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  2. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Weakness: Not a CB
  3. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    I was going to post some witty backhanded compliment, but I can't even bring myself to do that with the Falcons. fug the Falcons.
  4. I'll take a rookie QB any day of the week. Dude won't know what's going on for at least a month into the season.
  5. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Meh. Legatron was given 17 after years of loyal service by Jake. Fans put too much stock into numbers.
  6. You can't make some sort of argument based on a chance event like the Draft with what-ifs. Had we not rescinded the tag, random chips might've fallen differently. Or, Gettleman doesn't give a fug, was never going to extend Norman for a ridiculous sum, and was drafting the plumber regardless.
  7. Tom Hackett is really good. (He went to Utah, btw) I would be happy to get an effective punter who can really change the field when called upon.
  8. poo like this is why the Panthers subreddit is starting to look more and more appealing.
  9. The same thing that's gone through his mind for years: "Thank God I have Cam Newton or I wouldn't have a job."
  10. Presser at 3pm

    ^A mini-tornado spun into the room, but couldn't get around the chair near the door. FTFY
  11. Presser at 3pm

    *Three seconds after conference* Butler: "Who was that idea asking questions?" Gettleman: "Which one?" Butler: "The one with the goofy hair and the slides with socks?" Gettleman: "That was Joe Person, Butler, and be careful when you say his name. Word has it, if you say it three times in a row, he'll appear from a hallway and walk in to you while looking at his phone."
  12. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    I would expect us to find someone in the later rounds to be the back-up so that when DA leaves, we'll have an immediate plug in and play guy. I'm thinking Dak Prescott, but if they're considering Braxton Miller a "QB" still... Well, I could easily see us taking Braxton in a heartbeat.
  13. Norman beat Gettleman at poker? You mean the guy who essentially replaced his agent because of what happened? The guy who was begging Gettleman to take him back at a lower cost, even though the paperwork had already been filed? Yeah, that dude didn't beat anyone at poker. The reality is that Norman wasn't ever going to be here long term in the sense that everyone thought. Gman wanted at least one more good season out of him, but then just decided it wasn't worth the headache anymore.
  14. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    'Panthers are a problem'. No way, really? We've only won three NFC South titles in a row, and we just in the Super Bowl.