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  1. We haven't always agreed on everything, but I can honestly say that I think the Huddle will miss having you around. Sorry to hear about your brother. I'll send positive thoughts your way. Good luck to you in/with everything and maybe you'll get a chance to check back in down the road.
  2. lol @ "what the hackers I know can do to you IRL" Sounds like a threat to me... Someone here should probably take some action.
  3. APOLOGIZE OR ELSE! lmao... "I will have to take action" lmgdao Who's got the chat logs from the old Huddle chats? I think I remember bwood spouting the N word off in there a lot.
  4. The problem is you're equating your struggles to that of other people's. Everyone's struggle is different, and just because you classify yourself as "brown" you don't have the same battles to fight that others do. Especially not so when you've obviously sided with their biggest enemy and written off their claims as unfounded. You're seeing yourself as a mouthpiece for issues that you don't fully experience, and living vicariously through the struggles of others isn't the same thing as experiencing them yourself. Basically, just shut up about stuff you haven't lived and keep it real. I haven't cared enough to find out where exactly you live, but it'd be interesting to see an income/crime/race demographic map for your area. I'd bet "you ain't 'bout that life" for the most part, and to portray it in lyrical/visual form is just malarkey.
  5. To be fair, although critical in the past, I have tried to remain constructive with my criticism of your music. That changed when you decided you wanted to talk about how you wanted to oppose TPTB except for the part where it included police brutality against black people. How exactly you thought that would go well is beyond me... But your last post towards AggieLean at least, just maybe, saved you a little face. I don't know that anyone here or in the media is trying to frame a "genocidal" argument when it comes to the unbalanced scales of cops vs. black people. I think that rhetoric is mostly yours. Ultimately, what got you a little yoked in/with this thread was your blatant disregard/spoon fed opposition to differing views. You decided you would discredit an issue based on what you perceived as truth. Just stop being fake. Keep stuff real in your life and in your music if you decide to continue. Otherwise, start writing your own books where you can make up the story as you go and not actually have to live it.
  6. So you're quitting the TB because you lost? Might as well go ahead and quit the rap game too for the same reasoning.
  7. FYI I had to go back and do a more in depth look at E Cat's music and look at the first thing that came up: Railing against the system but then defending it... You need to step back and look at what you're preaching vs. what you're living. You're playing the victim of the system while furthering the system's agenda against someone else.
  8. I just wanted to post in this thread because my jaw literally dropped reading this gem: First off, your primary failing at life in general and at music is that you are trying to be an artist but you don't have an artistic world view or, therefore, ability. It is blatantly obvious that your views aren't subjective, and that you are just another square peg trying to force yourself into a round hole. You basically admitted that you are for police brutality against blacks, which pretty much makes you not only a perfect example of what "the powers that be" want everyone to be, but just a scumbag in general. Did you ever consider the sourcing and rooting of your "statistics" could be the very institutionalized societal systems we have in place in our society that makes these subsets more prone to violence? The wealth gap, the access to resources, public education system, etc. etc. etc. etc. You halfheartedly tried to allude to it, but you don't see the big picture. You only see the part you can understand on a very basic sublevel, much like you can with the artistry of what it takes to rap or write lyrics. Here's a statistic for you that you would do well remembering. If you have an open flame near highly combustible material, you are more than likely (near 100%) going to have a bigger fire. Not that you know much about fire (I've listened to the songs you've posted here in the past.) No, all cops probably aren't bad people. But they are supposed to minimize the threat to public safety, not become one to it. Too often, nationally reported or not, we have situations like this where people lose their lives, and the cops taking those lives aren't punished enough, if at all. It is a fraternized organization that protects its own, and absolves themselves of any and all wrongdoings on a standard that common citizens aren't given. I'm a white guy that actually had a run-in with a black cop. I was straight up disrespected by the guy for absolutely no valid reason. So, in turn, I gave it back. It could have easily escalated more than it did, but guess what? If it had, I would just be another victim who resisted authority. Race would have had nothing to do with it, but the narrative of what actually took place would have been the same as it is when it is a white cop vs. a black citizen. Thankfully, us white folk aren't as harassed by the police as other subsets of the population are. I would wager that you haven't been either, yet you're joining the fight to combat them with your edgy lyrics? lol gtfo with that BS. How are you gonna fight the power when you're so ready to join/defend it? LMGDAO This basic story is about cops going crazy with power and how they cover for each other. The underlying story is about how it happens way more, and too often in the black community. You brought it here and then you poo all over it. Just stop, before you make yourself look worse.
  9. Your easiest/cheapest solution would be game/trail cameras. I would invest in 3-4 if I were you. They are battery operated, and some have the option to hook to a larger battery/outlet. I just saw our local Walmart had a cheaper 5MP one for $25. You'll need SD cards for each one you get, but 5MP should be decent enough to identify your suspects. I would also recommend some Python cable locks to run through the cameras to prevent theft, especially if you are putting them within easy reach. You should be good about $50 total for a camera setup if you go for the cheap ones. They do sell these cameras with a variety of options, and you can upgrade to better quality for more money. I currently have a Bushnell 12MP one that runs about $120. Based on my experiences, you probably want to find some areas that you can use a ladder to put the cameras outside of easy reach with on your property. You can also conceal them somewhere in outbuildings so that they aren't really obvious. If someone is determined enough to subvert/sabotage your cameras, they are going to be able to do so. I'm not sure about GPS tracking chips. I would be more concerned with getting the perps on camera in clear view. That will get them arrested faster than any kind of tracker. The only reason you should track something is if it is irreplaceable. If it is irreplaceable, it shouldn't be accessible enough for a common thief to get it.
  10. Ultimately I see myself as anti-authoritarian. As a white person, this is somewhat of a paradox as my own historical and current world view is that "white" translates to the authoritative majority. Honestly, Americans in general and especially white Americans' culture comes from the assimilation of other cultures. There is obviously shame to be had towards the historical white conqueror and the current white oppressor. The biggest way to oppose that history and current observation, in my opinion, is to celebrate and seek to understand and empathize with people of different anthropological backgrounds. It may come off as patronizing or whatever, but I genuinely and readily admit that there really is not much "white culture" worthy of either participating in or celebrating. I'd rather learn about Native American culture, African culture, or Middle Eastern culture, among others, than try to come up with and define the culture of my own "race." Jangler is right that we truly are all a part of the human race, and I hope that one day we can all realize and act like that. People are just too divisive by nature, and racism is a huge part of that. Until then, though, I think it is hilarious to reflect on the shortcomings of "my people." Especially when they do such ridiculous things.
  11. Truth, and I was actually not even thinking about that as I typed that... It just goes to further prove/reinforce that no matter how much we actively try to put ourselves in others' shoes or step outside ourselves for a moment, we still have flaws that we don't necessarily realize at the time. Good catch!
  12. Other white culture things I've thought of but am too lazy to get pics for (I'm on my phone) The Boy Scouts Golf Disc Golf Lacrosse Water Polo Competitive swimming Boating Secret societies 300 Molon Labe stickers Salt Life stickers Hot Topic American Eagle Monster Energy Drinks Ford Mustangs Mountain Dew Yeti coolers
  13. "Why isn't white pride okay, guys?" - 15
  14. Probably my favorite band atm... easily... Can't wait for this album to drop... If you like Tool/Deftones from back in the day, be sure to listen to this (and their last album if you didn't)
  15. I honestly think I just couldn't get past the voice, and tbqh nothing really was revolutionary. Pac did it. Other rappers do it. That is what makes music an art form and what makes it subjective.