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  1. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Too excited, too nervous. Let's go!
  2. Start Funchess over Philly?

    My problem with Philly.. is that he disappears. Devin has never had that problem. If he has the playbook I'd be all for it. Don't need interceptions because of miscommunication in the playoffs. 
  3. Kevin "Devin" Funchess

    Should be opposite of Ted. 
  4. 9/10 we'll have photographers during the playoffs. Their players can post selfies on instagram during January. 
  5. -0 beat us today

    Kawann played well as well. Seemed like every time a dlineman made the play it was him. 
  6. Norman in the SLOT : Shake it OFF

    I understand Norman gave up some catches but if someone tosses it up like that and Norman is where Kurt of luke was... you'd feel a lot better about the chances of that reception
  7. They played well. Made many close catches.. stopped our offense.. whatever. 
  8. O line lost this game today

    Offense and defense messed up
  9. Should we bench Mike Remmers?

    No. Remmers is the weak point on the OL, but No. If he loses his job it'll be in the offseason. 
  10. Welp, defense laid an egg.  Offense wasn't as great as usual. 
  11. Video Released of Ball and OBJ pre-game

    My mom was more threatening walking toward me with a belt when I was a kid. 
  12. He showed why he should have been active to have reps earlier in the season. Can be an added weapon with more reps

    Eli throws it into the middle of a defensive tackles jersey and it's an incomplete pass. Yeah, I can't imagine where he really meant to send that ball.
  14. Guess we thought they'd just lay down
  15. Fozzy isn't built to start this game. Yeah if he finds room give it to him.. but I want to see 34 or 35 out there this possession. Fozzy is getting slung like a rag doll at the line