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  1. The Walking Dead season 8

    I assumed the FTWD group was going to kind of replace the group we saw in the comics led by Magna. It would be about the right timing, as All Out War should be coming to a close, one would hope, at the end of this season. In fact, Alycia Debnam Carey kinda looks like Magna to me...
  2. The Walking Dead season 8

    I didn't see how the last season of FTWD ended, as I still haven't watched the second half... but... There was a helicopter featured in the first half of that season. Basically, it got shot down/forced to land, a certain group of people salvaged it and were trying to repair it. Maybe that's where the helicopter comes in? I believe the FTWD were last in Oklahoma or Texas or somewhere out in the midwest, not west coast. So it would be plausible for them to make it to Virginia. Honestly, though, if it isn't one of a few actors that actually interact with TWD crew/Morgan at some point, it will be, like most TWD TV things, pretty anti-climactic.
  3. The Walking Dead season 8

    I tried to watch last season and made it until about the halfway point but haven't really cared to finish it yet. They do a lot of the same dumb stuff that happens in TWD, with probably more annoying characters. Overall, I'd say it is on par with TWD. There are a couple characters/actors I like on FTWD, just like on TWD too.
  4. I told y'all about Ross, lol.
  5. Panthers 34 - Saints 24 Cam, CMC, Byrd, and Stewart get the TDs One of our LBs gets a pick... leaning toward Davis Pep gets two sacks late in the game when Brees is having to stay in the pocket longer Kamara gets his stats, though, as he accounts for two of the Saints TDs. Ginn gets the other. Basically, we jump on them with two early TDs and they have to start throwing more than they want to. We slow down a bit, but come out after half time and drop another 10 points relatively fast. The secondary stonewalls their mid-long pass game, and the have to resort to more of our own style of short yardage throws/runs. The pick and sacks come when their offense gets more desperate in the 4th.
  6. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    The new reality is that most communication companies are having to blur the line of TV provider/internet provider. Tons of people are cutting the cord when it comes to cable, and either using streams and/or downloading tv/movie content. This whole thing basically will allow comm.comps to jack up internet/data prices to compensate for loss of broadcast/on demand subscriptions. The reasons people cut the cord is because these companies have been overcharging them for years, and because they are making the decision to sacrifice live entertainment in favor of at-will entertainment to save money and make ends meet. The internet provides an instant pathway to entertainment and news, which is basically what TV has served the purpose of for decades. But now that the consumer has gained the upper hand thanks to technology and smart consumerism, these data corporations want the government to step in and tip the scales once again their way. Basically, they want to restrict information and entertainment to those who pay them for it. Entertainment I can understand to an extent, but the underlying thing here is that this will likely restrict access to information as well. The end.
  7. was gonna respond with this but you got it covered... Most likely, Shula interprets the rule that we have to call the play at exactly 15 seconds left on the play clock. They probably think we're getting one over on the defense by waiting so long to break huddle and show formation, when in reality it probably hurts us more than does anything else.
  8. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    a person, nor a corporation, is not when said fruits come at the expense of resource and labor exploitation... "entitled to fruits of labor" is a veiled capitalist claim tbqh Purchasing power, lobbying, overpowering the common person, etc. doesn't classify as labor.
  9. 11-5 says the realist in me. Knowing the Panthers, we'll beat the close teams and drop a dud against TB and/or GB. I'm optimistic that we won't lose again this year, though. But 11-5 is safe money.
  10. What are everyone's thoughts on Damiere's role moving forward? Does he immediately step in as #2 or #3 opposite Funchess or Funchess/Shep? I have to say I've been really unimpressed with Shepard. He's a JAG out there if not worse IMHO. Is he WR #4 for now and will only feature in 4 wide sets? Do we activate Bersin this week and roll with 6WR or does he get deactivated? I'm looking for a sneaky pickup for my bench at WR in fantasy football, and had the thought that maybe Byrd comes back with a vengeance these last few games... Obviously he and Clay share a similar skill set, but I think Byrd has better hands and routes. I've never really been on the Byrd bandwagon, but I see a situation where a guy like him could come in and make some noise.
  11. He should have cut inside later and then immediately back outside, turning the safety's feet just long enough to burst by him.
  12. Wasn't Electro involved in the whole couch thing? Wasn't that where the threats and stuff surfaced?
  13. Punisher - Netflix

    I think it was really good. Bernthal nailed it. I thought the guy playing Micro did a good job too. As did Billy the Beaut. Moving forward, you gotta suppose S2 has Jigsaw as the main villain (gets out of prison/hospital somehow?) but I'd hope they pull in someone else other than the typical mafia/gang/normal villain to throw into the mix.
  14. lol you people act like Fiz hasn't been doing these things here since probably a decade before CMC was anything but a snot nosed kid... Personally, it is very entertaining to see people get so riled up into a 15 page thread all because of criticism of one of our players.