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  1. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    Really I'm enjoying the season, but this kinda sums up my worries. With that said I'm stoked to be 8-0. Really proud of our Panthers. Kudos gentleman!
  2. Panthers 7-0 PIE

    Happy about win, and 7-0. 
  3. There is a flood in Atlanta right now

    I've lived in both Atlanta and New Orleans. Falcon fans suck, but Saints fans are way worse... They almost jump ship after a loss. God forbid two losses in a row.
  4. Falcons 0-2 in NFC South

    Saints fans will act like they won the superbowl tomarrow. Garbage team, garbage fan base.
  5. The new Spider Man has been chosen

    I'd like to see a good Venom movie. 
  6. No I recently moved back East (Atlanta).

  7. Hey, you lived in Humboldt? Are you still in Cali?

  8. you still looking for help finding the game?