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  1. Can’t believe we lost 3 times to those clowns and did nothing to address our secondary.
  2. Of course.. Ron felt a little heat so we’re going to see Moore get 10 targets and 30 touches between CJ and CMC and dominate the game. Then it’ll be back to same ol same ol bullshit game plans once Ron feels nice and comfy after the win.
  3. Why don’t we draft and build a team around stopping Atlanta and NO? Avoiding the secondary for years. If we build to stop these teams we can beat anyone.
  4. Being a Dallas Mavs fan, I’ve seen first hand how analytics can benefit a team. Its benefited the Houston Rockets as well. Different sport, but the benefit is the same. Nothing wrong with crunching data to see trends and get a small advantage and I have no problem with Tep chiming in with opinions that he feels will benefit the team.... Now if he starts to play GM and coach on the sidelines, then I’d have a problem.
  5. I think he’d be a top 5 TE if he were to go back to that position, but he’s pretty below average for a #1 WR
  6. Make a fail montage of him and send it to Rivera, bc obviously he’s not seeing what we see.
  7. That’s a contract that can set a team back.. I’d be mad if the Panthers made that move on someone that’s not a MLB or QB
  8. I like the potential in Hall. I can see big things from him eventually.
  9. I’m excited for the entire offense, should be fun to watch. Our defense on the other hand, we may need to drop 30 bombs every Sunday.
  10. Fright

    Colin Jones...

    Been saying this for years.. but someone will some how find a way to defend his roster spot lololol
  11. I feel like it’s deja vu... showed mega potential when he was recruited to UT.. got handed the starting job and sucked balls.. Yea it was a long time ago.. but well.. Here’s hoping Cam never gets hurt.
  12. Nice to hear but.... Definitely time to invest a high draft pick into the LB position.
  13. Fright

    todays OTA tweets and news

    “Giambino” lol
  14. Fright

    A bounce back year for him?????

    Colin Jones a leader on the defense? This person couldn’t possibly have watched any games involving Jones. Almost as if the writer is blind.
  15. fug that guy.
  16. Joe Webb doesn't block and is slow as poo returning. I don't care how good of a guy he is he doesn't deserve a roster spot.
  17. We can't block for poo on punt returns!!
  18. Teams deliberately attacking our safeties.. Over and over
  19. Fright

    What Giants Fans Are Saying

    Funny thing I've noticed.. every team has the best WR in the league until they play the Panthers (thanks JNo)
  20. How on earth do Shula and Harper have jobs still.