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  1. Rapoport: Panthers, Short engage in extension talks

    Seems like a great plan to use some of next years money on KK and aim for more team friendly salaries down the road. This would be a win win for the team and him.
  2. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    This guy may be our next steal as an UDFA. He is definitely going to up the competition in camp.
  3. Draft Countdown is probably someone smoking pot in his mom's basement.
  4. Draft thought

    I agree that it is getting harder to make this roster and could see a trade up for the right pass rusher, offensive tackle or defensive back.
  5. Draft thought

    Losing Norman could give the Panthers a 3rd round compensatory pick next year. What are the chances the Panthers deal next years 3rd to move up in the draft this year knowing another 3rd is likely on the way?
  6. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    Our defensive line is weak. Showing late in the game.
  7. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    Need some Norwell news. Anything on the radio?
  8. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    Good thing the Colts suck.
  9. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    What is Norwell's injury?