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  1. Regular Season Schedule

    Well on that note I can see the Panthers and my Cubs!! That will be one expensive weekend!!
  2. Johnny manziel

    First off Carolina doesn't need a project.. They need a vet quarterback if Anderson leaves..but its quiet but we need a new back up soon.. Anderson is done
  3. True that!! Totally forgot the obvious!!
  4. I have no idea what regions of South Carolina are Panthers fans/Falcons/Jacksonville.. as I am In Virginia have a large Panther base since I am close to NC but a huge Resksins/Baltimore..so areas are so diverse by state its hard so say.. but then when I think of SC for football its the GameCocks or Clemson.. not the Panthers.. so SC needs to figure if they want to align to the Panthers as a state for NFL.. so if they show Panthers games every Sunday in your area.. then I guess u are in Panther Country..
  5. Greatest Panthers Hat

    Something like this!?
  6. Hi

    TD is on Meth.. 4 game suspension.. or was estrogen for sore boobs.. not much.. normal stupid threads.,
  7. good for him.. he can laugh at kapr d-ic-k- and dumb as johnny coke head
  8. Panthers interested in Shaun Wilson

    Your threads and Saca are like I farted..my dog is interested in it..no poo..any free agent released is interested to a point..stupid damn threads..lets boost my post count!
  9. well i hope Raleigh fixes that street soon. cuz never heard of it
  10. but they are 11 year olds and 15 year olds with so much credible info.. its hard to stop going to those threads!! So Credible!
  11. I am not sure how PSL works but I would think u were charged fairly for the seats u got.. Quite trying to do like these bitches are doing and making easy money.. on what you knew signing up for.. I have paid out of my ass for Sunday Ticket for crappy seasons!! But did I try to sue Direct Tv on it..maybe I can get money now for mental torture for continuously showing me a shitty team and denying valuable family time! Thats worth about 2.2 million in this day
  12. Norv at Maryland pro day

    cool..have no idea on a lot these guys.. til i am on here..seeing the news..
  13. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    johnny manziel..
  14. lol.. no wonder they want to be different states now!! The NFL wanted LA back in so here u go Felicia!