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  1. If we win

    A lot of diffrent people got a lot riding on this game.
  2. If we win

    Commemorative Pepsi cans. 60,000 cases to be printed Sunday night. Should be in market by Tuesday. We would have them in the warehouse by Monday afternoon.
  3. Cam Defenders

    If your a fan of the team then your a Cam defender, plain and simple. OP go jump in a river.
  4. Predict this conversation

  5. Rodney going to be the next Warren Sapp..
  6. Almost...

  7. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Carson Palmer....we owe him one...
  8. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Ric Flair and then he does a heel turn and is wearing a 49ers Jersey underneath...
  9. Wednesday...

    For some strange reason I keep looking for two cats fuging...
  10. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    Peyton don't have to worry he has Nationwide insurance
  11. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    If I put the real Rodney Harrison on my hood are we cool?
  12. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Josh Norman going to be the most quoted, I imagine.
  13. Poo

    I still haven't figured why Hayden is wearing a Newton Jersey , and towel over her head.