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  1. Really glad to see Torrey speaking up for Cam, however he’s wrong on this. The nfl only fined Kiko Alonso a little over $9,000 for his hit on Flacco last year.
  2. Joe Mixon being out is a big deal. 20-9 panthers.
  3. Ooh wee mayne when you lay it all out like that it makes me a little nauseous
  4. suprised we are six pages in on this bitch fest and no one bothered to post the hit and reaction. Couple things: -Torrey Smith had the best view of this an acted appropriately -Van Roten obviously saw the hit as he came running into the fray -CMac just stood there. Funchess is getting all the crap but Cmac was right there and did little. -hard to point fingers at the other lineman as this happened so fast that it’s possible they didn’t see how egregious it was. -with how depleted our offensive line is, I don’t really blame any of those guys for not coming in and throwing punches. We couldn’t afford to lose any of them due to an ejection
  5. Trubisky is Bortles from two years ago. He will hold that team back greatly.
  6. I think you can make a case that he is the worst defensive player on this roster. Had he been a third or fourth round pick, I’m not sure he would even still be in the league.
  7. I’m giving CJ the ball 15 times a game and putting Cmac in the slot. CJ is averaging 6.6 a carry. I’d put Armah in front of him and just absolutely blast opposing defensive lines. We tried to get cute yesterday against Atlanta by throwing the ball way too much. We need to just line up and smash teams in the mouth. Control the clock and let our ancient defense get some time on the bench.
  8. Funchess is basically Brandon Lafell
  9. I expect an absolutely dominant performance from the defense against Cincy. I think we make dalton look very very bad.
  10. bigdog10

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Everybody piling in on Funchess while Shaq Thompson and Vernon Butler quietly try to continue flying under the radar. Those two are not even close to living up to their draft position.
  11. How about Shaq getting abused at the goal line again. Only this time it wasn’t Kamara but freaking Matt Ryan.
  12. bigdog10

    Where was C.J. today

    The malcontent is growing with this one.
  13. I hate our identity on offense. We’re basically asking Cam to be something he is not, a pocket passer. Kudos to him for a good game. It’s a shame the defense decided to stay home for this one. Usually when Cam has this type of game we win.
  14. bigdog10

    Norv Turner

    In blaming Norv, you need to admit that you are comfortable with this oline and these offensive weapons. You willing to do that?
  15. bigdog10

    1st Half Observations

    Shaq was awful on that last drive. Was responsible for 45 yards and a td the offense is scared to give CJ the ball for some reason. He honestly should be in the game 75% of the time.
  16. that was easy. This game is over.
  17. I knew when I saw it was vinovichs crew that we’d have to put up with bull poo today.
  18. bigdog10

    Thank you Torrey

    100% agree. It needed to be done.
  19. Offense is going to be bad, like bottom ten in the league bad.
  20. If I’m Rivera and Turner, I’m going to try and run the ball all day. We will not win a shootout but could win a grinder type game 16-13 type score. If we can control the clock, I think we win. If we can’t, we will lose by more than one score.
  21. bigdog10

    Hurricane Florence

    About 30 miles off of bald head island in NC
  22. So with all the talk of injuries, I decided to take a look at the schedule to see if we play any teams coming off short weeks. What I found, was the exact opposite. We play the falcons, bengals, eagles and Seahawks all coming off their Thursday night game. In other words, those four teams get ten days of rest before their games with us. Couple that with a week four bye (which ironically we kind of need right now), it looks like the nfl really wants to see us earn our first ever back to back winning season.
  23. We have to stop wasting timeouts.
  24. In the stadium, 50-50 cowboys panther fans in this section. Gonna need to hush them up early.