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  1. updated the original post to reflect the 10-0 start
  2. Vegas is very very good at what they do. By starting the line at Panthers (+2), Cowboy hater money is going to pour onto the panthers, thus pushing the line into the Panthers being favored (will probably be Panthers -1 or -2 by Wednesday).  That line movement, will then entice the "public" to put money on the Cowboys and Romo.   Ultimately, Vegas will get close to even money on both sides, not give a damn who wins, and drink up all that delicious juice that they build those fancy casnios with.
  3. Saints game flexed

    This looks like a move by Fox to capitalize on the ratings the Panthers can potentially bring. Fox likely didn't protect the Falcons at Panthers game the next week (since Green Bay and Dallas play).  More than likely fox protected the Cowboys-Packers game and will lose the Falcons-Panthers game to SNF.  The currently scheduled SNF game for this week is Seattle at Baltimore. They also may have failed to protect the Panthers at Giants game the week after.  That game could also be moved to SNF if the Giants stay atop the NFC east.  The currently scheduled SNF game for that week is Cincy at San Fran.   Even in week 16, it is likely Fox didn't protect the Panthers-Falcons game over Packers-Cardinals.   Fox is looking at the back half of the season and realizing that they may not have an undefeated team shown nationally on their station which would be a bad look for them.  
  4. Panthers Clinching Scenarios

    Agreed, but I'm not sure why the Seahawks would matter in any of these cases.  If we beat the Cowboys, we would have 11 wins and Seattle is currently at 5-5.  Their best case is 11-5, which would tie us at our worst case in which we would own the head to head tie breaker over them. There has to be other factors there that come into play I guess (potentially multiple teams tied at 11-5)
  5. The Panthers can clinch a spot in the playoffs this week with a win and some help.  This is a pretty cool site that gives updated standings and scenarios weekly.
  6. Welcome back.... welcome back... welcome back

    I think people are in for a big shock when C.J. and Dwan come back to this d-line rotation.  If those two guys are healthy, we instantly field one of the deepest and most talented d-lines in football, coupled with the best linebacking group, and a very good secondary. I'd be in a little state of panic if I played quarterback in Atlanta knowing that I get to see this defense twice in two weeks when it matters most.
  7. I did this thread when the Panthers went to 8-0, so I figured I'd look back and see where this team stacks up historically now that they have 10 wins to start the season.  Here is the updated look. -The Panthers became the 16th team in NFL History to start a season 10-0 -of those 15 teams, 9 of those teams went on to play in the Superbowl (with 5 of those teams winning the big game) -of those 15 teams, 5 lost in the divisional round and one lost in the conference championship. With a win in Dallas on Thursday, Carolina would be one of eleven teams to ever start a season 11-0 or better     
  8. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be for a safety or a corner back to see Turner pulling with a head of steam and Stewart, Tolbert, or Cam rumbling right behind him.  That's over 500lbs of humans hurling at you and you are on an island.  It would be a wise career move for those defensive backs to just get out of the way or lay down.
  9. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    PSL's that were bought by corporations are and always will be the problem when it comes to other teams invading our stadium. Those company seats usually goes to clients, who 9 times out of 10 are either opposing teams fans or people there with no rooting interest. Couple that with the fact that some of our PSL owners want to make a few quick bucks when the big boys are in town and you have a stadium that sees a ton of opposing fans come through.   It's not that different in other NFL cities with little history like ours.  Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Redskins, and the northern teams invade all the smaller market teams.
  10. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    Something I've noticed when Gano is kicking is that the defense is getting a ton of pressure off the right side of the line (usually where Dickson is lined up).  I believe special teams coaches have keyed in on a weakness on that side and are exposing it. A good number of Gano's misses seem to be pulls and it looks to me like he is trying to compensate for the increased pressure of the right side.  
  11. This was absolutely incredible at the game.  Such a great response from fans in all colors and seeing those family members crying was really emotional.  Seeing them honored really put into perspective that there are bigger things in life than a football game.   The panthers do a great job of recognizing our heroes:  active and fallen.  
  12. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

    Peppers was putting his hand up to his ear every time he made a play.  He was showered with boo's.   Take your sell out self back to Green Bay Julius.
  13. He should be pissed at himself.  Cobb was wide open on an obvious pick play.  Our two defenders ran in to each other and it would have been a walk in.  
  14. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Every year I look for the nba draft to provide some excitement in the dog days of NFL offseason, and every year the hornets never cease to leave me disappointed
  15. Duke vs Utah

    If you don't believe the officials are aware of the betting side and point spreads, look no further than the end of that game. Spread was 6.5. In 99% of games they scratch that foul call. Sports world is a crooked place.