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  1. Wait... what?

    Dameyune Craig, anyone?
  2. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Epic comeback starts right now (lucky int, Luke)
  3. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear TD, Hope that arm is ready for SB50! We need you! Love, Carolina fans and teammates
  4. NFC Championship game eve

    After 21 seasons of watching this team both come so close to the top and scraping the very bottom, I am beyond excited for this game. Can't be there, but I will be screaming at the tv as always. Keep pounding!
  5. Official NFCCG Predictions Thread

    Anytime you have the top offenses in the league you expect a high scoring game, so I'm going to predict that it won't be what we expect due to field condition. 23-20 Panthers on a last minute drive by the offense for a Gano fg to win it. 
  6. All this turf talk is nonsense.

    Got so tired of listening to all the excuses for the seabitches during the 1st half that I switched to Mick Mixon on the radio. Which is pretty desperate because Mick kind of sucks but at least he and Eugene favor our team. 
  7. Notes and Memos -Saints 2

    Psst Sean,  I still have some Vicodin if you need it to help you calm down. Love, your old supplier
  8. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    Who remembers when our WR corps consisted of Willie Green and Mark Carrier and our starting RB was Derrick Moore? Feeling old admitting that I remember them from '95...
  9. Notes and Memos - Titans

    Dear Titans, If my celebrations piss you off, keep me out of the end zone. Love, Cam