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  1. 2 minutes ago, Johnny Rockets said:

    Not the best movies of all time but movies that I think I enjoyed the most:

    1. Fight Club

    2. Point Break

    3. Forrest Gump

    4. American History X

    5. Into the Wild

    Fight Club and Into the Wild are probably in my top 10 overall, regardless of genre.


    ETA I once had a Tyler Durden alt here IIRC

  2. 20 hours ago, Skack25 said:

    I really enjoyed season 1.  I wish season 2 kept going with Cora, but there wasn't much more to see after the finale.  I'm not big on shows that have completely different characters season after season (AHS), so no plans to watch season 2.

    I really liked the first episode of S2, though, if it matters. They carried over the same feeling from S1, and jumped right back in tbqh.

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Porn Shop Clerk said:

    I really can't push either of those shows enough.  Happy! is hyper violent and wacky, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets American Psycho.

    I watched several episodes of Happy! a while back, and I need to finish it. It was really good from what I saw.

    The only thing I think we've watched lately on SyFy is Face Off, because we've watched every season. I did hear that they've cancelled it too, though. lol.

  4. I've tried to watch the Wire on three separate occasions now.

    On the third try, I made it halfway through the third episode of the first season.

    In the previous two attempts, I dozed off in the first two episodes.

    I just can't get into it all that much. Same with the Sopranos. I think I at least made it through the first season of that, but kept falling asleep in S2.

    GoT is probably my #1. Breaking Bad is #2. HBO rival to The Wire and GoT, The Leftovers, is probably #3. Fargo is #4.

    I just can't/couldn't get into The Wire. Sorry, bud.

  5. 5 hours ago, Still Brooklyn said:

    Yeah, no ...

    There are racist skinheads and non-racist skinheads. Get your facts together before you speak on things you have no idea about.

    Ever since the early 90's, I don't know that I've ever seen a skinhead on the scene that wasn't of the racist variety.

    Maybe you predate me on the scene, but w/e. It's still pretty dumb to adopt the culture of something that transformed into a pretty racist organization over the years IMHO.

    I'll backtrack my earlier comments, because I obviously misread it as you hanging out with the racist variety, since I've seen no other variety in person at the events/scene you seemed to be referencing.

    My bad.

  6. On 7/26/2018 at 10:23 PM, Still Brooklyn said:

    Oh there's no denying that the skinhead movement in the UK had racist beliefs from day one (mostly over immigrants), but they were miles away from the White Power stuff these days.

    I used to be big into the NC punk scene during my 18 years there. I hung out with a skinhead crew once in Chapel Hill ... the CHBC (Chapel Hill Boot Crew, lol). Pretty decent guys.

    Yeah, no...

    I'm pretty sure some of the guys I know that pretty much ran the punk scene in NC probably beat the crap out of those "pretty decent guys" if they ever showed up at one of their shows. In fact, I've heard stories of them actively seeking out skinheads at shows and letting them have it.

    TBQH those types, nowadays anyway, usually show up looking for trouble. Same with MAGA hat wearers.