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  1. Greg Hardy on the Panthers: "Nameless, Faceless"

    Ha he basically gave the most PC answer you could give and people are still finding disrespect in that. LMAO
  2. 2 Tickets vs Redskins

    Email sent and yes to others they are available if looking
  3. 2 Tickets vs Redskins

    Set available.
  4. Glad you got them to a Panthers fan
  5. Im interested how much?

  6. Will include a parking pass, please PM if interested!
  7. lol Titans and Jaguars are doing all that they can to punish us by delaying the reveal.
  8. The kid that Cam gave his TD ball to...

    I think this tweet needs to gain more traction. Don't mean to use the kid, but with all of the negative/ press period from the sign. It's good to see.  
  9. Devin Funchess.. Turning point or headfake?

    My goodness do I hope that nickname doesn't stick. lol
  10. Luke Kuechly a Saints fan?

    lmao I didn't click anyway. It's been well documented that Luke is/was a Bengals fan.
  11. How much are you asking for your tickets to GB?

  12. Color Rush Unis?

    Can't wait to see these unveiled.
  13. I am interested.  Where you located and what is price?

  14. PM if interested. -Gone