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  1. Bronn added a post in a topic I Like This Guy,   

    People supporting Ben Carson only do so, IMHO, for the following reasons (or a combination thereof):

    1. They don't want to get on the perceived Trump train to crazy town or be seen as a part of it at all, when, in reality, they love the ideas and things that Trump says.
    2. He's black, and a Republican. That's the eternal race card ante. "Hey man I'm not racist! I voted for Dr. Ben Carson!"
    3. They are religious zealots who applaud Carson's statements about religious tolerance for what they really are, in my opinion, which is veiled "I'm good with all religion, so long as they don't step on Christian values" defensive sentiment.
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  2. Bronn added a post in a topic -Game of Thrones-HBO-   

    This guy has been cast in S6... Speculation is that he's our Euron...

    Pilou Asbaek

    I could see him as Euron...
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  3. Bronn added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

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  4. Bronn added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

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  5. Bronn added a post in a topic Ashley Madison scam: only 12000 of 5.5 million female profiles were real   

    8756 of those women had elbows that were too pointy...
    Surprisingly, only 7 listed "forehead kisses" as an enjoyable activity...
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  6. Bronn added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    "Panther" only gets more awesome en Espanol...
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  7. Bronn added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    Well, first off, nobody knows anything about where Howland Reed has been this whole time, and the only evidence we have that he even exists is history and him sending his "kids" to aid Bran.
    With he and Ned being such good friends in the past, one would think that he'd have done something to aid in the North's cause during the War of Five Kings, or anything at all to show up other than sending the aforementioned kids.
    There are lots of theories about Howland Reed that I have read over the years... ranging from him being a warg, a greenseer himself, Jojen being Howland, etc. etc. etc. But the one that makes the most sense to me, if you pair the books with the show, is that the High Sparrow that kind of mysteriously waltzes into Kings Landing and takes some control back is none other than the Crannogman himself.

    That link was a year ago, but some of the points they hit on were ones I was picking up on and hinting at when I made that post in 2012.

    If Howland = High Sparrow/Septon, then he alone could attest to the legitimacy of Jon's (or Meera's, if she is a twin) claim and parentage, should they ever find their way to King's Landing...
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  8. Bronn added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    I could see it happening... Ned was warden of the North and not too far removed from being in consideration for the Iron Throne himself... He knew that the minute potential existed for Jon to have a legitimate claim to the throne should something ever happen to Robert, given his royal blood by way of the Targaryens before Baratheon rule, and his Stark blood and the historical implications of it.

    Ned had three sons already to carry on any legacies he might have, but he saw the potential for needing access to an ace up his sleeve should something happen to Robb, Bran, or Rickon. Look at what happened to Ned's brother and father at the hands of the previous king. Wars always happened. People always fought over the throne. They knew what lurked in the north, above the wall. He needed a fallback plan to keep order and honor in the North.

    I think he took Jon for the exact reasons you think he didn't. He knew how the world was, and felt it better to raise Jon as his own, and teach him about honor and ruling alongside your people instead of over them. Think about how Jon acts at the wall, becoming LC and all that. How many times have we seen him turn down things that would benefit only him over his black brethren? Howland couldn't have those kinds of lessons to teach out in the swamps...
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  9. Bronn added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN! I was on to this years ago!

    Okay, maybe not the whole Jojen being Howland part... but...

    I'm really starting to think the High Sparrow is Howland.
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  10. Bronn added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    I really liked it. I don't have too much commentary to add yet.
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  11. Bronn added a post in a topic I Am Watching Breaking Bad, Finally...   

    Saying Sons of Anarchy is bad makes you look like a whiny baby. Not only is it a great show (we only have 5 episodes left) but most people who appreciate the best shows (BB, GoT) also enjoy it.
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  12. Bronn added a post in a topic Another cord cutting thread... Advice plz...   

    I think the route we are going to take is this:

    Get TWC to give us internet for $50 or less a month... Apparently we were already paying for 15Mbps speed and didn't know it...
    Sling has a deal now where you pay for 3 months of service and get a Roku 3 for $49.99... We'll shell out the 109.99 that that will be up front and use the Roku for the living room...

    I'll move the PS3 to the bedroom for Netflix, etc since we don't watch much TV in there anyway.
    We'll start with an indoor HD antenna for the living room and see what kind of reception we get. I won't need a converter box because that TV has a built in tuner.
    Basically, I'll be spending around $200 up front ($50 internet, $60 for 3 months of Sling, $49.99 for the Roku 3, @$40 for an HD antenna) for the first month... Add $50 each month for the next two months for internet, and I come out with $300 for 3 months of service opposed to $450 worth of TWC at our current rate.

    This obviously leaves us no way to record shows.. which we have decided to wait on. Also, it gives us no digital TV in the bedroom which we can do without for a while.

    After the first three months though, I will be looking at a bill of around $79 a month if I keep Sling, Netflix, and TWC internet. That'll be about $70 in savings each month, which translates to $840 a year. With those savings, I can add stuff to Sling if we decide we like it... get a TiVo if I can catch it on a deal again... whatever...
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  13. Bronn added a post in a topic Homer Simpson is a Panthers fan   

    IIRC there is another later scene in that Simpsons episode in which Bart is in a truck full of yarmulkes and is stoked to find one that is a Carolina Panthers yarmulke...
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  14. Bronn added a post in a topic Another cord cutting thread... Advice plz...   

    Thanks for all the advice!

    I'm looking at that TiVo deal, but one site I pulled it up on said it had ended... Your site looks like it is still legit, though...
    I'm not really a fan of the stuff I have read about the Channel Master DVR, especially considering I could possibly get the TiVo for less right now...
    I know this thing is probably an incredibly cheap option, but what do you all think about something like this as a DVR to record a show here and there?
    The only drawback I can see from that is that you have to watch the channel being recorded... But we could set it up to be recording something and watch something on another TV or on Netflix or something while whatever we were recording recorded. But it would also allow me to play shows and movies I download via its USB port... So that is a plus...
    For attic mounted antennas... Do they not have to have line of sight to work effectively? Can you power multiple receivers with it if you get a splitter? Or, does that weaken the signal?
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