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  1. Chosen already flingin' the rock

    I know that we're kind of joking here....but is that not insane that he's already throwing one handed with that form? (Yes I realize he's an MVP QB's son lol)
  2. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    There isn't even a gif for the face I made.
  3. I opened this, and I'm glad that you all share my exact sentiment. The thread title should really say besides #89. If not #89; I may go with Gross, or Davis to have that elite Power Back to pair with McCaffrey. I may go with Norman on Defense, OOOOHHHH.... .....Prime Greg Hardy would make us monstrous on Defense.
  4. We're getting the bye

    "The Katrinas" alone should get this thread deleted.
  5. One Carolina

    Wait did Ohio State do one of these? Link anyone?
  6. One Carolina

    I LOVE IT, It's always beautiful to see unity! Especially when it surrounds Panther Football!
  7. Inbox me if you still need tickets!

  8. How much are you asking for your tickets to GB?

  9. I am interested.  Where you located and what is price?

  10. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    Ha I used to feel the same way but as my guys in the league joke "this is a business." I hate Ryan as a player and hope to see him fail just as the next guy, but when he's the best guy on the board and I've got money tied into it...Well Also it does help at least ease the pain of his TD's somewhat. (I'd still rather him throw an INT though)
  11. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    You know what thank you for reminding me (not sarcasm), because watching these guys move the ball like they are today (and have been this preseason) it's not looking like the same squad as last year.
  12. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    I was just telling someone today, you can't name anyone besides Muhsin that has been a valid #2. *That's not a tight end.