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  1. Keep on doing what you do best Tampa!
  2. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    Congratulations Josh, you gave up a chance at the ring for money. Wonder if you'll have any regrets down the road.
  3. Denver's Cap Space?

    it doesn't matter they won the super bowl
  4. Panthers ink Boykin

    Awesome. Was really hoping we'd sign him. A++ would gettlemagic again
  5. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Dude.... like dude.. seriously. You just attempted to call out a guy for being grammar police with one of the worst grammatical sentences I've seen in a while. Like it's painful to read. Think about others before you post. Type it out and maybe re-read it? I don't know your age or intelligence but every post you make your stock is plummeting. I'd like to say I understand your point.. but I don't. The whole 'it's just a forum, who cares if I type like a child'.. well we care. It's painful to others. -Signed: Concerned Adult. -P.S. see my cursor jumped and tossed a few letters out of place. I noticed it and corrected to save anyone else from having an aneurysm.
  6. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    Pretty sure someone mentioned the turd horses were 5-0 with Clete officiating their games. Then before the game he's patting broncos on the butts and touching Mannings chest.... Wasn't surprised by how the game went after all that poo.
  7. Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    Pretty clear you have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks for spreading worthless opinions sir.
  8. Shaq's offcially at Wednesday OTAs

    Woop woop* thanks phone and being unable to connect to server to edit.
  9. Hardy's Intent

    Once again, can we get vote to ban as a feature on this site? Sent from my XT1080 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  10. Hardy 911 call

    What the fug did I just read?