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  1. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    That rams schedule is brutal. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they only have one win left on their schedule in the niners.
  2. I’d put the following teams in front of us: philly, New Orleans, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and New England. I’d have us at six, with the Falcons, Rams and Lions all right there with us. I’d have the jags there too, but I can’t put a team with Blake Bortles as their qb in the same class as the other teams listed.
  3. New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Minnesota, Detroit, LA, Seattle, Philly. 8 teams....six spots two good teams will be left at home. Looking at the schedules, I think Seattle fades. They have games against Philly, LA, Jacksonville, and Dallas. They could easily lose those four.
  4. Falcons have 4 remaining home games. They are very much in the hunt for the nfc south.
  5. NFC south is going to be brutal down the stretch we can not afford to lose the jets, packers or Bucs games.
  6. No doubt about that. Enjoy the win, Brees is a stud. I may be in the minority, but I’m glad you guys are relevant again. It’s been kind of dull around here since 2013 and it was getting kind of sad watching you guys waste a once in a generational talent in Brees.
  7. You got the “gift” when Gruden didn’t sneak cousins on the third and one to end the game.
  8. Was a pretty clear miscommunication between qb and receiver. If you are going to flag that, you can literally throw multiple flags a game on every qb for balls not being close to receivers.
  9. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Speaking of the Jets, next weeks game is important for them as well. They are in the thick of the wild card hunt with how awful the middle of the AFC is. 5-5 will be holding down the 6th spot.
  10. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Was that clock supposed to be running?
  11. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Here’s a perfect lesson of why you don’t go conservative.
  12. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    He’s simply trying to cash in before the league caves in on itself. Not a dumb move at all by Roger.
  13. Love what CMC brings but hate the fact that we spent a top ten pick on him. We should have made the deal with Houston when they were trying to get up to get their QB. We’d have been able to pick at 25 and would then have (what will likely be) a top 15 pick in next years draft with Houston’s first.
  14. Was at the game last week. Freeman was clearly concussed on that final drive. I couldn’t believe they left him in the game.
  15. They way they are playing makes these next two games must wins if we want a shot at the division. Drop either of these and we are in trouble.
  16. I wanted to believe the narrative that our team lacked focus when the beat the hell out of us at BOA. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lack of focus had anything to do with it. They are just the better team right now.
  17. I’d cut him right now tbh. I hate giving up on a young player but this type of talk to the media is cancerous. You want a spot Daryl, play better and lock it down. Simple as that.
  18. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Yep. Super bowl hangover is a real thing. There were small groups of them roaming around, but nothing like years past.
  19. Crowd size yesterday.....

    I noticed big blocks of empty seats in the upper corners. Those areas are usually filled with opposing teams fans. Falcons fans didn’t travel well at all. Ticket prices are still out of control as well. Very high uppers were $70 each on ticketexchange, and that is before factoring in the fees which will tack on close to another $20. $90 for the worst seats in the house is steep.
  20. I’ll take some of that Lattimore in the first and cook in the 2nd. Fill my plate up with that combo.
  21. Cam said no

    Haha. Sorry I wasn’t screaming my head off during the review or maybe banging on my chair during the tv timeout when the panthers are finding fans and asking them to dance for their diamonds. Where should I turn in my fan card? What seat number were You in today?
  22. yep. Unfortunately Shula and Rivera sabatoged him on the next play with one of the dumbest play calls of the year.
  23. Cam said no

    In attendance. Its really a shame that cam and The fans had to make the call for him. He even wasted a timeout by being indecisive. Awful coaching.
  24. Hard to hear the boos for Stewart. He’s been a consummate pro for This team. He’s having an awful game and should be benched. Instead Rivera keeps sending him out to get mercilessly booed everytime he touches the ball