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  1. The super bowl is so hard to win, that any team that does win it becomes legendary in their own right. But, there are teams who are legends even amongst the winners, and yeah, I think this team could easily be up there in terms of greatest season ever. 
  2. You and I have very different definitions of well spoken. Listening to that dude bumble and stutter through the highlights of the day is cringe worthy. 
  3. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    Only 31 picks in the first this year. New England doesn't get a first. 
  4. If we had been playing the patriots, I'm sure there would have been odd calls along the way, because there was no way in hell that Roger was going to stand up there on a podium and hand the Lombardi to Brady. 
  5. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    The salt. 
  6. It's possible, but there's just as much to gain if the Panthers were to win. This is the biggest win/win for the NFL, either give the trophy to a legend on his way out, or usher in the new age by handing it to Cam.  Also, if you don't think it's possible, you're lying to yourself. The NFL is in the business of storylines. 

  8. Keep Pounding Drum

  9. Sounds like the Cards have slipped some information, because they're expecting a terrible game from him. 
  10. todays practice tweets

    Dr. Chao, @profootballdoc, actually said that ligament injuries are less likely on an unstable field like ours was Sunday. But broken bones can happen easier. 
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the inhabitants of Mars flew down and were pulling for us Sunday. 
  12. Vice article on Carolina

    It's like Ray Lewis said, we play 60 minutes and we don't do anything special. We put a man on a man and beat the hell out of you. 
  13. Did you quote the right person? That isn't even close to being relevant to what you quoted, lol. 
  14. Maybe it's just because they're fans of other teams? I hate  Seattle, and specifically RW. Does that make me racist?
  15. Five pages until the race-baiter appeared! I think we're getting better.