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  1. I liked our blue uniforms

    I liked them as well but what was up with the grey square across the ass? Looked like players pants had ripped and they were using duck tape to hold them together.
  2. Yeah, just look up Stirling Bridge (celtic rock www.stirlingbridgeband.com) and The Trip Rogers Band (classic rock covers www.triprogers.com). Both are on FB too, can't get the URL while at work, enjoy!

  3. Does your band have a facebook page? If so send me a link.

  4. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  5. Thanks for all your help today. I ended up getting into the game, but I had to pay a little more than I wanted. I guess I will see you guys again soon. Looks like we might be in for a long season, but I am still holding on to a little hope.

  6. Man that pic of hayden in your avitar is smokin'. I got to admit, I never really liked her, but your pics are changing my mind. Where did you find that one?

  7. You into paintball? We play woodsball just about every weekend down in Columbia. How many people do you play with? We are looking for some friendly compation.