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  1. Walking Dead Season 6

    I've been holding out hope for the Negan arc but, quite honestly, they have given us a half season of basically no real substance. I think they totally dropped the ball with the wolves arc, in that they had one real episode and then vanished except for Morgan's hostage. We had a background episode on Morgan that was alright but make me hate his character more and more each time I see him because of his refusal to adapt and see people as threats, and not what "they could be."  I mean, only every freakin' time in this universe that the main characters adapt the position of "we can make this place home, we can restart civilization, we can thrive, someone else comes and fugs that idea up. You would think they would adapt now instead of continuing down the same path over and over. How many Governors or wolves or Negans do they need to encounter before they change? TBQH I don't read the comics as soon as they come out for the similar reasons. I mean, it is a dystopian world that they are constantly trying to make utopia. I guess that is the story we are supposed to see through Rick, etc. in their struggles with it but, man, I just get burnt out. I guess they need to have a threat other than the zombies at all times to keep it interesting, but it just seems like the characters (especially on the show) waste time and effort on emotional bullshit. That rant over, I agree it is still probably one of the best shows on TV, and I will still watch for lack of better things to do. But they need to shape up or people, like me, will start jumping off the wagon pretty fast.
  2. Walking Dead Season 6

    has there been a more worthless character, that is supposedly a somewhat main character, than Heath this season? Wasn't he only in like 2-3 episodes? Also, how does the group help Tobin up, but somehow we never see Tobin again? I hated the cliffhanger of "mom"... I wish they'd grow a pair and leave people wondering the fate of a certain character for 6 months after they suffered a seemingly grave injury... That said, there were a couple things I thought were good this episode. I have to admit, when Carl put Judith under his gore poncho, I thought "oh hell yeah, 2 for one here we come!!!!" so they got me there... Also, I liked the Maggie/balloon scene... it was pretty intense, and then having her look up at the balloons was good... Overall, though, I am starting to agree more and more that this half of the season was pretty terrible overall... I mean, Rick just gets done telling Deanna he isn't going to leave her alone in the room with the baby, and then he rushes off to Jessie's call for help and totally forgets about it again for a bit? lol Carol and Morgan's fight was totally meh, and honestly I am tired of Carol getting this supergirl treatment where she's the alpha female in certain situations and is unrealistically badass. The Negan teaser was okay. I figure there's gonna be a firefight involving the RPG blowing up the truck or something and they'll wipe out the lot of the biker gang and ride off back to Alexandria on their stolen hogs or some such drivel as that, the way the writing is going so far.
  3. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    We are Panthers fans. We are Legion. If you have a popularity contest, we will win it. Expect us.
  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Official poster for S6... Interesting choice of imagery.
  5. Walking Dead Season 6

    Part of the problem with TWD is that, like GoT and other shows it requires a certain level of suspension of disbelief. In the past, I have been hyper critical of the show. This season, and I don't know if it is just because I have given up or whatever, I haven't been as vocal about the things I dislike. As most have said, bad writing and directing drive a lot of my own criticisms. But when I started letting that go, I actually think I enjoy the show more now. Part of it is that I keep waiting for it to be the comic version of the story. Well, it was obvious a long time ago (with Andrea maybe? Judith? I can't narrow it down to a single moment) that they weren't going to give us the comics on screen.   The whole Glenn situation was handled terribly from our perspective as viewers, but pretty brilliantly from the show's perspective if you think about it. People kept tuning in each week, and keeping TWD's name in their mouth the whole time, hoping for some kind of resolution. It was basically a "Jon Snow" moment for TWD and they knew that going into it. If you think about it hard enough, Glenn and Jon Snow are very similar characters in different universes. I think the midseason finale and the second half of this season is being set up for greatness. I'd be willing to bet we get a pretty healthy body count this next episode, including some second and maybe even first tier characters. I also think we'll get another Jon Snow moment this episode as somewhat of a cliffhanger. Things that have been brewing that I will be looking for this week (most of which should and probably will end in bloodshed): Judith being left in Jessie's house Carol vs. Morgan over the wolf Ron's gun lessons Abraham facing his demons and his renewed likability because of it Daryl's crossbow the RPG Rick and Jessie's tension Sam and Ron being a couple of emos Enid warming to the ideas Glenn is giving her If it were me in charge,the body count this week would include: 3-4 or more seen but not really tip tier Alexandrians (maybe Tobin, Ron, Sam among them) Deanna Jessie Judith (still a useless character and not even a plot device at this point) Morgan (at the hands of the wolf or other wolves, or even Carol) Carl's face lol Basically, I think we are getting a whole episode pretty much about the herd entering the walls. It'll be chaos for a bit, some respite behind closed doors, and then more chaos. Glenn and Enid will make it back. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha will get back and fire off the RPG. Zombie guts wardrobe time. Deanna saves Rick but dies in the process. Jessie loses a hand, her sons, and her life (while Judith is just chilling by herself somewhere? lol). Carl loses an eye. Roll credits. Wait, come back bonus cliffhanger special scene - Jesus. Or The Saviors.
  6. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    I have Dez on my fantasy team, and his ass will be on the bench this week. 3 catches for 36 yards in junk time ain't gonna cut it.
  7. He looks like he has some form of palsy... fwiw
  8. Dear Mr. Hardy Much like the Greyjoy motto Panthers Do Not Sow Out on the praire A predator lurks silent Panthers will maul you     Release the kraken? Go back to Hogwarts and learn Cut the tough guy act
  9. I lost my job yesterday

    Hate to hear you got canned, man. I'm always looking for a better opportunity myself, and I am sure you'll land somewhere better than you were before. Sending positive energy your way!
  10. Oh, crap.

    THE Cole Beasley
  11. Spoiler tags not working?

    Are the spoiler tags not working anymore, or did the format change? I can't get them to work.
  12. Walking Dead Season 6

    Glenn spoilers for the show. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.                                                                                                                                                        
  13. Is star regressing or are injuries to blame?

    tbqh it is hard to distinguish which star shines the brightest in a galaxy full of stars...
  14. Walking Dead Season 6

    When I first heard it, I thought it was Rick tbqh. Who knows, though... I would assume it would have to be someone in their group, as they would have to have had the same radio frequencies, unless they were using plain old citizen bands, which would be pretty stupid for a group trying to somewhat isolate themselves from outside threats. Maybe it was Nicholas, and he and Glenn were okay the whole time (a dream or something? lol)
  15. Bojangles Help

    I agree, but bo rounds have grown on me over the years. I remember the time before bo rounds, when they sold triangular, thick hash brown patties...   I didn't know this until a few years ago, but Bojangles has some different regional options, depending on where the location is and what the manager wants to serve. We used to own a camper near Topsail, and the Bojangles down there served a "Chicken Rice Bowl" which was basically dirty rice, chunks of grilled chicken supremes, cheese, and I think pinto beans all mixed in a bowl. Me personally, I like the plain old sausage biscuit, the cajun filet biscuit, the chicken supremes, the dirty rice, the fries, the bo rounds, the mashed potatoes n' gravy, and the cajun pintos the best. Oh, and bo berry biscuits too.