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  1. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    There isn't even a gif for the face I made.
  2. I opened this, and I'm glad that you all share my exact sentiment. The thread title should really say besides #89. If not #89; I may go with Gross, or Davis to have that elite Power Back to pair with McCaffrey. I may go with Norman on Defense, OOOOHHHH.... .....Prime Greg Hardy would make us monstrous on Defense.
  3. We're getting the bye

    "The Katrinas" alone should get this thread deleted.
  4. Packers Upper Level Tix Available

    Well with all of that being said I have had someone willing to buy them. I will emphasize that I did not intend to over-sell them, I can honestly say I believe that I was being more than fair. Yes profit would be made, but definitely not anywhere near comparable to what I saw them going for online. AKA $40-50 each less. I understand the underlying sentiment however. Best to you.
  5. Packers Upper Level Tix Available

    Also just to be fair, I just checked StubHub. The lowest price in 544 is 146.19 in Row 5. At check out they are 180 each.
  6. Packers Upper Level Tix Available

    I won't do all of the back and forth like the other guy. I went to SeatGeek, compared it to the market price and marked mine down $40 in the same area. I am not selling them below face value. For one of the biggest games, with one of the best players of one of the most historic franchises coming into town. If someone would like to give me a fair price that's LOWER THAN but comparable to market I am willing to do that. I couldn't make either this or the Vikings game so I prefer they go to a Panthers fan. If you can't afford tickets, either save up or simply skim past. I'm not sure what trust issues you all have but everyone isn't trying to "rip you off" Be blessed.
  7. Mario and Pep

    I was thinking the same. I know Greg ended up badly, and CJ isn't elite now. But people I can remember watching that line absolutely terrorize on Every.Single.Play. I mean there was absolute pressure on each play. I literally remember wanting to watch us on Defense as much as wanting to watch on Offense...we were that special.
  8. funny thing is I was checking Sites and had it much lower than any of the lowest “great” prices, thought that was fair it is what it is. If someone is interested you can claim your price they’re yours to the Vikings game
  9. Vikings still available for 75 each
  10. I saw someone say if he catches that ball his season ends on a high note. The funny thing is if he catches that ball his season isn't ending at all. The injury only occurred because the defender went diving for the ball.
  11. RE the Fantastic Header:

    It's cool I guess...until you remember that we just lost.
  12. I'm not really sure why you feel the need to come off that way off of a simple question. Genuinely just wanted to know, as people separate the two. But hey it says Wise Ass under your Username so I accept you as you come my friend.