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  1. We seriously let teams think they are better than what they are
  2. It's saddening we are typically never a team that can triumph bad times or quarters. It's typically how we start is how we finish..regardless of small successes you can point out in a drive. Hope the D can get a turnover this drive
  3. Watching this team waste talent...
  4. Hope trai is alright. Curt.. thats the type of heart we need on offense.
  5. Playcalling is dumb AF. Do the most predictable thing on a 4th and short play
  6. Samuel may need to do returns on punt as well. Seriously. Can't hurt. Let's go O though
  7. Is our online that bad at run blocking. Should running the ball be this hard when that's supposed to be our identity. "Cardiac cats"?
  8. Our run game is the worst poo I think I've ever seen
  9. We are the most frustrating team to watch. Showcase talent and ineptitude all in record breaking times throughout every game
  10. Discuss.....

    Funchess likely hasnt been keyed in on by defenses nearly the way Julio has and will continue to be. Funchess has played well though
  11. Worley

    He still looks hurt at times. He needs to sit if he can't contribute though
  12. What does our fullback do?

    Keeps the bench warm for our revolving door of running backs
  13. Coward. Fighting isn't the answer but hauling off on a defenseless person is infuriating for me. Hope he gets what he deserves.
  14. 52 Pass Attempts

    Stew being in is damn near the most obvious sign of a run that there can be. Nobody is threatened by him coming out of the backfield as a receiver. Mccaffrey should have been the lead back earlier than later tonight. Should that be the case the rest of the season...TBD
  15. We didn't even try to run the last two plays for a yard. So pissed
  16. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  17. I swear if they let him pick that up I'd have gone crazy
  18. Dis...re...fuggin...spect We have to demand it. That hasn't happened.
  19. When stew is in its almost too obvious it's likely a run
  20. What brings you here? Eagles forum suck? No matter the reason, heres toa good/clean game tonight. With the Panthers taking the W.. but a good, clean game nonetheless. Lol