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  1. Samuel better be licking his chops over this. Really excited to see this guy finally get more opportunities.
  2. 24-10 boys in blue. CJ shows up and gets a sack. CMC finally breaks one and takes a screen 50+ for a td.
  3. I’ll do you one better.... Firing Shula this past off season would have won us that game.
  4. Riverboat Ron ha. Bitchboy Ron is more like it. Way to not trust in your players.
  5. Are you a football fan?

    fug philly. fug Shula. fug losing.
  6. Forcing Cam to beat them.. and he’s doing it.
  7. Cam Newton’s Hat And The Message It Brings

    Cam’s going to start breast cancer awareness early and wear pink everything on the field tomorrow.
  8. Win; still end up 15th on ESPN’s power rankings. I love the hate.
  9. Just something about this guy... I don’t think I’d like him even if he was our QB.
  10. Colin Jones

    The only time I hear his name is bc he fuged up on the field, by blowing coverage or chasing a guy leaving him in the dust. I know Rivera loves his “yes men”, but he offers nothing to the team. Not sure how he’s been on the team since 2012. P.S. I still think he’s slow no matter how many replies I get saying “he may suck, but he’s not slow.” 40 times do not equal being fast on the field.
  11. Yep, he definitely has a nasty quick first step.
  12. Panthers vs Patriots: Recap Vid

    You. Are. The. Man.
  13. Hate to say it, but I’d rather pay him over Star. We have Big Vern in waiting if it works out that way, but hopefully we keep both.
  14. Whatever keeps Jones on the bench I’m more than happy with.