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  1. Ruff added a post in a topic Bersin 4 targets 4 catches at the half.   

    Please don't let him field any punts, though. 
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  2. Ruff added a post in a topic Goodell & the owners v. Fans   

    I have a feeling this thread has two types of posters in. Those who don't know what a union is or how it operates, and those who hates unions and how they operate. 
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  3. Ruff added a post in a topic Bucs starting rookie guard.....   

    Since he's struggling so much on the right side, he must be left handed.
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  4. Ruff added a post in a topic Is Norwood the 6th WR or will he replace Bersin/Boykin?   

    I'm thinking that there has to be something seen in him for Gettleman to pull the trigger. I mean, this is his first traded for player, so he has to feel strongly about it. Or, maybe, we're just in a situation where we have no other options, and we're staring down the barrel of the regular season.

    IMO, it's looking like: Funchess, Ginn, Philly, Cotchery, Bersin, Norwood as the 5 we'll carry on a game to game basis. I doubt Boykin latches on, seeing as how he's gotten almost no playing time comparatively. 
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  5. Ruff added a post in a topic How Elite is this defense going to be?   

    I think it really depends on if Star can stay healthy or not. I know that our defense has tons of leaders and talent, ranging from Luke (who I think is both the best player on our team and second only to JJ Watt as the best defensive player in the league), CJ, TD, KK, etc. But, Star is the guy who really takes the pressure off of the linebackers, who really eats up those blocks, and who allows the ends to run so freely.

    If both Star and KK stay healthy the entire season, we could easily be the best defense in the NFL, barring one or two in front of us. If Star stays gimpy, we could be looking at a long season.
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  6. Ruff added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    No, I agree. But, what I was saying is that, I don't expect Tolbert to play in the 4th preseason game (or Stew), so I figured we'd keep him on the team until at least we had a chance to let him play against Pittsburgh, to ensure that whichever other back doesn't have to play all of the snaps blocking. 
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  7. Ruff added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Lee Ward being in the first cuts is incredibly odd. I thought he would at least stick around for the 4th preseason game, even if we weren't going to keep him. He needs to be there to keep the runners healthy during that game.
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  8. Ruff added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    TJ Graham is a name I'm sure fans around here are familiar with, especially after his time at NC State.
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  9. Ruff added a post in a topic Unexpected cuts from Panthers predictions?   

    As far as surprising, I don't think you'll see anything crazy... Maybe Brockel, which would probably be the most surprising of the early cuts.

    If we're going totally out there, though, I could see Tolbert getting released. It would be mutually beneficial for both sides, releasing early. That way, he could catch on somewhere quick and we'd save money instantly (around 2m this season, IIRC) to be able to sign a free agent at either WR, TE, or DE.
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  10. Ruff added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    Solomon Patton was waived by the Broncos. He was a guy who played for the Gators - a undersized speedster. 
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  11. Ruff added a post in a topic Other Team's Cuts   

    Tandon Doss is actually an interesting name. At one point, he had a promising career. I have no idea what he's done the past three or four seasons, though.
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  12. Ruff added a post in a topic Hope for the season!   

    I didn't mean specifically from the Patriots' game, I meant more along the lines of having Shula as an OC without a true #1 receiver. 
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  13. Ruff added a post in a topic Hope for the season!   

    It's a good thing we are going to have a Top 5 Defense, because our offense is gonna suuuuuuuuuuck.
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  14. Ruff added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    It's like TRD reincarnated. 
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