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  1. Conan O'Brien: JNo24 vs Von Miller in DOOM!!!

    After watching it last year I was pretty disappointed as far as humor. Josh is a clown in interviews so I definitely thought he'd take advantage, seemed shy.  Marshawn made it hilarious though.
  2. Heads up: White Olsen Jersey Finally Available!

    *Which I actually think looks very clean and nice, but I'd be paranoid people think I'm wearing a fake haha
  3. Heads up: White Olsen Jersey Finally Available!

    You all aren't even noticing the key difference....the collar is white.
  4. One Carolina

    Wait did Ohio State do one of these? Link anyone?
  5. One Carolina

    I LOVE IT, It's always beautiful to see unity! Especially when it surrounds Panther Football!
  6. HUGE Dilemma!!!

    Nvm, I thought he made a prediction.....take it down, flush it and take away all of his video games I say.
  7. HUGE Dilemma!!!

    Can't see it, but I can only assume....and I say LEAVE IT UP. He KNOWS.
  8. Commercial flights cancelled for tomorrow as well!

    Haha of course your case is completely different my man. But 3 other pages say otherwise
  9. Commercial flights cancelled for tomorrow as well!

    I don't like people talking about hoping it gets cancelled, it sounds like they have fear... Which should not be the case.
  10. Message me if interested. I'll likely be staying out of the thread otherwise. If the thread title doesn't say sold they are still available. Will exchange in person. Enjoy the game, and be loud!
  11. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    Yeah pissed me off when I heard it. I could understand the Cardinals calling the Seahawks but the other way around?
  12. Pep Rally Whose Going?

  13. The tickets have been sold, most importantly..... to a Panther fan. #KeepPounding
  14. You my good sir are hilarious,Once again you make a claim based off of nothing.  Literally I hadn't even responded to you. because the last time that I posted you whined and cried like a brat about "scalping" when no price was set, only to turn around today and offer a price above face value.  Which is fine, but I refuse to sell to a hypocrite and brat, which again you have displayed. FWIW I am not setting a price, I do not have a price in mind, I legitimately just want these in the hands of Panther fans at a value that is fair to myself and the purchaser. I hope that you have a blessed day and seek the help that you need. I am not a negative person, and certainly don't care to engage in internet banter, so while you may respond, that's the end of our conversation.  
  15. Message if interested I am willing to give a fan of the Panthers a fair deal, preferably an active huddler. #KeepPounding