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  1. DamnItJake!

    Joe Person is good at his job

    So you and Joe share the red stapler down in the basement office
  2. Yeah I agree should have said the the Browns offense to clarify
  3. Gawd ..This game is painful to watch.. it’s like watching peewee football!! The Browns suck
  4. DamnItJake!

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    poo fire his ass Buffalo!! So we can take him back!!! Like journey says welcome you back with open arms!!
  5. Doesn’t mean crap if receivers can’t even catch the ball.. Cam was rushed a lot but he got the ball to the receivers on a lot of balls that should have been caught and they were dropped!! Some yeah not catchable.. but the o/line was ok for Us against Atlanta considering the injuries.. I was more pissed at the drop balls than the o/line.. so screw the statistical crap on the websites.. it doesn’t see the whole picture
  6. Panthers 34-27 ... I see the defense trying to redeem themselves but Green will be too much..I hope Moore is given a chance to impress us but Ron will squish that.. so disappointment will be on the coaches..I hope Ian Thomas impresses with a td catch in the end zone this time.. unlike the big miss he had in Atlanta
  7. The most disappointing thing was the receivers were dropping passes!! And Cam was getting pissed as were the rest of us.. bounce off your hand and helmet.. great!! Cam was on point when getting rushed.. for 3 quarters of the game and the receivers sucked
  8. DamnItJake!

    Schedule makers did us no favors

    its the NFl if u don't like it go play in the Canadian league.. for your info . the schedule is based on a conference rotation between the AFC and NFC .. then how your team did the previous season....not some conspiracy poo.. it is true they set up teams based on the rosters I agree with that!! Its only the best practice..But to say the league is rigged is rough unless u r cheat belicheck
  9. Any One that's been a life-long Panther fan has seen the time of struggles!! To you young ones out there it will be okay.. Right now give it to game 4-5 to see where the team is at. Due to the training policy with players and the NFL injuries happen way sooner in the beginning of the season.. but I am just saying be patient I liked what I saw for the 1st game besides the injury bug crap on the o-line.. but we all know it..so do the coaches!! #KeepPounding
  10. Did Shula show up to call that series?? Holy crap
  11. Damn it Defense!! Tighten it up!!
  12. Nice play!! McCaffery!!!!
  13. Haha bet u wish u hadn’t cut Bailey!!!
  14. DamnItJake!

    Photos: Panthers logo at midfield

    I like it!! Looks awesome !! Thank you Mr Tepper, It only took 23 years to get rid of NFL shield