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  1. DamnItJake!

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Can’t stand the Falcons!! And I hate the Cowboys now even though it was my before the Panthers!! I hated Jerry Jones even has a Cowboy fan.. but it became relevant there was no way I could be a Cowboys fan and a Panther fan.. so I took all my Cowboy gear to the donation center!! So Cowboys and Falcons I loathe
  2. I say getting the National Conference Championship game would be awesome!! As I think the Packers will be the other top team as Rodgers will be on fire to prove himself after his injury last year and he wants to be the top paid dog!! So I think if the Panthers can make it here that would awesome but to beat the Packers would be even better than the honor to play in the SB..
  3. hmm cuz his defense in New Orleans sucked! And we were greatful!! I thought the rustic trailer park look was great for the NFL.. but his defense truly sucked!
  4. ohh no! who cares the damn rosters aren't even set! so stupid..gamblers need to make money
  5. DamnItJake!

    Who is going to training camp?

    It’s awesome and free.. and I got Kuechly’s autograph his rookie year and captain munnerlyn that same day..almost had smittys but stopped just ahead of me!!
  6. DamnItJake!

    Who is going to training camp?

    Me July 28th Saturday making the trip from Virginia been a few years with all this talk about limiting public access I am going this year
  7. DamnItJake!

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    hes a dumbass.. the guy clearly missed,.. and tried to stop after getiing chased..looked setup to me
  8. DamnItJake!

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    not sure on his education!!?? I was hoping he was open to receiving for the Panthers in his down time..
  9. DamnItJake!

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    I was hoping that they would have brought in LeBron James !
  10. DamnItJake!

    Does Cam have to be Lebron in 2018

    LeBron1??LeBron?? lol not even the same sport.. Cam is not even to be considered until he gets a Super Bowl win..he's good but not great yet!
  11. DamnItJake!

    Happy B-day to the GOAT

    ^^ Excuse this guy thought it was Jakes' Birthday!!.our bad..
  12. DamnItJake!

    Happy B-day to the GOAT

    Jake took this franchise too a great high until the epic Cardinal playoff meltdown..so there u go my buzz is done.. But i did get great seats that year as the Panthers played the Cards and they were considered a shitty team.. so I got tickets cheap and close toward the end zone 120 each awesome price...damn great game so smitty make some great runs and leap in!!. it went to the wire.. Panthers won.. but we lost that year to the same team with Delhomme meltdown..but I think it was to dumbass fox and his stupid schemes!! but there is my story
  13. Clausen was horrible!! Too painful to even watch him!! Bad when Testaverde outplayed him in his early 40s with a crappier line!!
  14. DamnItJake!

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Is Brett Favre a Beans available?? Can’t we find a person to sign that hasn’t been a Panther before?? Is this the Hurney reunion!!??
  15. We got Olsen from Chicago in 2011 for a third round pick.. he’s older now and breaking down.. so you might get a fifth.. plus not worth trading.. he needs to teach Thomas!!