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  1. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    I think all the flags in the second half were against the Panthers.           It's hard to overcome that many flags.         Especially when the refs refuse to really call anything on the other team.          Somewhat reminded me of the first half of our 49ers playoff loss in '13.    refs treated this game like it was truly a Broncos home game,  not just in spirit but in reality.     They looked like they were afraid of the fans.          Von could've snapped Cam's neck and there would still be no way the refs would've threw a flag down on that TD.    I expect some teams to get favorable calls or noncalls for the home teams in home games,  in their own stadiums.    In the SB though,  I expect full equality.    If you gonna nitpick one team,  you better fuging nitpick the other team. 
  2. Blame falls on Shula.     Those of you that claim Cam had total control of the offense and it is his fault,  no.     If an OC sees the exact same play being called every first down of the second half by the qb,  then it's on the OC to put a stop to it.            If a qb has total control of the offense and kept putting Remmers on an island with Miller,    then it's on the OC to step in and correct it.    If it's not on the OC to coach the offense and help by dialing up plays that put them in a better position,    then why the fug do we have an OC?   Shula does have the ability to call a good game,  we've seen it in the past.       If he truly gave complete control of the offense over to Cam,  in the SB,   then he should be fired on spot.              Not even Peyton and Brady are in charge of gameplans and calling every play.  
  3. Turn on this team like rabid dogs...

  4. Winning with grace

    Don't we play them in the reg season next season?
  5. Winning with grace

    They won though,  they can say what they want.         Good luck next season with the super amazing Os.
  6. Winning with grace

    If we just talking about reg season schedules.........Didn't the Broncos get their asses beat by the Colts?
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

    I managed to get to page 8 before I gave up reading this shitty thread.   Wtf is wrong with some of you?  No poo he is pouting,  we just lost the SB.  Some of yall bitches are too worried about pressers.      We have a qb that is absolutely disgusted at losing.    So disgusted that prior to the SB he led us to a 17-1 record.         Some yall acting shocked that our qb that hates losing would pout after losing the damn SB.     Also,  lol @ the few of you that believe MVP should be ultra diplomatic.  ....and always do and say the right thing, from pressers to keeping their pinky finger extended while they are drinking their tea.      No.   MVP means you are the baddest motherfuger on the field through a regular season.                  If being diplomatic is one of the major requirements,  then maybe give MVP to Matt Ryan every year?   He'll sit there and be passive and not care about anything.
  9. Conan...that poo not funny

    I loved it.     Loved the idea of him and Eli meeting up in the parking lot after the show,  to fight,  since he made fun of Peyton.          It's just roasting humor. 

    Brady or Palmer get MVP?
  11. NFL Red Carpet thread

    Do Steelers fans need a legit reason to be retarded?  lol. 
  12. NFL Red Carpet thread

    Jerry Jones' daughter looks like she may be in her 50s or 60s,  but in that dress.........her body is kinda looking tight. 
  13. NFL Red Carpet thread

    That has been the best part of the red carpet so far.            "They are chanting for you Jerrry"  -  The reporter to Jerry Jones. 
  14. NFL Red Carpet thread

    Awkward.        "They changing for you Jerry Jones".       "oops,  my bad,  they just chanting for Jerry Rice".