won. First time I ever beat him, I played as the Bears. It was solely because of #34. When I found out he was a real player, I had to watch him play. I actually ended up becoming a Redskins fan though. Them and the Dolphins where all that seemed to come on TV here in Columbia.
  2. Panthers Tickets Board

    I must have missed it, but what happened to the tickets board? Where do we post about buying/selling tickets now? Are we not doing it anymore?
  3. Is Wicked Weed Selling Out?

    I don't drink Sours. Went to the Funkatorium once, and sampled 16 beers, just so I could say I did it. The place was really cool, but I can't get behind bacteria in beer. It's just not for me. However in my opinion Burial Beer Co. is by far the best brewery in Asheville and they just started a sour project. They released their first one a few weeks ago. Seems like they are right on time. People who enjoy those kinds of beers can still enjoy them local without supporting the Conglomerate. As good as their beers are, I am sure the sours will be in the same quality.
  4. Is Wicked Weed Selling Out?

    Sorry but I have to disagree. My problem is not with Wicked Weed, really. My problem is with AB InBev. They constantly make fun of craft beer, then buy them all up. They also pretty much own the distribution in most states. They have strangle holds on taps and beer stores all over. If you want Bud or Bud Light in your place of business you have to buy so much from them. They hold back the smaller breweries. It is nearly impossible to succeed in that business. A friend of mine is a Bar Manager here in Columbia. He has 14 taps. KB distribution who is in bed with AB InBev owns 9 of those taps. He has to have 9 of their beers on at all times. He also has to have 3 for the other Non-Craft Miller/Coors distributers. That leaves 1 tap for a true Craft Beer Brewery. It's pretty much this way in most restaurants and stores. By purchasing these Craft Breweries they are regaining the market that they were slowly losing. The quality will slowly decrease. It has happened to them all. Goose Island and Terrapin are prime examples. While both may still be descent breweries, they are a far cry from what they used to be. The Wicked Weed guys were already Billionaires, so they didn't do it for the money, but it's their business and their right to sell, so you can't really blame them I guess. I was never a fan anyway, so I don't have to worry about going back.
  5. I am Brewing for Krafty Draft Brew Pub

    Kegged the beer today and everything is on schedule to be ready for Thursday night.
  6. I am Brewing for Krafty Draft Brew Pub

    The anticipated tap date for my Grapefruit IPA is Thursday June 8th at 730pm. I will be checking on it almost daily for the next week. If something changes I will let you know.
  7. I was on a terrible streak for several years. 9 losses in a row before the Sept 22 2013 Giants Blow Out. From there have only seen us loose 1 game. The 49ers Playoff game that year. So I am 12-1 including 10 straight wins. I do have a friend who is a Clemson and Eagles fan. He has never been to a game where the home team lost. We went to several games with me, and we went to the Falcons Seahawks playoff game in Atlanta. Was Matt Ryan's only playoff win for a while. I have known him for about 8 years and every single football game he goes to, college or pro, the home team wins. I took him to the NFC Championship and to the home playoff game the year before. We went to the Eagles game a couple years ago, and we will be going this year as well. He loves seeing his team play live, but he doesn't want to go because he knows the home team will win. Hahaha
  8. I was a skins fan before the Panthers. I was 16 in 95. I went to a preseason game I believe it was in 92, at Williams-Brice Stadium. It was Jets vs Skins. At that game they announced that the Carolinas were in the running for an NFL expansion team. I was so excited. I have been a fan pretty much from that day. I remember people saying that there was no way Carolina would get picked for an expansion team. I read so many articles that were predicting the cities that would be chosen, and not very many of them chose us. I still have a copy of the South Carolina State Newspaper from October 27th 1993 with Mr Richardson holding the helmet on the cover. It was announced that we were the first expansion team selected. I Didn't get to go to my first game until Nov 7th 1999 against the Eagles. For the next several years I went to one game each season until 2006, when I met a PSL owner that doesn't attend very many games. She sells me her tickets every year, so I go now to pretty much every home game I am off work for, or can get off work for. My greatest memory by far is the NFC Championship game. Seeing my team go to the Superbowl in person was the most amazing feeling. I stood in snow and ice the whole game, but it was very much worth it.
  9. I am Brewing for Krafty Draft Brew Pub

    Cool. Sorry it took so long to reply. Haven't logged in, in a while. The beer sold out in less that 24 hours. We blew the first 5 gallon keg in 2.5 hours. Rest was gone early the next day. I am brewing there again on the 23rd. I am brewing a Grapefruit IPA. It will be ready early June. I will keep you posted as to when it will be ready.
  10. I am Brewing for Krafty Draft Brew Pub

    I don't call myself an expert or anything, but if you have any specific questions or anything feel free to ask. Only advice I can give off the jump is, The Devil is in the Details, don't skip steps and don't ever assume something is not that important. Be very meticulous about everything, especially sanitation. I have brewed 24, 10 gallon batches of beer over the last 3 years. I have entered 5 competitions and won 4 ribbons, 2 first place, and a second and a third place. The guy who taught me was a 3 time 3rd place Brew Master of the year in North and South Carolina. I brew on his system now. He retired and sold it all to me. I love the comradery of Craft Beer and Home Brewing. Something about it brings people together of all different cultures and backgrounds. It's a brotherhood of alcohol, and I can't think of anything much better. Haha
  11. After 3 years of all grain home brewing, I will be brewing my first commercial beer. Krafty Draft Brew Pub in Lexington, SC just recently got their license to brew in house. They have brewed about 5 beers now. They tried my Mocha Porter and loved it. They asked me to brew it for them. I will be Brewing on Friday the 17th. It will go on tap about a month later. Pretty excited about it. I never really wanted to do this for a living or anything, but I will enjoy watching a lot of new people drink my beer. If anyone is in the area, you should check this place out. 105 taps and 2 or 3 of them are usually in house brewed beers.
  12. Pulled out my work schedule the other night comparing to Panthers schedule and it's the best it has ever looked. I have 13 of the 16 games off. Have to work during the Vikings game, the Rams game, but I am on night shift, so still be able to watch most of it before work, and the Seahawks game. I seriously only had 2 home games off last season. I had to use up so much vacation, it was ridiculous. Will be out of town on vacation during the TB Monday Nighter though. That sucks, but other than that and trying to work during the Seahawks game I couldn't be happier with where the games fell.
  13. Been a Panthers fan sense Oct 26th 1993. I live breathe and eat Panthers Football.
  14. I do like White Thai and One Claw, they are really good beers. Outside of those 2 i cant think of anything brewed there thst i would drink again, unless it was free. Haha I think Mexican Cake is SO overrated. Its not a good beer. Not a big fan of Evil Twin either. Gose is the worst thing I have ever drank. The only beer I can recall actually spitting out. Not a fan at all of the style, so my judgment doesn't really count on that one. To me it tastes like drinking vomit.
  15. Not a fan of River Rat. They filter their beers. I feel like filtering is stealing and I don't like it when people steal from me. They do have a very nice establishment but I just don't care for their beers. They are a little too plain for me. Their beers are nothing outside the box really. Conquest seems to be a little more creative with their beers. In my opinion anyway.