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  1. Madden 17 Cover Release

    Madden is worried that putting Cam on the cover will draw too much negative attention. From the mob out there that have had a very, very loud hatred toward Cam since his college days.
  2. Madden 17 Cover Release

    I'm not expecting it to be Cam. I'm expecting Watt, Brady, Gronk or Rodgers.
  3. lol I've always just laughed off the comments of Cam being a chicken or scared. I don't know what was going through his head, but I have seen that guy run head first into the teeth of defenses, I've seen him flip over defenders, and push piles.....with zero caution. I think Cam was hoping to get the ball batted his way, to pick it up and try to convert and get a new set of downs.
  4. Does it really matter? You can nit pick if you like, but any team would be lucky as hell to have either Cam or Wilson to build around. It doesn't diminish what Cam has done or will do, by talking up another young-ish qb. Cam/Wilson, different types of qbs, but they stand out in the sea of new, young qbs. Luck..... He doesn't have the postseason accomplishments of Wilson, nor does he have the reg season accomplishments of Cam... He is basically the new Philip Rivers, except he has a ton of hype.
  5. Wilson and Cam..........are the best young-ish QBs in the league. Last season both of them had an amazing streak going on of around 21+ TDs to only 1 Int, each. Of course I prefer Cam, that's my qb. Ya can't go wrong with either one, though. The fact that some people out there, place Luck on a higher tier than Cam/Wilson, is mind boggling to me. Cam, the first team All Pro, reigning MVP, owner of the greatest rookie season of all time, for a qb. Countless records. Wilson.......... owner of one of the highest qb ratings of all time, built in good luck charm shoved up his ass, to where he's making play after play that has you going "No fuging way". Luck......... I like the dude, but he is living purely off his pre-draft hype right now. ..whereas Cam and Wilson are destroying the NFL with their awesomeness.
  6. For QBs under 28 worth mentioning.................... I'd probably rank em like this. T-1. Cam/Wilson T-2. Carr/Bortles 5. Luck 6. Jameis 7. Bridgewater.
  7. Why? Compared to the season that Cam, Watt, Brady, etc...had.... Miller's season was poo. Just saying, a good SB isn't going to elevate Miller to the top of the list. I'm not sure the top of the list has ever really worked like that. Peyton was #1 after his team got mudstomped in the SB. Last season, #1 and #2 were Watt and Rodgers..Not Brady, or the hero of the SB, Butler. I fully believe the trend will continue, with the MVP being #1 or #2............#2 would be acceptable, imo, considering Watt is a DPOY x3 and universally considered the best defensive player of the last decade or so.
  8. Was Butler ranked ahead of Wilson on last year's list? Butler had what is quite possibly the best play in playoff history.
  9. Basically that ^ I think, at least, these guys will be ranked ahead of Miller........ in no order... Brady, Cam, Watt, Mack, Antonio Brown,
  10. Cam, Luke, Olsen, Short, Davis, Kalil and Turner. will be in the top 100.
  11. Von will be around #5-#10. If a defender is ahead of Cam, it will only be Watt. Watt was #1 over the MVP last year also (Rodgers).
  12. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    Harper would be a better bet than Rolle. About the same quality of play, except Harper is more durable and we know for a fact he's a good leader for our secondary.
  13. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    Harper or Peanut. Both helped get some of our younger players up to speed. Three rookie CBs..would be nice to have a player-mentor for them.
  14. FA | Greg Hardy

    The mob mentality didn't take place until after espn and nfln started airing the "Hardy = Devil" story line 24/7. During week 1, he was only somewhat of a minor topic. I would gladly welcome Hardy back. The only reason he is still out of work is because teams are afraid of the media. Whichever team picks him up, will be slammed by espn, nfln, around the clock. That was even too much for Jerry Jones to handle.
  15. FA | Greg Hardy

    What he did was wrong. At this stage though......... People do not want him to ever be able to work again. That fuger could get a job at McDonalds and there would be a couple people standing outside with signs, demanding that he be fired.