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  1. I saw someone say if he catches that ball his season ends on a high note. The funny thing is if he catches that ball his season isn't ending at all. The injury only occurred because the defender went diving for the ball.
  2. RE the Fantastic Header:

    It's cool I guess...until you remember that we just lost.
  3. I'm not really sure why you feel the need to come off that way off of a simple question. Genuinely just wanted to know, as people separate the two. But hey it says Wise Ass under your Username so I accept you as you come my friend.
  4. As Talents or as all around Panthers?
  5. Now I'm not sure how valid this source is; besides that he's a player and Steve liked the tweet. I hope he's correct though for sure. The greatest Panther to have ever stepped on that field in my opinion; definitely top 3.
  6. When I saw it live I was perfectly fine with it. I figured he didn't want them to have a free shot at him forcing a fumble. Sucks he didn't get some yardage out of it of course.
  7. Bills Tix (2) Sec 543 Row 9

    Person backed out, still available. Will do for $60. Just hoping to sell to a Panthers fan at this point haha.
  8. Have two tickets available, face is $100. Will let them go for $70 a piece. PM if interested.
  9. Super Bowl LIII - Atlanta edition

    I wondered who would say it looked like something...
  10. I used to care about this sort of thing when I was 15... OH NO WE'RE PLAYING ______ HE KNOWS THE SECRETS! Now who cares, everyone is a former coach or player for a team. It means a lot, but ultimately it means nothing. As they used to say about MJ....he'd tell me exactly what he was going to do and where he was going, and just come down the court and do it.
  11. Caption This Practice Pic

    lol I was thinking that looked a lot like 22 on the jersey
  12. I get that, he's only going to get better. He's already shown me quite a few times that he can hit the hole at JUST the right moment. Your point is true, I don't expect him to see every single sliver that opens. With that being said.... If it's there in the press box, it's there on the field. That's why these guys get paid millions.
  13. Literally watched the play about 7 times just now thinking the same thing. And CMC is the player with the vision, and agility that even in such a small window can make it happen. He hits that hole behind Olsen, as Byrd is doing a great job on his assignment...it's probably going for 20 at least. * I take it back there is another DB behind Byrds guy. But still about an extra 6/7 yds.
  14. SAMUEL IS THE NEXT STEVE SMITH I CALL IT NOW! just kidding....i hope I'm not kidding.
  15. Watching that GIF makes me wonder what would've happened had he dumped it to CMC at the last minute!