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  1. Odd Imagery of the Week

    Doesn’t make it any better really, but apparently the kid has relationships with gangs in Florida and his mom wanted him as far away from Florida as he could get to stay away from that influence and lifestyle...
  2. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Tom Brady goes off into the sunset on top just like Manning did against us... bc well, it is actually scripted.
  3. I expected to see a picture of you in a Keenum Jersey...
  4. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

  5. This year proved that solid RBs can be found deep into the draft. I’m totally down with investing a pick into one.
  6. Troy surprised

    Am I the only one that read that entire article in Troy’s monotone voice?
  7. Good leaders make new leaders. Can’t blame him for the coordinator turnover.
  8. Norv would be good for Cam.

    And then he says poo to piss Cam off and then Cam refuses to give effort and demands out of Carolina... yea... that’d be sweet. Not Cam likes to have fun, not feel like he’s in a military training program. Want to see how fast a demeaning coach makes Cam want out of here? Hire Norv.
  9. Experience in getting the 2nd play of the game in to the QB before the play clock expires is a must.
  10. Shaq has a ways to go before filling those shoes, primarily in the tackling department. Some of his persuit tackles this season were terrible, but I think he’s more than capable of developing into the likeness of TD on the field.
  11. As much as I hate Shula sometimes, I feel confident going into next year with this coaching staff. We’re seriously 2-3 player pieces away from having the puzzle complete.
  12. Too much credit is given to DG for “fixing the cap issue.” Richardson paid whatever was needed to keep favorites. He stopped doing that and the cap fixed itself. DG is just a GM with an over inflated ego. A “football guy” who made more questionable signings (and lack thereof) and draft picks than Marty in my books. At least Marty gave huge contracts to players who produced (Delhomme is arguable), while DG refused contracts to proven players(Norman, Ginn, etc) and over paid for players who haven’t proven poo(primarily Matt). DG is overrated due to the success Cam brought to the team while he was here. The team wasn’t successful bc of DG, but bc of Cam. I feel fine with new ownership and Hurney, but I guess only time will tell.
  13. Don’t think it mattered if Cam was or not, Bersin was in the area.
  14. Cam is the NFL equivalent to Dirk Nowitzki. He will never be brought top level caliber help. His only chance for a ring is to put the entire franchise on his back and will the team to a championship.
  15. Bersin was near Cam’s intentional. Why is CMC protecting in a critical time like that. Shula has to go. This team isn’t built to win, it’s built cheaply by an owner who isn’t serious about doing anything to win. Good riddance Richardson.
  16. Lmao captain better never bitch about poo again in his life
  17. Every draft pick needs to be a WR or DB
  18. DA with the hesitation lmao what a joke
  19. So we can just run into guys on fair catches now, good to know
  20. A LT that shouldn’t be in the league but gets a monster contract, WRs can’t catch all year long and just get slaps on the butts after drops, and an offensive coordinator that calls worse games than kids on Madden. This organization doesn’t produce winners. It’s a participation trophy glorifying bunch of losers at the top. Hope the new owner brings in a winning culture.
  21. Here’s where the team gives up...