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  1. sigh...

    better than anything else you’ve done, imho, but I can’t encourage this nonsense...

    how you gonna write a song from a persecuted football player’s perspective when, in the past IIRC, you’ve argued against players speaking for themselves by kneeling during the anthem?

    that’s really where your problems start tbqh... you’re rapping about things of which “you ain’t ‘bout that life”

    maybe just record a version of Green Eggs and Ham or something since that’s more your flow and since you like sticking to vicarious subject matter... you could even edge-lord it up like you like to do and call it “Green Eggs and H.A.M.”


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  2. In the NFL, it is about constantly adapting.

    For years now, the league has been a passing league, predominantly. That is because good defenses, like ours, focus on controlling the field in front of them and, in turn, keying on containing the run game.

    This season, we're seeing some transition back towards ball control offense and stout defensive squads that are well rounded from front to back.

    Pats - they were/are always this way. They are the standard that nobody else can really seem to figure out still. Ball control. Run when you want. Pass when you have to. Do both well. On defense, it is as simple as "do your job" and it applies to whomever they are plugging and playing at the time. Their defensive line, at the beginning of the season, was scrambling to find capable DEs to get on the field and help withe pass rush to take the pressure of their safeties and CBs.

    Jags - I said a season or two ago that they were building one of the best DB squads in the league. They are young too. You won't pass effectively on them, but just in case you do, they've got a capable offense now with at least three WRs better than the Panthers have at all, and a power running back with a more than capable complimentary back to answer. Jacksonville even uses the FB/HBack position more than a lot of teams are using now. Bortles is actually just adequate, and is currently doing a good Jake Delhomme impression of doing what his offense is designed to allow him to do.

    Vikes - Keenum is another Jake Delhomme scenario. He is playing great, yes. But he has two of the best WRs in the league in Thielen and Diggs (Smitty and Moose, anyone?) and a great TE stable to work with. His line is not great, but they are adequate. His run game took a hit early in the season loosing Cook, the rookie, but they've adapted well with Murray/Mckinnon. They are very good defensively, especially in the secondary. They are good on ST as well. They basically have a bunch of lunch pail guys, like the Patriots, out there doing their jobs.

    Philly - This is actually worse than a Jake Delhomme scenario. Foles will do just enough to let his run game and defense do the work. I don't think they'll beat the Vikings but, again, similar formula. Run the ball, throw to your good WRs and TE, and let your defense wear down/control the opposition.

    It really isn't that hard.

    Yes, Brady is the only elite QB of the bunch, but his entire career has been made of what these other teams are catching up to. Play to your strengths, control the ball and clock, and trust your QB to make the throws when you need them the most.

    No, you don't need an elite QB. You need people to do their jobs. It starts with the head coach, the coordinators and then the players. If you execute a well designed gameplan, the odds are always in your favor. That is how you win games, especially big/end-of-season games. By that time, you're a well oiled machine.

    The Panthers fail at this because we're trying to force players into roles they don't fit in. From Cam to CMC to Funchess to any speedy WR we've tried to field not named Ted Ginn. We're also too loyal to players past their prime (I would have rathered Charles Johnson be gone years ago,) we don't give our young guys fair shots, and our schemes are poorly designed. The successes we have had have actually been because of raw talent, not lack thereof.

    Until we adapt and get ahead/back into the curve, we'll continue to be on a roller coaster.


  3. 1 minute ago, Davidson Deac II said:

    I don't really care that much about bitcoin, one way or the other.  But there is one thing that I find interesting about some of bitcoins most ardent supporters.  Some of them tend to be the same people who dislike the dollar being off the gold standard, because its not backed by anything.  If you feel that way, then what is bitcoin backed by?


    Like most other investment items such as gold, silver, etc..., its only worth what people think its worth.  

    I've long argued against the values of gold and silver as investments, but even I have warmed to both always having at least some intrinsic value based on technology needs alone. I'm not going to go out and buy gold at $1,300+ an ounce, though, and I don't currently have any silver outside of a couple hundred dollars in junk silver coins I already had on hand. Silver is going to be climbing soon, I think, so now (or a couple weeks ago) would have been a good time to get in.

    That said, there's no way I would invest in a speculative currency (or even precious metals) over tangible assets. Will people make money this way? Sure, for a while.

    But, I still say if you're just as much of a doomsayer as I am, then you'd be better off investing in brass and lead in the long run, and stocking up on trivial things like toilet paper, matches, and alcohol, even if you are like me and don't drink a drop.

    Basically, cryptocurrency, in my opinion, is just a modernized version of a get rich scheme that nobody has really caught onto yet and, when they do, the bubble is going to burst.


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  4. 8 hours ago, frash.exe said:

    took one a few years back. i knew where my family was from as far as ethnicity was concerned, but i was looking for more detailed information as to exactly where and if these ancestors had records.

    so it turned out that i had a third cousin who also took the 23andme test that i matched with. i never met her, but she ended up being my great grandfather’s sister’s granddaughter. she told me a lot about her grandmother’s background and sent me a bunch of pics including the one my great grandfather grew up in and a picture of her grandmother with my great grandmother. oddly enough, i look a lot like my great grandmother. same eyes and lips lol. it’s freaky but awesome at the same time.

    she also told me what village he was from and from there i kept doing research. it ended up being razed during world war II and it was rebuilt afterward. there’s a church with a memorial on the wall with all these names on it of civilians and soldiers that died in WWII and a lot of them have my last name. there’s also another memorial for residents who were lost during WWI, but that one takes up a lot less space. overall the information about that village is the most intriguing and i hope to visit it someday, but it’s kind of off the beaten path and not a destination attraction, so i’m going to have to figure out how i’m going to get around.

    then i got an ancestry membership for a short while and started looking at documented records of some of my ancestors. the men were bricklayers, carpenters, tailors, and the women went to work as seamtresses or cigar makers on an assembly line if they weren’t casalingas (homemakers).

    it’s my belief that ancestry is something that everybody should look into to get a better grasp of their family’s history and some of the history of the united states and wherever other country they are from. i mean one of my great great grandparents couldn’t read or write and here i am with a university degree 100 years later bc she decided to come over here.

    My family is pretty big on genealogy. I know where I come from to an extent (Pre-American Revolution, even,) but I think it'd be cool to still do one of the kits for myself too.

    My 5th generation grandfather (great-great-great-great-great) was a German immigrant and early settler in Philadelphia that served directly under George Washington and crossed the Delaware with him as one of his head war-surgeons/doctors. He helped start the whole smallpox vaccination thing and, among other things, discovered/invented the first uses of cottonseed oil. His grandson was actually one of twelve people permitted at Abraham Lincoln's bedside when he died, after he served in Lincoln's cabinet.

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  5. Anyone had any experience with the commercial DNA test kits like 23andMe, MyHeritageDNA, and Ancestry?

    I've always been a little wary of them for security reasons, but I'm looking into getting one for someone as a gift and wanted to get others' opinions of them if they have any.


  6. On 1/4/2018 at 9:40 AM, Porn Shop Clerk said:


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    looks like Rick Grimes will be put on trial (along with everyone else) by the Commonwealth for the crimes they've committed in the new arc.


    I just finally remembered to read it yesterday. I'm not sure I'm trusting the Commonwealth at this point, and I'm not sure what to think about the Michonne twist.

    Overall, though, I think this could be a fresh new arc that could draw me back in.

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  7. Obviously I'm still reeling from last night, and now reading the thread this morning about Shula getting an extension too... But...

    If I were Cam, I'd want to be traded. It is clear that they aren't going to protect him, or give him any weapons in the passing game, or call a game the way it should be called (aka keeping the other team on their toes.)

    I have no idea why we extended Stewart last offseason other than outright loyalty. We haven't used him much this year and our running game is totally unimaginative and bland. Teams stack the box when he's in the game so rather than adapt we just pull him out. L O EFFING L. I like Stew and all that, but why have him here if we are going to force CMC into the backfield?

    Our route designs are unimaginative. I think I saw two decent route calls last night. One to Olsen on the TD and one to CMC on his long gain. Other than that, it is bland bland bland. We need to exploit other team's zones like ours get exploited... and on that note...

    Our defense still plays that soft ass goddamn weak cover 2 bullshit that teams exploit all day long, and our safeties and CB2 and Nickel are just straight up trash because of it.

    Luke can't do it all by himself and neither can Cam.

    I was a little bummed about Rivera's extension and now the news about Shula is just outright depressing.

    If new ownership doesn't come in and make some major changes to our culture and how we operate (not being overly loyal to players who have fading talent, sub-par coaching, etc. etc. etc.) then I don't know how much longer I can even keep watching.

    Sorry for the rant, but I felt this was a good place for the vent.