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  1. He plead no contest to avoid being exposed to potential civil suits later on down the road after be started cashing NFL checks.
  2. I'm not religious. I just don't think men should assault women.
  3. At least Hardy had a reasonable defense. He made the 911 call. He had an eye witness. Sure, he paid her off, but the prosecution definitely didn't have a slam dunk case. With that said, Hardy is an absolute loose cannon so who knows what actually happened. The truth is almost certainly somewhere in the middle between the two stories. He probably wasn't as innocent as he claimed, but he definitely didn't beat her ass like she claimed.
  4. No contest = admission of guilt. The judge will find you guilty. It's essentially a prayer for judgement. You're admitting you did it and asking for leniency instead of wasting the court's time attempting to muster a doomed defense. In other words, yeah, he was convicted.
  5. Half of this guy's posts on this forum are quoting me. My point is exactly what I said. It's not difficult to understand
  6. He plead no contest because he didn't have a legal defense. It was on video and he had no legal defense. Maybe he truly did have a knee jerk reaction and overreacted trying to protect his girlfriend, but he had no legal defense.
  7. I've already fought that fight in other threads, bro.
  8. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Yeah, we made some pretty big fuging moves tonight
  9. If we re-signed Hardy? Yeah, I'd be done.
  10. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    This guy has a real man crush on me. I hope I can live up to his lofty expectations.
  11. I sure hope so. I'm sure Dave has seen the video. I'll trust him and hope he's right. Legally though, it's obvious Worley didn't have a legitimate legal defense.
  12. So he claims. Read his lawyer's statement. It's an admission that there was nothing on that video that gave them any defense what so ever. He didn't mention a single thing they could point to. It was all about what Worley perceived or thought or reacted to. They didn't have a leg to stand on, so they had to try to make a weak PR statement
  13. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    There were some pretty clear desperation moves made tonight. He couldn't really claim to be staying true to BPA afterwards. I just hope they end up proving to be great picks and I hope Worley doesn't embarrass us like Hardy did. IMO, we rolled the dice much bigger on him than we did Bradford.
  14. *your I don't really consider speaking out against men who assault women to be any type of high horse. Kinda seems like a bare minimum horse to me.
  15. LOL Toss a woman to the ground on camera and see how that goes for you.