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  1. bigdog10 added a post in a topic do you think the eagles game will be flexed   

    If pats-jets is protected by CBS they will probably keep us where we are
    if its not, they will definitely move our game out in favor of jets-pats
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  2. bigdog10 added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    Going 4-0 without your all pro middle linebacker, your best DE being sent to IR, your stud DT just getting back, a brand new LT, and your number one offensive threat out for the year is absolutely nothing to look down upon. I don't care who the team is playing against. 
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  3. bigdog10 added a post in a topic I actually want the Saints to beat the Cowboys..   

    You guys can s*** on the OP all you want but he isn't totally off base with his thought. 
    I'll go as far to say that we most certainly don't want the saints folding up shop after this game since they have two games with the falcons left. We are going to come to a point in this season (not this Thursday but next actually) where we are going to need the saints to win. 
    Im not not pulling for anyone in tonight's game. I'm just going to watch this game with the enjoyment that one of these low life fan bases are waking up Monday morning with a loss. 
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  4. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    lineman down field due to the run. 
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  5. bigdog10 added a post in a topic referee assignment for week 4   

    Funniest thing about that clip is seeing the saints and falcons sucking hard in years past
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  6. bigdog10 added a post in a topic todays practice tweets   

    Agreed.  It's amazing to me how quick some are to forget the panthers of old.
    Panther teams of old would have no doubt found a way to lose to Jacksonville, Houston, and New Orleans (regardless of their situations).
    This team has shown some backbone in beating all three of those teams with the injuries they have faced and I guarantee that they aren't going to apologize for getting three wins against them.
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  7. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Big hypothetical talk   

    Has it ever dawned on anybody that the reason we won't make a move like this is because we finally have a quarterback who can elevate the play of his receivers and doesn't need two pro bowl caliber receivers out wide?
    We also have a GM who is light years ahead of anything we've ever had in that position and our fan base.  That GM has:
    -Fixed the o-line (which in doing so; protects the face of the franchise and allows him time to spread the ball around and make his receivers better)
    -Built a top flight defense which provides short fields for our offense and limits opposing teams scoring opportunities.  
    -Drafted two big targets at receiver the last two years (one of who had a dominant rookie year and the other who is going through the normal progression of being a rookie receiver in the NFL).  If you don't believe in the "normal progression" of a rookie receiver, take a look around at the rest of the receiver draft class from this year (sans Amari Cooper) and see how they are performing.  
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  8. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    We need to get more out of our running game against Tampa.  I honestly hope Stewart has his carries reduced a bit and Artis-Payne gets a few touches.  I think Stewart works better getting some consistent spells from a back-up.  
    We also have to tackle better.  The tackling by the secondary and defensive ends against New Orleans was bad.  There were a ton of plays where N.O. picked up an additional 5-7 yards after initial contact.
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  9. bigdog10 added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    you sure he wasn't talking about Cutler?
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  10. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Death by a thousand cuts..DE position on the ropes   

    I expect to see short at def end a lot with love and star in the middle. 
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  11. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Where was the RIOT?   

    I'm aware.  For the most part the NFL usually gives the Florida teams a 4:00 kick to beat the heat in September
    See Tampa (week one and last year when we opened with them)
    See Jacksonville this  past week (hosting Miami at 4:00)
    See Miami this week (hosting Buffalo at 4:25)
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  12. bigdog10 added a post in a topic The "Keep Pounding" chant in BofA yesterday   

    I've been to Green Bay when they do their go pack go chant. I think this has some staying power. Great participation from the home crowd. I really hope it sticks. I'd love to take my little man to a game one day and tell him I was there when this started. 
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  13. bigdog10 added a post in a topic The "Keep Pounding" chant in BofA yesterday   

    Absolutely loved it.  Can't wait for a packed house night game and this breaks out when we are leading late in the game. 
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  14. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Lets talk about our Offense so far   

    As difficult as it is for me to say, I thought Shula made some great calls. 
    The bomb to philly after the Klein pick was awesome. Love the go for the throat mentality. 
    Tge delayed screen to Olsen on third and distance in the fourth was also a great call and should have been a game winner if we could gain some yards on the ground and kick a fg. 
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  15. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Where was the RIOT?   

    The NFL really needs to look into starting our September home games at 4:00 like they do the Florida teams. 
    A 1:00 September Sunday like yesterday can often feel like a mid july afternoon. 
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