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  1. Other than Seymour I don't think the defense was terrible. Looking around at the rest of the league it seemed like almost any QB, backups included had their way with defenses in week 1. The few bad performances were in the minority this week.
  2. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Any particular rusher you are looking at in that class next year?
  3. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    To be fair, going into last night I was back and forth on if I preferred Ridley or Moore better but Steve Smith having something nice to say about our WR corps for once changed my opinion to lean towards Moore.
  4. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Thanks for caring enough to quote and comment baby girl <3 @RumHam
  5. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Good point on Kamara. He's the type of talent and had the production that if he would have cost even more, it would have been worth it. He has been that amazing.
  6. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Just to point out where you skipped, this is what I posted in the initial analysis: This was a questionable pick at that slot regardless but when you factor in they swapped this year's first rounders, gave up a 5th this season and gave up the first round pick next season it really makes you scratch your head. Sorry for wording it where it was confusing for you.
  7. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    When did I say the Saints gave up this years second rounder in this trade? You are annoyed at my general analysis which I get because its not in favor of your team but I never said you gave up a second round pick for him this year. I was pointing out the fact that you have no second rounder this year and no first rounder next year now. This kid is the first and second this year now for you and your first next year, barring other trades.
  8. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Just because he was the next best doesn't mean he was the right pick at that slot for that cost. You need this kid to become all pro to justify being your first and second round pick this year and also your first round pick next year. You almost lost to the Panthers in the playoffs by giving up 350 yards passing to Cam Newton despite something like 5 or 6 sacks. You lost to Case Keenum the next week again giving up over 300 yards passing. You could have given up way less to get secondary help. Also, I am not saying the kid won't be a good pick, but for the cost of getting him on a team that was already top ten in sacks it is hard to justify the cost. You guys were 5th worst in the NFL in rushing yards per carry at 4.4. This isn't a pick that helps that.
  9. Varking

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    This is my personal analysis that makes me feel better about our draft compared to the other teams in our division.
  10. New Orleans Saints: 11 Wins to 5 Losses Drafted: Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio Helps: New Orleans finished with 42 sacks last season which was tied for 7th in the NFL. My Analysis: This was a questionable pick at that slot regardless but when you factor in they swapped this year's first rounders, gave up a 5th this season and gave up the first round pick next season it really makes you scratch your head. Is he a finished product? Is he that much better than the other DT/DEs in the draft? You could make the argument they gave up a ton for a guy who is marginally better than another pass rusher like Rasheem Green. Davenport last season playing against nobody finished with 8.5 sacks where Green played much better competition and finished with 10. The two can be swapped out and I feel this pick was quite the reach. Carolina Panthers: 11 Wins to 5 Losses Drafted: D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland Helps: The Carolina Panthers finished 28th out of 32 teams in Passing Yards in last season. My Analysis: The Panthers got the best available player at a huge position of need. This was a slam dunk pick. Even if they went with Ridley it would have been an outstanding pick but Moore flashed more as a younger, stronger, faster WR with a selection of even less talented QBs throwing to him. The idea of Moore as the 1, Funchess as the 2, either of their speed guys as the slot, Olsen at Tight End and CMC catching out of the backfield after a year of exposure to NFL speed should see the Panthers jump to the top half of the league in passing next season if Cam can remain upright. Atlanta Falcons: 10 Wins to 6 Losses Drafted: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama Helps: Atlanta finished 8th in Passing Yards last season. They were 5th in Yards Per Attempt. My Analysis: I don't understand the pick here. Atlanta performed well on offense and they were a top ten passing offense in the NFL. Not only that but they have one of the top three WRs in the NFL in Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu proved to be a reliable #2 who ended up scoring their most receiving touchdowns even over Julio Jones. They also had two young WRs emerging in the slot in Taylor Gabriel and they like Justin Hardy. They got the best WR on the board at this point at the end of the first round but they could have gone other ways to really help themselves out. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5 Wins to 11 Losses Drafted: Vita Vea, DT, Washington Helps: Tampa Bay was enigmatic on defense last year. They gave up more yards than any other team in the NFL and were one of the worst teams giving up 7.8 YPA, but they were tied with both Atlanta and New Orleans by giving up just 22 touchdowns during the season. That was tied for 12th and was only one more touchdown given up than the Rams as a comparison. The belief is that Vita Vea will help open up the line for others to get sacks because they were the worst team in the NFL with just 22 sacks last season. The next worst was the Colts with 25. My Analysis: Stud pick and they got two additional second-round picks by moving back in the draft with the Bills to get them more help. He should help their line get pressure on the QB but I am not sold on it since he himself had his production drop from his Sophmore to Junior year. Last year he got 3.5 sacks, 0 forced fumbles and only 5.5 tackles for a loss. A guy his size in the Pac 12 should have been able to smother the backfield. The Carolina Panthers looks like they got the most help for their team on day one of the draft. We have one pick in the second round at the same slot as our first and in the third, we have two picks. Tampa Bay finished the day second when it comes to round one improvement but they look to dominate day two of the draft with the additional picks they got from their round one trade giving them three second-round picks. Atlanta finishes third for day one and they sit tight like the Panthers on day 2 while also having one pick in the third. The Saints got the least bang for their buck during round one and do not have a second-round pick. They will pick again at the end of the third round.
  11. Varking

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    At the end of the day, yards are cool, but the job of the offense is to move the chains and score. Cam ended with 45 touchdowns to Wilson's 35 touchdowns. Cam wins. When you combine total yards and first downs, Wilson has 4594 yards between running, passing, and receiving. Cam has 4500. So the 94 total yards difference is negligible, but those 10 total scores are not. Wilson has more yards, but Cam ended up creating more first downs than Wilson, 25 more first downs to be exact. Cam wins. Cam is raising his own child, Wilson has to raise Future's. /endthread EDIT: 94 more yards for the whole season results in 5.875 more yards a game. Not even 6 yards a game.
  12. The Panthers defensive MVP is up for grabs between Short and Davis.
  13. I hope he turns out to be a better pro than college player. Looking at his splits its pretty abysmal. Only two 100 yard games last year Only two games with touchdowns. 3 against App State and 1 against Penn State. He had 4 games under 50 yards. 7 games under 75 yards. 2013 stats? Only two 100 yard games that year. Five games with a TD. Lighting up Penn State in an overtime game. 6 games under 50 yards! 10 games under 75 yards. 2 catches for 21 yards in a bowl game. Now, does this mean he will be a bad pro? Not at all. But, it has me a bit concerned, especially giving up our third for a game with no major production in college playing against smaller, slower players than he will play against at this level, especially when as a WR he lit up App State for 3 TDs and basically stunk the bed the rest of the year. What I am hoping for is that the reason for the piss poor statistics was his QB play at Michigan where Devin Gardner and Shane Morris threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Gardner also averaged less than 7 ypa. Cam will be a much better QB than that. I am hoping for 5 TDs, about 40 catches, and 650 yards based on our offence, KB being better than last year and Olsen still being a stud.
  14. And what if the case is dropped and he is no longer considered guilty at all?