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  1. We’re the easiest answer to this question. Since 2000, we are the most inconsistent team in the league by a large margin. I’m not sure why there is such confidence here that we are a lock to return to the playoffs this year. We play in the toughest division in football and have never had back to back winning seasons. Not to mention a suspended linebacker, 2/5’s of our starting oline being below average at best, no DE depth, a scary (in a bad way) secondary, a completely unproven running game coupled with a brand new offensive coordinator. That’s not even taking into account the games conservative coaching will cost us or injuries. I believe I saw a stat that says we were 7-1 in one score games last year. We better catch that lighting in a bottle twice because if we don’t, we are sitting at home in January. Even a respectable 5-3 record in those games last year would have had us out of the playoffs Luckily, we have a healthy Cam who can mask many of these weaknesses. If we and Norv don’t mesh, we are in for a losing season and I fully expect to see the fire Rivera threads by week five.
  2. I want a goal line formation with Cam in shotgun flanked by Poe and Armah. Send Poe and Armah up the gut and Cam walks in.
  3. bigdog10

    Testaverde Jersey

    I’ve always thought it took an incredible lack of brain cells.
  4. Haha. You are so hell bent on arguing that you fail to see I’m actually on the same side as you. I think the players should continue engaging with the community and the charities. I just don’t think think they should make the owners look good in that process.
  5. The point....you missed it. Im advocating they let their voice be heard. By boycotting team sponsored events they are hurting the owners more so than themselves. Id still do public events (such as Cams kickball tournament since I don’t believe that is a team sponsored even) just not to the benefit of team sponsored events nor would I wear any team apparel outside of my practice uniform or game day uniform. I wouldn’t even let the Panthers film crew at the kickball tournament. If I were them, I’d do the minimum contractually required to get my check. Everything else (ie public appearances for team sponsored events, interviews, etc) I would abstain from. No more nfl network interviews, no more top 100 shows, no more team sponsored events like play 60 or the kickoff luncheon. Let the team hosts those events with sir purr and the top cats the players can still give back to the community, but why should the teams be linked to that charity? If their union had competent leadership they would advise the players to completely separate themselves from the teams and league in the eye of public perception. Remove all team based imagery and info from their Instagram/Twitter. The owners are obviously organized as one body; the NFLPA should try to accomplish that same feat. PS. I’m not advocating for a lockout. A lockout will never work in the players benefit because their careers are too short and the money is too good to pass up. All I’m saying is that I would lessen the league and teams financial gain by making the players less available. PSS. I honestly don’t care what the players do, I just want to watch football. I’m just arguing that there are more sensible ways to get your point across than forfeiting a paycheck that these guys Have worked their tails off for years to attain.
  6. They can still engage with the young fans, just without wearing their team apparel and having the team camera men following them around. More along the lines of cams kick ball tournament than the rookies Halloween hospital visit type thing. Just restrict media access.
  7. Too much money on the line for them to do this. A smarter and more economically friendly thing to do would be for them to boycott doing things that the are not contractually obligated to do. Like team sponsored pr events, media interviews, staying onsite at training camp, etc.
  8. bigdog10

    How would you rank D-lines?

    Too many question marks for me to rank them in the top ten How will the loss of Star affect the players around him? Can Poe be better than Star was? Is this the year age finally catches up with Pep? What happens to our outside pass rush if Mario or Pep get injured? Is Vernon Butler worth his first round pick? Can Wes Horton rush the passer? Is Daeshon Hall capable of contributing?
  9. bigdog10

    Panthers SB 53 win?

    I just hope we have one of the top six records in the nfc after 16 games. The super bowl is such a crap shoot. I’ll consider it a success if we still have a shot at a title come January. Anything less than that is a failure in my opinion.
  10. bigdog10

    So what is he saying?

    Current psls will be completely obsolete in 7 years. they will “thank” the psl owners by offering them first pick of the new psls with a 5% discount off of the listed price.
  11. bigdog10

    Gun laws I’d like to see

    This is what I’d like to see as well. Parents and family members need to take ownership of this problem. The ease of access has to come to an end.
  12. Yep. The ticket prices are absurd. I can’t imagine taking a family of four to a game. That’s easily a $600 four hours.
  13. I think Cam will have his 2nd best season of his career. I don’t know that he will ever duplicate 2015, but I expect him to be near that level as opposed to years past. I think our defense will be way worse than what we’ve come to expect. I don’t see us having any pass rush, I don’t trust Shaq Thompson as much as others here, and I think our secondary is a bottom five secondary in the league with games against Julio x2, Thomas x2, Evans x2, Brown, AJ Green, and Alshon. I think this year will resemble the early Cam years where the offense is being held back by the defense. I said 9-7, but I could easily see 7-9 or 6-10.
  14. bigdog10

    About the new stadium...

    We would absolutely have that problem on game day. A new stadium likely runs off your psl base. I can’t imagine people will be lining up to fork over $10,000 for a seat license to a new stadium while there other one is now null and void.
  15. bigdog10

    The team under Tepper

    If he tries to implement a psl process with a new stadium, I could see it being a major flop. As a current psl owner, there is no way id pony up the dough for new psls.
  16. We luckily play the afc north. We should go 3-1 against them. I think we split with every team in the division 3-3 We likely go 2-2 against the nfc east. I fully expect goodell to fug us against the cowboys and the eagles are just a better team. We will beat the Seahawks and lose to the lions. 1-1 I got us at 9-7. Probably misses the playoffs but finally accomplishes back to back winning seasons
  17. In a critical draft where we said we needed two starters, I’m not sure we’ve even drafted one.
  18. For those of you keeping count. We have now spent 6 of our last 15 draft picks on corners. Two of which are no longer on the team (theoretically Sanchez is on the practice squad but does anyone here honestly think he ever sees the active roster again?) 3 or our last 15 draft picks on undersized pass catchers. 1 tight end who was cut. 1 kicker who was cut and Vernon butler whose shining moment thus far is a tfl or two All the while we have taken one offensive lineman and one defensive end. Two positions that need not be ignored. We are on a runaway freight train towards perennial bad football with this drafting. Buckle up boys and girls.
  19. What is wrong with Guice? Why is he falling.
  20. bigdog10

    Panther predictions for #55

    Justin Reid is the pick.
  21. Go ask Vikings fans how valuable Wright was on third down. This team needs a reliable set of hands for those third and seven plays. Wright gives them that.
  22. bigdog10

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Our last three premier draft picks (first and second rounders) have been on undersized skill position guys. This is exactly the type of stuff losing teams do. For the record, I actually like the Moore pick. Hated the Samuel and CMac picks last year though.
  23. 1. Yes, up in front of Dallas giving away one of our thirds. 2. DJ Moore 3. 8 of 10 posters will say we gave up too much.
  24. If the past couple of years is any indicator, the regular season schedule should be out this week (most likely Thursday evening) home opponents: falcons, Bucs, saints, cowboys, giants, ravens, bengals, Seahawks. Away opponents: falcons, Bucs, saints, washingon, eagles, Steelers, browns and lions. Who do you think we open with? Who do you want to open with? Who will we play in prime time? Which division opponent will we close the season with? I think we open on the road in Detroit (though I’d rather open at home against Seattle). I think we get the cowboys on SNF at home, at the saints on Thursday night football, and at Washington on a Monday night. We will close the season in Tampa.