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  1. Keep Pounding Drum

    Dude sorry for Iraq..but i love five finger the support the VETS!!I say Nuke em all turn it to a solar panel!!
  2. Keep Pounding Drum

    holy fug.. I am ready for today!!        
  3. At what point do I give up on sleep?

    r u on ur period? if not its a game...Our SuperBowl so u better be sleepless dick or if a girl vag ga!!!
  4. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    can we get this poo started??Hope TD puts Von on his ass!
  5. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    man I am so tired of this week! So looking forwRD TO IT BUT DONE BY DAY 2!. sorry for the caps..but fugg it!! lets get pumped and kick the donkies a$$        
  6. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    First off sorry for your loss!!! Dude just try to  enjoy the game.. thats what he will wanted u to do!!Especially  he's a Panther fan.... dude I could careless because I would be dead..but I am sure will smile on u when the Panthers win!!  

    drinking beers and listening to Lamb of God... relaxing!! its just a game...hahahahaha
  8. Deangelo Williams picks....

    well... D-Lo..I now know U - R a Be_otch!! I use to be one of your bigger fans and supporters!! So hearing this actions just shows your true colors... so now I see why your games went subpar it wasnt the line it was just u being a lazy, whiney be-otch!.. when u could have been be a good solid running back for us.. Good Luck In Pittsburgh! Maybe you we win the AFC so we can beat u next year and put some more salt in those tears!
  9. Getting Annoyed

    and u are here for the punch!?
  10. well just shows.. not to hate on Smitty as I have his jersey and wear it all the time.. the team needed Cam to take the reigns and that was not going to happen with Smitty on the team.. Gettle-Magic!
  11. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    by shoving it up Manning's a$$!! :)
  12. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    too bad I didn't like the Bears..but I respect both!
  13. so u r saying we didn't have any fans til now? I am confused!?
  14. Best Superbowl commercial?

    I like Doritos just saying!!