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  1. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic What we saw yesterday is our blueprint.... its our DNA   

    Exactly I was explaining to someone that our offense and record will largely depend on our running game.  I also stated it will be ugly at times. Because what sucks about a run based offense is it's literally like chopping a tree. You get 1 yard, 4 yards, 2 yards and then after wearing the team down you hope to start breaking big gains. When it works it's beautiful, when it doesn't....
    SMH I agree with this in many ways, I guess we built a great defense in exchange though.  I often tell my Falcons friends that if you gave Cam,   Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry D (at the time.) along with a serviceable RB he would be literally unstoppable.  Luckily they got a taste of what we dealt with when they had bad O Line issues last year, so they finally knew what Cam dealt with. Before that they said stupid things like "a great QB can sense pressure and step up."

    * Also I was thinking literally this morning I wonder if Steve ever regrets not getting out of Carolina earlier. Clearly he didn't want to go, but looking back on it after winning with the Ravens and seeing Lafell get a ring I only wonder.
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  2. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Jeez....I forgot about the guy lol, and before the game I wanted to see big things.  Shows you how good performance can cause short term memory.
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  3. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Funchess Playing Tonight   

    Most of the absolutely cemented starters or starters with even a hint of injury don't play.  You'll always have a few outliers here and there.
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  4. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Funchess Playing Tonight   

    Prayers Up!
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  5. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    Exactly, it really sucks because this offense went from being a legitimate potential threat to a flat out dud with the injury of KB.
    It doesn't help adding in Brown's hands and Funchess' hamstring.
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  6. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Scary video. Also Panther related.   

    I literally checked to see if you were PanthersUnited.
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  7. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Hope for the season!   

    Yeah I've been watching the Falcons situation very closely lately (esp. after KB's injury) and it's good to see that they are showing a weakness.  Their offense was putting on a killing previously.
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  8. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Good lord....   

    He's the most successful player of this generation. I can't say I'm too surprised.
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  9. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Boykin these past two games has reminded me of Delhomme and Smith.

    By that I soon as he's in you can see that the QB's favorite him, and clearly for good reason.  I really hope that he makes this team and we give him a shot.
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  10. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Can we once and for all retire the name "Philly"?   

    To be honest it's not that big of a deal. I've even asked people that have spoken to him  directly about it and he's told them himself  "Man it's not a big thing Corey or Philly. The media just kind of spun it out of proportion."

    This is evidenced by his IG and Twitter handle.

    *Also I saw some of the same people advocating for Philly to cease, calling Ndamukong Suh "Donkey Kong." So I don't even care about PC when those types of hypocrites exist on this board.
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  11. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic So, Rivera REALLY REALLY loves his vets, or just hates Wegher   

    Honestly after the legend of Taye preseason superstar thrills me :(
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  12. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic We are better than last year.   

    Honestly I mainly say that with not much transaction evidence.  Just if I had to bet my check on teams being as bad as last year it just doesn't seem possible. I've never seen the south have a year like last.

    I think and they've shown it in the preseason that the Falcons will be the main competition. Their defense has gotten better from what I've heard, and they had the biggest steals draft wise.

    Tampa has potential for an amazing offense with a pretty decent defense.

    Saints have Brees...period. 

    Of course I hope you're right but I see a bit more competition. (Technically you still made my point as your predicted records aren't as weak as they were last year.)
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  13. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Dolphins at Panthers   

    lol at some of the critiques.

    Can you make it so that it reads my mind and takes me to the images that I'd like to see?

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  14. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic Is Star a Two-Contract Player for Carolina?   

    Assuming this foot isn't a lingering problem... definitely.
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  15. PantherBoy95 added a post in a topic NFCS roundup after week two   

    LOL "Matt Ryan played OK" exactly.......

    If you call 3 TD's in 3 Drives with about 4 incompletions total between all three "OK"
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