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  1. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    Everyone in Brunswick county that was involved in the drug game knows about the sheriff departments corruption and involvement in the drug trade, specifically heroin and blow, during Hewetts time as sheriff. There's a reason he was stabbed to death in jail.
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I swear to God if you bring helmans to my house I'm asking you to leave.
  3. Lol you're going to die on this hill huh?
  4. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    My neighbors little yappy obnoxious 25lb dog ran up and bit me on the leg the other day. I about punted that little fuger over the fence.
  5. For my computer work I just use my den as an office.
  6. Huddle was down for an hour this morning.

    Guess it was a good day to be hung over and sleeping in until about 1pm.
  7. Arian Foster?

    That's why your thread sucks and you're getting beaten down by the masses. Because you posted the "first guy that popped into my head". That's always a good way to contribute garbage and people are going to respond in kind. If you wanted to have a RB depth conversation then create a thread explicitly about RB depth instead of a suggestive "Sign player X" thread.
  8. Tragic news for Ted Ginn

    It's Fiz. Pretty much expected.
  9. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    So based on this logical line the question becomes ultimately who's roster evaluation do you trust more? Based on the fact that Gettleman has literally had to remove players via release in order to prevent Rivera from starting them, I'm going to differ to Gettleman's judgement.
  10. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    Well see now you're moving the goal post. You have been arguing that Ron hasn't been a part of the process, not that it wasn't his final decision. Its always the GMs final call - literally with every team in the league. I fail to see any valid point that you're making.
  11. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    The first.....possibly, but still requires your own conclusions to reach your position. The second, at face value, states precisely that he began to second guess the wisdom of the tag on his own accord. To state otherwise is to inject your own bias into the conversation.
  12. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    There will always be differing opinions within the team but until proven otherwise you are creating your own narrative and fiction. There is no direct evidence to support your position other than your own supposition. Fact. I'm not saying its not possible but I'll refrain from preaching it as gospel so long as the only basis is your own conviction.
  13. Got a relationship question...

    Yeah well me too. Except the me living in Charlotte part.