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    happy birthday!
    I present you with this gift of Cage of Thrones

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    pied instead of voting, just to be an anarchist
    tbqh I just get tired of dog owners being irresponsible.
    I think disposing of your animal's waste anywhere other than your own trash can, or publicly marked pet waste receptacles, is wrong. If you do this, you're not quite as bad as people who don't pick it up at all, but you're up there.
    People pay to have their trash picked up. If you throw trash in someone else's container, then you're basically getting something for free that they have to pay for. Plus you're potentially leaving them with a nasty surprise if it cooks for a couple days.

    Sure, you're doing the world a favor by disposing of waste. But if you're gonna lower your standards enough to physically remove an animal's excrement from the ground and place it in a bag, at least lower them enough to walk your little baggie back to your own trash can.
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