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  1. Arian Foster?

    he is way done!! I love the released player..should we hire threads?????..maybe we can resurrect all their careers!!
  2. nothing but dust since a mail truck sucks dick!
  3. Bonnet and McGee gone

    never heard of the them is that like a bee in my Bonnet and Willie McGee SS from the St Louis Cardinals? :)
  4. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    sounds like a new potential SNL skit!!
  5. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    Igo mentioned in a previous thread about Boykins release is that Gettleman is trying to build a solid team for a few years not based on 1 year contracts..so they think we have talent that meets or exceeds Boykins.. Relax!!! Training Camp is here soon..
  6. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    I remember the day when we had over invested in-players and we got hurney-enated!! But it took a drastic change when got Gettlemagic in the helm for a few years, now we have some money..Now the Saints are in the same boat we were in with no cap room.. shop smart.. hoping to echo the Gettleman talent search for cheap!!
  7. so much so I own a sweet 88 black Olsen jersey that is!! Embroided numbers and patches such a great jersey..Replaces my Smitty and Weinke jersey's I lost due to unforeseen circumstances..
  8. 2014 Benjamin vs. 2015 Ginn

    stats on two different seasons ..amongst a rookie and a vet?? point?? is there one?
  9. so tired of this "why they hate us post" shut up!! not reading it..get over it when you become successful you will get hatred.. when u suck.. u suck and you still get hate!! p.S unless u r Jacksonville suck is just a part of life.. So get use to the hate with success
  10. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    doesnt belong here..its not Panther related even if its yard sale garbage..off-season my ass..let me print some poo off for yeah
  11. was that a horse in the kentucky derby? who won?
  12. not seeing it.. Just hates us cause we are good unlike Jacksonville or anothe of their bastard childs.. so glad the NFL hates St Louis more for now, moved the Rams back to their home..I would say they like Jacksonville the least as they are trying to pawn them off to London every year!!!!!!!!!
  13. Graham Gano reveals he rejected Man United as a youth

    I am a Man U fan..interesting he would turn them down as they are an elite club..or they could have turned him down as he didn't develop his skills enough to be on the team.. but nothing to take away he helped us out for the most part..He had some huge shoes and loyalty to fill... John Kasay was the man
  14. Clausen vs Whoever else was on the board.. what a waste of a pick.. That was a face in the palm moment..
  15. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    was he using Norman's old agent??