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  1. Contest prize?

    I will take some off your hands
  2. I was at both of the playoff games. I felt like we were louder last week in the first half than this week but I also think the fans did a better job as a whole at being more quiet while Carolina was on offense until a play was over. The stadium was physically rocking in the stands both weeks though.
  3. Oh David, David, David

    Newton has been an idiot for some time this season. This was my favorite...   
  4. I have purchased a ticket. Not sure how to edit the title of the thread. Got two of them off of stubhub for a total of 380 bucks.
  5. I don't understand the issue with him doing that. Before the game it was announced that "12" and all the flags or banners with 12 on it were banned if they were larger than 2 feet by 2 feet. So the fact that one made it in despite rules shows a lack of class by that Hawk fan who brought it in.  2ft by 2ft banners and flags were banned.  Also, PED-use is really classy. The Seahawks lead the league in that for a while.  The Hawks were fined and stripped of practice days due to violating league rules around practices and OTAs. Your classiest player, Lynch, not only continually refuses to use his platform with the media to be a positive influence, but he also chooses to grab his dick, a lot. But this couldn't be worse than dancin' and dabbin', amirite?!! Lastly, lets not forget that it was a Seahawk fan that was waving the damn thing right in his face as he was running towards the tunnel.   
  6. 2 NFCC game tickets wanted

    How much were the Ticketmaster fees and taxes? I am looking at snagging a pair online right now but I want to know close to what extra fees there are before I bust out the old credit card.
  7. NFC Championship tickets on sale- tonigh 7pm

    Thanks for the heads up, I let the page refresh on the initial posting at 7 pm and was in line for 7 minutes and then all pairs of tickets were sold out. I will check out the exchange.
  8. I don't care where the seats are I have the day off and want to go. Let me know if anyone has any available but ideally it would be a set of two together so I can bring a friend.
  9. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    At the end of the day, yards are cool, but the job of the offense is to move the chains and score.  Cam ended with 45 touchdowns to Wilson's 35 touchdowns. Cam wins. When you combine total yards and first downs, Wilson  has 4594 yards between running, passing, and receiving. Cam has 4500. So the 94 total yards difference is negligible, but those 10 total scores are not. Wilson has more yards, but Cam ended up creating more first downs than Wilson, 25 more first downs to be exact. Cam wins. Cam is raising his own child, Wilson has to raise Future's. /endthread EDIT: 94 more yards for the whole season results in 5.875 more yards a game. Not even 6 yards a game.
  10. It seems like Cam has been given so much freedom in our offense this year and 9 times out of 10 when he audibles it works out in our favor. Nobody talked about it during or after the game in my section but does anyone have the game DVR'd that can confirm? I believe he audible called the TD where Ginn was able to basically walk into the end zone. Was looking for the video of it but I can't find it.
  11. For those saying we don't get respect...

    We don't get respect though, especially Cam. Read the comments. I was being nice when using stats to compare Wilson and Cam and the response I got was:   " U R About The Most Uneducated dipshit Homer I've Ever heard. Check the facts again , if ur talking numbers Wilson's are lights out th ed only other qb that has numbers comparable is palmer. Cam is white hot on gire. And having his best season ever love the gut but numbers never lie...Read a book buddy... "
  12. The Panthers defensive MVP is up for grabs between Short and Davis.
  13. Richard Sherman's 4 Ways to Improve Officiating

    In other sports, like Basketball, Baseball, and even Hockey, the referees and umpires will tell a player what they did wrong or if the ball was too high or low, or if they didn't set their feet in time for a pick play. I don't understand why its a big deal to you to have an NFL referee tell a player that where his hand was made the WR turn his hips or something which is why the flag was thrown. You want the player who just got a penalty to forget about the play for illegal use of his hands to ignore it and do it again because he wasn't told what the issue was to begin with? And after two or three times of calling this player for this penalty with no explanation this means the ref would have effectively made it so that the QB can target this guy the rest of the game because he will be scared to get close to the WR. The ref shouldn't have this big of an impact on the game. Communication can be quick and easy and there is no need to basically tell a player piss off I don't have to explain to you in three seconds what I flagged you for.
  14. Expect 60 Point Games Next Year

    Look at the trends, 1989, 2000, 2011, obviously the next team to score 60+ will be in 2022.
  15. You could make the argument for TD, Norman, or KK. Luke should not win it. We were fine in the games he missed. The other people suggested? Mack? Is Mack like Greg Hardy? Is he a guy that is white hot or is he really great? In his last 3 games he has 9 sacks. First 10 games he had just 5 sacks. Also, all those sacks and he has only forced one fumble, and recovered none. These aren't MVP stats. When you compare his rushing to Watt when Watt won DPOY he also had interceptions and over 10 passes defensed. Watt hasn't done that this season, and neither has Mack.     TD: 88 Tackles, 5.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, recovered 1, 3 INT, 5 passes defensed! Luke has 1 more INT, 3 more passes defensed and then TD has him beat in all other stats. TD has done everything, even when Luke was down. He won't win it though as it will go to somebody due to name recognition.