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  1. sucks!
  2. As someone who has had similar experiences, I can say this... Pareidolia
  3. Honestly, I think he needs to be in the discussion of our new versatile weapons. Yes, McCaffrey and Samuel are the obvious new dynamic weapons... But, I have a hunch that we've got big plans on incorporating this kid into our offensive scheme. He'll be a hybrid HBack/TE/FB guy that we can crowd back there with both backs at times.
  4. I just replied to the other thread, but let's not get too overzealous here. I want Samuel to be legendary. But, let him make his own legend. There will never be another Smitty. If Samuel can even bring 1/8th of the passion and aggression that made Smitty the GOAT, I will be happy.
  5. Real talk... holler at me when Samuel is doing this on Sundays... Believe me, I want Samuel to be good. But I want him to go out there and build his own legacy. There will never be another Smitty.
  6. found a snippet of that article I was talking about... I don't recall if Moorehead or Rasmussen were mentioned in that article (I will have to look it up tonight if I still have the original) but they were the guys who gave the other guys the breaks.
  7. ? I'm not even a basketball fan... you got it twisted... Kemp Rasmussen wasn't bad when he was in the rotation. I still probably have some VHS tapes with this line. Heck, I think I still have an ESPN The Mag that has a whole multi-page write up about this defensive line. You might need to take a step back before you make yourself look pretty bad.
  8. My sis was 7 years younger than me. I think we were okay as siblings her first 8 or 9 years, but once I hit my mid teens I pretty much did my own thing. Our two boys are almost exactly three years apart (only 11 days difference in their birthdays.) I think it is going to be the perfect gap. The older one still likes some of the younger stuff that the youngest likes, and the younger one has always been bigger physically at the checkpoints than the older one was. So, as of right now, they are both on pace to be pretty much similar kids by the time they hit the 10-12 range. Both being boys probably helps me immensely. I can't really imagine having a daughter, let alone risk having a second one. Especially if they are close enough in age that hormones will be going crazy within the same 10 years, lol. I guess the best advice I could give is to come to some kind of middle ground for what both of you want, and hope for a healthy pregnancy and child to be the outcome. That is really all anyone can really do.
  9. I really think it is Trai's turn next. TD will get his final deal at some point this year, and it'll be a bargain/career closer. I'd like to get Star's done, too, but it won't be a priority with us just doing Short and having Butler in tow. I think Norwell might get to test the market, but I say sign him up if he's willing. He shouldn't get Trai Turner or anywhere close to franchise G money.
  10. Hard to beat young Pep, Rucker, Jenks, and Buckner with Wallace, Burton, Moorehead, and Rasmussen swapping out. Our LBs were a little weaker then, but Morgan and Witherspoon were pretty damned good starters, and the guys beside and behind them were solid too. That said, I think we could rival that now, if not surpass it. Very likely best/deepest front 7 we've ever had.
  11. seriously, nobody remembers this? Step y'all's fan game/Huddle history game up...
  12. not really related to this season, other than it is fire, which I expect us to be
  13. Most of us come from different walks of life. Obviously we have one thing in common... our love for the Carolina Panthers. How long have you been a fan? What are your favorite memories? What kind of history do you have with being a fan? In October 1993, I was in my later weeks of being 12 years old. I was about to enter my teenage years that December, and it was just announced that the Carolinas were going to get a professional football team. I was relatively new to football. I grew up in a college basketball household, but had been watching the Dallas Cowboys the past few years when I could. This was probably due to their dominance in that era, and my own newness to the sport. Basically, it would be like the latch-on Seahawks or Pats fans of today. It was trendy at the time, and my formative years, like most kids, were spent trying to be cool and trendy. Plus I had a best friend who was a Cowboys fan, so it made it easy. But then the Panthers came along. I have VHS (you kids today probably don't know what this is) recordings of our family's Xmas get together in 1994. There I am, in my early teen nerdy glory, rocking a grey Panthers logo sweatshirt. We didn't even have a team assembled yet, but I had the shirt. I started getting as much info as I could about the team. Mind you, this was pretty much pre-internet era. I didn't even have cable TV at the time, and the news I got about the Panthers came from newspapers, magazines, and the local major television (antenna) networks. Before I knew it, the first season came along, and there I am for the Hall of Fame game, glued to the tv. I have the VCR remote in my hand so I can continuously pause the recording during the commercials. I did this every week. I probably did this every week for our first 10 seasons or so. I still have most of these tapes. The 1996 season rolled around and before you knew it, we were in the postseason, with Kerry Collins and Mark Brunell donning the cover of Sports Illustrated. Thanks for the curse, SI. 1997 arrived and it was probably our first letdown of a season, being Panthers fans. I went to my first game, however. I was only 16, and I got on a bus in Durham for the trip to Charlotte, by myself. It was my professional sport experience. We faced Denver in the preseason. Kerry Collins got his jaw broke by Bill Romanowski, and it really just set the tone for the season. 1998 - I was watching the draft, chanting "Randy Moss" as the Panthers were on the clock. We picked Jason Peter. The disappointment didn't end there. 4-12 made for a long year. I did get to a few games that year, though. A buddy and I made the trip a couple times. I got to see Randy Moss play in person in Charlotte as a rookie, just not with the team I wanted to see him playing for. 1999 - I graduated high school. I was still recording games. I was still going to them with when I could. We got a fancy new DT that we gave up a lot for, and we ended up 8-8 and missing the playoffs again. The whole Rae Carruth thing happened. Patrick Jeffers balled out. 2000 - More of the same. Mediocrity. I continued to go to games when I could, and record them and watch them over and over when I couldn't. This is about the time that I was patrolling local flea markets and card shops for lesser known/newer Carolina Panthers trading cards. I remember sorting through stacks of unsorted cards looking for guys like Chris Terry and Frank Garcia. 2001 - The lowest of the low. After beginning the season on a high note (Steve Smith's opening kick return TD, first time he touched a football in the regular season,) we crapped away the year at 1-15. Biakabutuka had a costly fumble at the end of that very first game (our only win) that set the tone for the whole year. I still have nightmares about this season. The only real positive of that year was that I went to my first training camp. For some reason, I don't remember being as hot as it is now, and there were a little more fan friendly things set up (they even had a tent where guys were signing autographs (I got Damien Richardson and Todd Sauerbrun, lol)) 2002 - The magic cauldron starts bubbling. We drafted Pep. We had a new head coach, and some good young talent was emerging. We had formed one of the best DLs in football. Peppers, Rucker, Jenkins, Buckner, Burton, Wallace. We start out 3-0, and then proceed to drop the next three by a total of 7 points combined. It was crushing to be so close. Then Atlanta opened a can on us, giving us a beat down. We never fully recovered, and then Atlanta delivered a 41-0 beat down later in the year. I was done. 2003 - The Cardiac Cats are born, and I was there to witness it. We barely made it to our seats in time for the opening kickoff due to traffic. I also recall it raining like hell at some point during the game or before it started. I also had to piss like a race horse and, thanks to the rain, the delay because of the rain, our lateness in entering the stadium, and a shy bladder, I thought my bladder was going to burst. We come out of halftime with a new QB (Jake Delhomme) and the rest is history. That entire season was magical. The emergence of Smitty. The Super Bowl. Epic. After that, we had some mediocre years fueled by John Fox's stubbornness, poor coordination, and Jake just doing dumb things. 2005 saw a return to the Playoffs and a deep run, but we fell short to the emerging Andy Reid coached Seahawks. Thus began Jake's downfall. 2008 ended in similar fashion. Jake's career as a Panthers legend was all but over. John Fox was shown the door a couple years too late. Thus ushered in the new/modern era of the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton and Ron Rivera.