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  1. As long as Tommy Jone doesn't rear his head again we coo...
  2. Some of you have no idea what you're talking about. THE ONLY skills Cook brings to an offense is speed which equates home run threat, and decent hands out of the backfield. He lacks great vision and power, and needs a good OL in front of him to even have a remote shot at having success in the NFL. Those two things don't make for a good RB in the NFL. Maybe if he gets in the right offense, he has a couple seasons close to 1000 yards rushing and 500 or so receiving. But put him somewhere with a bad OL or in a division that runs a lot of 3-4 with faster LBs and DEs and he's toast. I think Kiper's wrong about when Cook goes, as I still think some team is going to take him too early. But, I saw a stat somewhere that Cook led the NCAA at one point in runs of one yard or less. He had a really good line at FSU and a gimmicky offense that allowed him to be featured. He won't have those luxuries at the NFL. Think about DeAngelo's final years or so with us. That will be Dalvin Cook, at best.
  3. he's in the 40's on my Panthers big board. He could definitely get a look if we opt out of Adams, Budda, or Obi... I like him and John Johnson a lot more than most people are giving them credit for. Also, here's another chance to point out how deep this draft is at Safety. I'm still on my Donald Payne in the later rounds campaign.
  4. have had* Shephard will win the slot... CJ2017 will push Funch for WR2, and one of them will end up at WR4. Bersin will be on the bubble again if we carry 5 WR, and Byrd and Garrett will really have a fight on their hands to do anything. All this is not taking into consideration we could draft a WR or sign another one, which wouldn't bode well for Bersin, Byrd, or Garrett.
  5. I wouldn't take him in the second. Any team that takes him before the third is going to take him too early. He won't be a full time back in the NFL for very long, if at all.
  6. It is hard to predict. I think 23 would be the range that Mike Williams or Corey Davis is going to slide to for a multitude of reasons, and I think they'd actually be better fits for us than McCaffrey at that point. I can't even call our pick at #8 at this point, but I think safe money is that the following players won't be available when we pick: Myles Garrett Mitch Trubisky Jonathan Allen Jamal Adams Malik Hooker Leonard Fournette Deshaun Watson That leaves my big board for the Panthers looking like: Solomon Thomas Mike Williams Marshon Lattimore Marlon Humphrey Derek Barnett Corey Davis Jabrill Peppers Ryan Ramczyk Reuben Foster OJ Howard 23, to me at least, would be prime real estate for Bolles or a DB. Too early for McCaffrey and Kamara and too late for Howard or Ramczyk. 23 would probably be perfect position for Mike Williams or Corey Davis, as I think they are both going to slide a bit barring some superstar interview.
  7. No but it is far along enough to have a formed head and body, taking up most of the womb... and she is barely, if at all, showing...
  8. Oh, ye of little faith... I really think a lot of you are shorting Shephard and Charles Johnson. We just got the guys and a lot of you are ready to write them off as failures. Also, if Shula pulls his head out of his ass, Benji and Funch can be solid threats again. We're not as bad off at WR as some of you portray.
  9. I said it a while back, but it wouldn't surprise me if they took Dalvin Cook because he is more local than Fournette... Plus, they have a history of making pretty terrible draft decisions.
  10. Right now, it is Johnson (under-performing for a while IMHO,) Addison (overachieving because he's been rotational,) Peppers (not a full time starter now,) Horton (rubber-banded with us, good against the run, but not a pass rusher,) Delaire (rotational, shown flashes but nothing in stone yet,) and Webster (meh.) We need a good, young, solid starter, or at least two more rotational guys that bring different tools to the table. I still wish we'd look at Devin Taylor if we go the latter route. In a dream scenario we could get Myles Garrett. In a good scenario, we'd get Solomon Thomas. In an okay scenario, we'd trade down in the first and get Barnett or one of the third tier DE/OLB hybrids that specialize in pass rush situations. Ultimately, I think we'll get a later round guy like Kpassagnon to roll the dice a bit and hope we can mold him into an every down starter. But, we have a strong roster on paper, and DE is just the biggest weakness to me. OT I think we have uncertainty in, only because the jury is out on what is gonna happen with Oher, and how Matt Kalil will pan out. I'm optimistic that Kalil will do well, so I don't think this trumps the DE need. WR I think we're fine with. We signed two guys that I think will come in and take over the slot work immediately and who could actually push Funch a bit. I'd hope Benji has had a stern talking to by now and that he'll be ready to play again this year. We could take a gamble on a later round guy, but I think we're fine, especially considering that outside those top 4 (Benji, Funch, Johnson, Shephard) we still have Bersin, Byrd, and even Garrett that have familiarity with our system. Now, if Williams or Davis is BPA or happen to fall into our laps at 40, then, yeah, we'll take them. Until we cut Dickson, we're okay at TE solely because Olsen is elite. If we have plans to cut Dickson or want to give him some competition, there are plenty of good ones that can be had in the third round (or first or second, depending on how the chips fall.) SS is a need because I think the Adams signing was just a depth/vet/Boston insurance move and that we're seriously looking at getting younger with Jamal Adams if he's there in the first, or one of the later first/early second guys (Baker, Melifonwu.) This draft is stacked at S, though, so we could get one in the 5th or later that would be an upgrade/project for us. RB depth we're okay with, but Stewart's deal expires after this season. Even if we don't cut him this year, I think most can agree, at this point, that Fozzy or CAP isn't the eventual starter. If a good RB prospect is on the board in the first three rounds, we'll take him. LB depth is scarier to me than a lot of people here are letting on. We have TD (aging,) Luke (noggin',) and Shaq as our starters. Mayo is gonna be a good backup in the middle, and Norris and Blechen have shown promise. But we need more depth here pretty bad, and someone to groom as eventual starters (which, outside of Mayo, I don't know that we have.) I really think we could pick Reuben Foster, Hasaan Reddick, or Zach Cunningham if they slide a bit. Outside of a couple unproven guys, we have nobody at FB. Sure it is a fading position in today's offenses, but our offense could use a good one in certain formations. We could take a late round flyer, or hope someone like Zach Line is still on the market after the draft. Most of our biggest needs are needs due to depth or uncertainty, which is actually a good thing when you think about it.
  11. DE, Uncertainty at LT, SS, LB depth, RB health and depth, proven FB In that order.
  12. Camp fodder at this point... especially if we draft another CB or S. I don't think Teddy was as bad as his rep here was, but I want guys like Dixon and Young to get their PT too.
  13. My biggest issue with this week's episode is that it was pretty much just a Rosita/Sasha fluff episode, and I really couldn't care less about either of them at this point. It is totally obvious they are just dragging things out at this point. The showrunners are just very afraid to commit to the ultimate conflict that drives the story. They want to milk character development but don't know how. Also, Maggie is the furthest along a pregnant woman has ever been, according to her ultrasound pics, without showing a pregnant belly... LOL it is like the show people don't know how pregnancy works at this point.
  14. This has come up for me a lot too. I would actually be okay giving up picks in the 4-7th round if we could package them all for an extra 2nd or third. This draft is very deep, and there will be some good guys in later rounds. But I feel like we are in good enough shape that we could actually benefit from less picks, so long as they are early picks. Two firsts, a second, and three thirds and call it a wrap for all I really care. We could get future starters at RB, SS, G, CB, DE, and TE with those picks.