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  1. Bruce Nelson... A GD center with hip problems when we left guys like Anquan Boldin, Osi Umenyiora, Lance Briggs, Jason Witten, and Asante Samuel on the board.
  2. Tshimanga Biakabutuka wasn't a bad pick... He just had the injury bug big time.
  3. I'd much rather send a 2nd round pick to the LAR for Tavon Austin than draft pretty much any WR in this draft outside of Williams and Davis... Then again, his contract is pretty bad IIRC.
  4. FWIW I still love Tavon Austin. If he wasn't on the Rams, I think he'd be bigger. I watched a lot of live WVU games for Noel Devine, and came out liking Tavon Austin more and watching the games a year after Devine because of Austin.
  5. Ahkello Witherspoon (sp?) I've watched him on tape a bit since he was brought up here, and the only thing I see going for him is his size. He has ball skills, too, but I don't see the hype. I should have put him on my list here, lol.
  6. I think what I like most about him is his coverage. He's probably a top 5 man coverage guy in this draft, but I think he has the tools and frame to be coached into an excellent zone guy. I actually like him better than the other CB, and think that is the guy that is overrated, lol. Thanks for the closer insight though.
  7. oooh.. you burned me with the Awuzie diss... I love that kid.
  8. I disagree. I can rattle off tons of WRs in the past that, while not necessarily as fast, did just as many "game changing" things. I've been haunted for my love of guys like Mardy Gilyard for a while now. He's probably the closest to Ross comparison I can come up with on the fly, but Gilyard was a better rounded WR. He was slower than Ross, obviously, because most people are. But Ross' tape is worse than Gilyard's, to me at least. Gilyard had way better cuts and hands, at least to me. Where is Mardy Gilyard now? He was a 4th rounder, and now he's in the arena leagues. I still argue that he was/is better than John Ross, aside from timed speed.
  9. Honestly that is it, which is stupid. He came up limping after that 40. He ran mostly fades and streaks in college, and isn't great at separating or running other routes IMHO.
  10. I agree that the Safety class is very deep, and that would be the only reason I would skip over Adams. But he is easily the second best player in this draft, and a guaranteed All Pro. I disagree, however, that the DE class is deep. There are maybe 4-5 typical 4-3 DEs in this draft that are worth picking in the first three rounds. Outside of that, you have hybrid edge rusher DE/LB hybrids that are filling the boards of 3-4 based teams. IF all three are on the board, and we choose to pass on Adams, then Thomas is the next best choice. One could argue the RB class is deep this year, or that we need a RB less than we do DE and S.
  11. Obviously, there have been guys I have been sour on since the beginning. Guys like Dalvin Cook, Cam Robinson, and John Ross have all just been hype to me. This thread isn't for the mainstream guys like that that a lot of people have since soured on. Rather, who are some lesser talked about guys you are currently unimpressed with, the more you have researched them? Marlon Mack leads my list. I've seen some people pretty high on him, but to me he is just not that special. He runs with a stiff neck and shoulders, and doesn't have much fluidity in his motions. Sometimes it looks like his helmet is clipped to his shoulder pads and he literally can't turn his head. Ju Ju Smith-Schuster is another one. Way back when, he was a first rounder. I've seen some of the experts still ranking him in the top 5 WRs, but I'm really unimpressed with him. I know some here will crucify me for saying it, but Taco Charlton isn't that great to me, either. I'd think he'd slide to the 2nd or third round in most years, but will be a first rounder because this year is thin at edge rush talent at the top of the draft. Anyway, those were the ones that came to my mind first. Who you got?
  12. To each their own, but I really differ in opinion with this... If we're ranking all those you tossed out plus Thomas, I gotta go: Adams > Thomas > Fournette > Hooker > Howard > McCaffrey Of course, this is my personal rankings on what I would like the Panthers to do, not necessarily what I really think the Panthers will do. I don't have my board in front of me, but I think my rankings above coincide with my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, and 13th players, respectively.