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  1. You'd think with all the time he has had without running that his hands have tuned up. Maybe less attempts at body catching this year.
  2. Jameis Winston called and wanted me to ask you if you ate a W? @Panthro
  3. Send blitz... no matter the situation
  4. Mccaffrey said himself he prefers to be a runningback. He said it was the position he has played his whole life and what he is most comfortable doing but he will do what helps the team. After I heard that.. I stopped debating what he would likely be better as.
  5. Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl?
  6. Shoutout to whoever put Seymour back on the field. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it. Matt, stfu.
  7. Cut Munnerlyn

    He was definitely bad that drive. Would like to know what made them put Seymour on the bench this game.
  8. Too excited, too nervous. Let's go!
  9. Welp, defense laid an egg. Offense wasn't as great as usual.
  10. Guess we thought they'd just lay down
  11. Fozzy isn't built to start this game. Yeah if he finds room give it to him.. but I want to see 34 or 35 out there this possession. Fozzy is getting slung like a rag doll at the line
  12. If there offense pulls the same bullshit I hope we play "their" game then. Josh getting hit.. Cortland getting a penalty for being stuck in a headlock... really.