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  1. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin   

    Ive seen a guy go up about 24 inches and land on his left leg locked straight (ala Grammitica). He tore is acl pcl and mcl all in one shot. Had nothing to do with how high he was and everything to do with him losing focus on what he was doing imo.
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  2. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Paul Browning   

    Clean technique in the video. Looks it in, soft hands that give, tucks it, can run naturally and protect, not particularly fast.
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  3. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Brady's suspension upheld   

    What else was on that phone that was incriminating of that perennially guilty organization? Who can tell what sort of cheats the Pats had on that phone. Deflating footballs is nothing compared to what else was likely on that phone. I say, likely, because that organization has now been branded as such, cheaters. It's sad since Tom Brady started out as a very lovable guy with a great story that every knew, but along the way someone told him it was ok to bend rules here and there.
    How do you look your child in the face and explain this to your child now if he's a Pats fan? "Uhmm yeah Johnny, well its ok to cheat but dont get caught. If you do, deny it and take it to court and protect your lies Johnny!"
    Thats what American dollars are for right? Rich spoiled athletes denying obvious cheating scandals, taking something to court. That money and time could be used for making things better in this country but no, Tom wants to deny his obvious cheats and waste a crap loud of people's time and money. If any case, Greg Hardy's needs to go to court so he can show that his coked up girlfriend assaulted him after he told her he was breaking up with her. The woman didnt even show in court, lets hear her grand testimony on how high she was at the time.
    Men are getting their rights destroyed in the courts of this country by women and we could put in the spotlight by finding out what really happened to Greg hardy but the media would rather sell tabloid stories about Brady's balls.
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  4. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues   

    "It got so bad, Payton was blaming losses on players parking in coaching spots."
    Can you imagine that being said by him in front of you? I would just slap his cheeks a couple of times and maybe tussle his hair like my 11 year ol nephew. I mean. . .  making faces like Bill Parcells doesnt make you Bill Parcells.
    Then next arrogant coach that will made to look like a clown will be Chip Kelly.
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  5. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Martin Wallace ... step right up?   

    Collins will need two years before he's ready to play anyways. He's a child.
    If you want a LT, you will need a man.
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  6. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic So Alice is alive and on Twitter if anybody wants to see male side bewb pics   

    He grew up getting beat down over and over again. Its all he knew.
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  7. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic USA Today Panthers Preview   

    Well honestly, we're set to take shots at DE's in the next couple of drafts.
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  8. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic USA TODAY Ranks the 32 Starting Quarterbacks   

    That list is about a billions times more accurate than the NFL one at least.
    Wilson a 10 in athleticism? . . You just got done saying that no compares to Cam in athleticism. Why would you give Wilson a ten? He's not running over anyone and he's not shaking any tackles off. 10 my ass. Did what he had to do to rank him higher. Just dumb logic there. Same with the Peyton comments
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  9. Razeyfingers added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    Im not sure I understand why this was so awkward for Cowherd. It sounded like to me that Harbaugh was in the middle of watching something and was taking his time giving genuine answers. Im not a big Harbaugh fan, but honestly what did Cowherd want him to do? Sing and tap dance?
    He got to the big ten question and he asks " is it a 'BUY' week". . . I mean what the hell is Cowherd talking about? 99% of the time someone is going to translate that as "by-week" and probably be thinking your downplaying his division. Whats a "buy week" anyway? Who asks that? Then Cowherd gets agitated that Harbaugh isnt asnwering qustions we the same amped up Chiuahua energy that he's bringing.
    Harbaugh was like ". . . . Thrilled"
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