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  1. He seriously sounded like Mr. T.
  2. B of A Baracus? He was channeling his inner Macho Man Randy Savage there lololololol
  3. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Not sure I buy into that logic. TWD comic is probably up there on the list of best I've ever read. TBQH the comic craps all over the show at this point, and has for a while. That said, the show still has its use I guess. It is something to watch on Sunday nights that isn't outright garbage.
  4. ...in your mind. In reality, you just spew out whatever fallacious talking point you've been fed.
  5. I will continue to believe that you cannot blame an entire race for the actions/depictions of a few select internet videos or news stories, and that there are STILL systems in place that promote poverty, paternal abandonment, crime, whatever excuse you want to use to label people, because that is exactly what the system needs. DIAF
  6. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    I dare Goodell to make some kind of change in policy. He will be opening himself and the league up to lawsuits galore.
  7. So you want to continue to finger point the source rather than correct the systems? Okay then. I hope you realize that yesterday's democrats were today's republicans. All that matters is correcting the atrocities the political machine has committed, but all you want to see is which side is to blame. LOL I'm not watching the video, btw.
  8. I was assuming something like Jaworski Birkdale lol
  9. Do they still throw batteries at players?
  10. I don't even know what that is nor do I care to take your suggestion and google it. I can tell by your posts that you'd rather blame the people than the systems that cause "inner city" problems, as you describe them.
  11. CMC gonna get 3 TDs now...