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  1. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

    For the one win season, for the two win season.  For the mediocrity of Fox Ball.  For the Weinke's , the Clausen's, the St. Pierres.  Through it all we KEEP POUNDING.  This is our season.  Savor it.  
  2. For the Cowboy conspiracy theory fans

    That is 100% true. And the disrespect the team is getting is just putting a thousand chips on their shoulders and making them stronger and angrier as the season goes on and I love it. 
  3. Sam Mills up for HOF vote

    You don't go in as a member of a particular team.  Reggie White has the Panthers logo under his name same as the Eagles and Packers. Would love to see Mills in.  My question is when he gets in the HoF (I'm speaking it into existence) who would do his speech for him or have they abolished deceased HoFers having someone do a speech on their behalf or "introducing" them. 
  4. How can I get a Mills jersey?

    Seeing as how his son is on the coaching staff that shouldn't be too hard.  I vaguely remember Mitchell and Ness offering a Mills throwback for us a year or two ago but I just looked and its not there anymore.  
  5. WE ARE 9-0!!!!! Come Get Your PIE!!!!

    We are going to be styling, profiling, and limousine riding straight to 10-0...WHOOOOOO
  6. The Keep Pounding Chant Before TD INT

    I'd like it more too.  Right now it only seems like it's at the beginning of the game and the end in crucial situations (which is the end of every game it seems)
  7. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Looking at this guys campaign website and everything I've read about him and from the interview this morning I don't think that was ever a possibility.  
  8. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Man he sounded like a douche. Security wouldn't let a lady go in yesterday with a plastic bag with some cough drops in it because it was considered "food" and you expect me to believe they let a Packers fan in with a 6ft vinyl banner?  He said he just wanted his grand kids to see him.  Bull poo.  Had the Packers been winning he would have been waving that flag in every Panthers fans face.   Everything he said was just dripping with righteous indignation.  Saying that Cam didn't respect him as a service man,  this wouldn't have happened at other stadiums. Get over yourself dude.  
  9. that's fuging awesome!

  10. I thought so, too. All credit goes to Jase, though. He came up with it today and posted it in this thread: (dunno if you saw it or not cause the board has been crazy today)

  11. That pic in your sig is dope.

  12. I'll send out some emails when I'm back in town, on the way back today.

  13. Whats the story with the online franchise noone seems to be active like i thought. I know i havn't did my second week but i was gonna see if anyone else was gonna do there 2nd week before i even attempted mine.

  14. Oh man your avatar just made me cry with laughter lmao!

  15. I know man, Stanley is the well...the man.